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Being $uper Smart


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Tips to develop a smart personality

Published in: Education
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Being $uper Smart

  1. 1. Vinod
  2. 2. Smart Working is aboutresolving new Problem using your current knowledge
  3. 3.  Understand: Define your problem Experience: Increase your rate of failures Knowledge: Increase your Knowledge Connect: Habit to connect Vocabulary: uplifting Questions: Ask; Probe; Value
  4. 4.  Explain it to yourself Explain it to a child
  5. 5.  More failure more wins Make more decisions.
  6. 6.  Read more Experiment more Research how things work ? NO no isolation
  7. 7.  Crossconnect Week connections are more important
  8. 8.  Brilliants Exciting Incredible Remarkable Staggering
  9. 9.  Gather information:  Think for others: Ask  Opinion Probe  Decision Take home value
  10. 10.  Vinod Mehra