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The power of infographics 04 11 10


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How inforgraphics can be used to make difficult information easy to understand and why this is particularly important for government.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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The power of infographics 04 11 10

  1. Infographics Making difficult things simple Tiffany St James Thursday 04 Sept, 2010
  2. What do we mean by infographics? • Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. • These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as is in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, or education. [Source: Wikipedia]
  3. What makes good information design? [Source:]
  4. Why is it important in government? • Conveying complex information simply • Against a noisy backdrop • Data has integrity • Well presented data can ground ideas and concepts
  5. From this…
  6. …To this
  7. Source:
  8. Treasury
  9. Defra’s UK Climate Change Projections Source: view/641/500/
  10. Saving lives by good comms? Source:
  11. Wikileaks Source: ve/2010/jul/26/ied-afghanistan-war-logs
  12. Wikileaks Source: ve/2010/jul/26/ied-afghanistan-war-logs
  13. Costs for av. British Taxpayer per day
  14. You be the chancellor
  15. Carbon Footprint Calculator
  16. [Source:]
  17. What needs to happen next? (data) • Getting data out of the geek ghettos to enable people to • interrogate it • play with it • interact with it • NB: People won’t always create what you want for free, take the ASBOrometer...
  18. ASBOrometer
  19. Consider: • Data does not have to be boring • How you can bring alive information for your audiences? • How you can get feedback and ideas with interactive tools? • How can you collaborate or facilitate ideas that people find interesting in the online space?
  20. So what can I do? • Departments: Free your data, support the movement • Communicators: Present your data in interesting ways • Businesses: Free your data • Developers: Create visualisations, apps and tools • Customers: Buy and demand apps • All: Lobby to free data
  21. Presentation at: Tiffany St James @tiffanystjames