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Information and communication technology:a class presentation


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its a powerpoint presentation of the student of hon's 2nd year (2012-13)of the department of Information Science and Library Management of the University of dhaka. It will be helpfull for the junior.

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Information and communication technology:a class presentation

  1. 1. Welcome To The Presentation Of The Group
  2. 2. * What is ICT? * Definitions of ICTs * ICT impact on different fields * Impact of ICT on society * Impact of ICT on Education * Impact of ICT on Communication * Impact of ICT on Scientific Exploration * Impact of ICT on Military Force * Impact of ICT on Economic Structure * Impact of ICT on Recreation * Impact of ICT on Transportation * Impact of ICT on Knowledge Management * Impact of ICT on Information Institution * Impact of ICT on Library Materials * Impact on User Community * Conclusion
  3. 3. ICT Information and communication technologies are those technologies, which enable society to create, collect, consolidate, communicate, manage and process information in multimedia and various digital formats for different purposes by using telecommunication techniques.
  4. 4. UNESCO defines ICT as “ the scientific, technological and engineering disciplines and the management techniques used to handle transmit information with men and machines”. According to the Digital video technical Glossary “ICT is the computing and communications facilities and features that support teaching, learning and a range of activities in education.” The UK National Curriculum document in 2000 defines “ICT as the technology used to handle information and aid communication”
  5. 5. According to the official IBM Glossary “ICT is the use of computer based information systems and communications systems to process, transmit, and store data and information.” The UK Governments ICT year in 1972 describes “ICT as a collective terms involved in handling and transmitting information. It includes computing, telecommunications and microelectronics
  6. 6. The convergence of computers, microelectronics and communications constitute the information and communication technology for the purpose of acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of information.
  7. 7. Education No nation can develop without ICT based education. It is regarded as the fuel of development. ICT based education is the essential ingredient in developing new ideas, in course content and curriculum and in the creation of materials and methods of learning and teaching. Students need ICT for pursuing academic studies; teachers need ICT based information for teaching.
  8. 8. Communication ICT plays an important role to develop the system of communication. It has linked up the district Parts of the world. The present systematic and developed communication mediums such as telephone, fax , telegram, e-mail, cellular phone etc. are the results of ICT. They have decreased our time, distance and made the world closer to us.
  9. 9. Scientific-Exploration The proliferation of information and communication technology is increasing day by day. By the help of ICT, the scientists have been able to invent new inventions such as computer, cable TV , the rocket by which men have landed on moon, mars and are trying to live there. Thus ICT is playing a vital role in exploring and inventing new scientific inventions.
  10. 10. Military-Force To protect any country from the attack of enemies, a strong and well- organized military force is a must. ICT plays as a key role to strong and organized the military force of any country by providing real information. So , it is an important component for the military sector.
  11. 11. Economic-Structure Strong economical structure is the key for the development of any country. Mainly, ICT handle the economical structure of any country now a days. It strengthens the economy by providing proper knowledge about the economy of the developed countries. Thus, ICT can play an important factor for establishing a strong economy.
  12. 12. Recreation ICT has given us a number of recreational components , such as television , radio, tape recorder , V.C.R, D.V.D, Mp3, gramophone, etc. by which we pass our leisure sitting in our own place.
  13. 13. Transportation ICT plays a significant role in our transport field. It has decreased the distance of place, saved our valuable time and established easy transporting. so we can travel hundreds of miles within a very short time, send goods any where swiftly. All of this facilities are the gift of ICT.
  14. 14. Knowledge-Management ICT has made more easier to process knowledge and disseminate knowledge to the users. It has increased the efficiency of the knowledge professionals in organizing and managing knowledge. Information Source Retrieve by knowledge professional Manage Based on user needs Supply
  15. 15. Impact of ICT on information institutions ICT plays important roles on library and others information institutions, which are shown below: * ICT has made information processing on digital format. *It has made networking and sharing of information resources possible. * It has saved the space of library by creating library materials in digital format. * It has ensured online accessing and files transferring. * It has increased the working speed of the library. Information Professional Internet User
  16. 16. Impact on library materials Due to the invention of and use of ICT in libraries, some radical changes have found on library materials, which are given below: * Digital information’s can be sent in multiple copies simultaneously over information’s networks in fractions of a minute or even of a second * Digital information’s may be free or cheaper than print equivalents. * Information can be cut or copied and pasted from one document to another very easily. * ICT has ensured the digital information anywhere, anytime accessible. E-Books E- Journal E-magazine E- Newspaper
  17. 17. Impact on user community ICT has influenced deeply on user community by different ways. These ways are indicated below steps to step: *ICT has increased the level of technology literacy of user community * It has increased the demand for better and faster access to information * It has aggravated discrepancies between the information poor and information rich * It has established a balance service for all stages of users. * It has kept the users update by providing current information. * It has made users skilled in using technological components i.e. computer operating internet browsing, e-mailing, chatting, etc. rapidly. Relative Friends ParentsClassmates You
  18. 18. The above discussion indicates that information and communication technology is the life blood of modern research upon which depends our economical structure standard of living and our progress.
  19. 19. The End