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The Ultimate Digital Campaign - Client/Agency relation


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Some 411 on how to set up a good digital campaign. The theory, no cases.

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The Ultimate Digital Campaign - Client/Agency relation

  1. 1. A Digital Campaign#emakina#dmforum Isabelle Dumortier
  2. 2. Isabelle DumortierAccount ManagerEnd-2-End Project Management Keep in touch: e. t. @IsabelleD911
  3. 3. Choose wisely
  4. 4. Your brands DNA has to workwith the DNA of the agency.The agency should be able tounderstand your DNA.
  5. 5. Concept is king!
  6. 6. No use in saying you have balls if you have none...thats soooo last century. -Nathalie Dumortier
  7. 7. Issue mapping Ambition Analysis of the dynamic (process) to be affected Significance analysis of possible objectives in (what do we want to achieve) terms of: - direct change to the problem - potential for further changeCampaign assets - change to another star point(resources)PeopleNetworksKnowledgeIntelligenceMoney Actors, obstacles, interestssocial capital Issue mappingmedia capital Interests analysis – who is winningpolitical capitalOpportunities Campaign and losing, who would win or lose if a change occurredCommercial Potential alliesLegal Concept Obstacles Existing perceptions of significantreputation audiences (qualitative research) Polling data Players in the policy communityCommunication DesiresWhat do we want the campaign to communicate about Social Weather conditionsus our program- Direction Detecting social wind waves, current,- Mission storm waves, climate.- Vision Mapping changes in the social values.- how change happens eg Following trends in agency – who has- About power and- Responsibility Influence and how is this changing?- Actors- what people can do
  8. 8. Use the POST Methodology People  Identify who you want to make an impact on  Find out what their social activities and behaviour is all about Objectives  WHAT do you want to accomplish and WHY? Strategy  Plan how your relationship with your target group “The People” will change.Resource: Forrester Research
  9. 9. Use the POST Methodology Technology  Decide which (Social) Media channels to use. Goal  Set goals for achievement: Qualitative & Quantative Metrics  Which metrics will you use to measure success?Resource: Forrester Research
  10. 10. Evaluate your initiativesHow does it support your objective? Do we have the right people to handle this?What metrics matter? Is there budget free? Impact Readiness Risks PriorityWhat are the risks if we do this? Does this initiative enable other work?What if we don’t?
  11. 11. Repeat the definition of your campaign’sconcept as much as you can. Together
  12. 12. Deal withthe hardstuff now
  14. 14. Don’t believe that your target group is actually interested. They’re not.Source: Martin Weigel
  15. 15. GREAT CREATIVITY IS ESSENTIAL TO BE NOTICED. Believe in your agency! There’s a reason why you chose them.Source: Martin Weigel
  16. 16. PEOPLE
  17. 17. Social Media is theultimate relationshipnurture platform.
  18. 18. People are more likely to trust and buy from a company they have a relationship with. Whenpeople engage with your content they feel like they have a relationship.
  20. 20. It’s what happensafter the “likes” andfollows that mattersmost.
  21. 21. SetSpecificMeasurableA ttainableRelevantTimeboundGOALS
  22. 22. Use the right building blocks. Search engine optimization (SEO) Landing Page optimization Social Networking Blogs White papers Articles Social Product Placement
  23. 23. Social Content Mix Pyramid Entertain Monthly Inspire Bi-weekly Start conversation Weekly Teach how to do something 2 x week Provide relevant information 3 x weekResource: The Content Marketing Institute
  24. 24. 93% of buying cycles start with an online search, so if your company shows up highin the search results, you’ll get “free” brand awareness.
  25. 25. Increased brand preference.Many buyers correlate high organic search rankings with trust and brand leadership.
  26. 26. Measure the right things Community growth Blog & web analytics Reach Engagement Relevancy Influence Sentiment Achievement of goals
  27. 27. Perfection is theenemy of good. -Voltaire
  28. 28. Socialrelationships arethe life raft oftech changes.
  29. 29. YOUR MISSION? Talk to your audience as if they were human.
  30. 30. THEY ARE!
  31. 31. So what have we learned?And how can you get your boss orclient in the Forbes 500 list?
  32. 32. UnderstandThe value and necessity ofDigital Marketing
  33. 33. Choose wiselyRemember for every ying there is ayang.
  34. 34. Listen!Define and know your audience.Talk to the right people.Don’t aim too wide.
  35. 35. Set goals!Define your smart goals.
  36. 36. Content MarketingDeliver content at all theright stages of the buyingprocess to attract and retaincustomers. SEO Storytelling Social Lead Media Generation
  37. 37. MeasureEverything that is measurable.Use the right metrics.
  38. 38. PeopleIt’s about them. Not you.
  39. 39. Questions? E-mail: Twitter: @IsabelleD911 LinkedIn: /in/