Classroom Blogging - Making it Sustainable


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Now you've got a blog - how do you sustain it?

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  • \n
  • Make sure the blog has a learning purpose that is real and meaningful to the student. (@lenva)\n
  • Blog often, use cameras, audio and video to create posts, distribute the content creation (@dakinane)\n
  • Connections and openness. It is hard to sustain a closed environment. Being open, actively helping your students to forge connections with other classes and students is vital. Talk with them about who they are connected with and why. Have a connections wall recommended bloggers from around the world are posted. Being an open network is vital for students interests to be sustained. (@glassbeed)\nUse clustrmaps/feedjit/flag counter widgets to help provide authenticity and motivation to continue to share via the blog. (@heymilly)\n
  • Join a blogging challenge, partner up with a class (@allanahK; @pam_thompson)\n
  • Update the blog regularly.\nComment on others’ blogs regularly - explicitly teach “how to write a comment” \nConsider joining comments4kids\n\n
  • Most parents do not know what a blog is. It’s really important to communicate with them so that they appreciate the value of blogging, support the process and understand the expectations for interacting with the blog. You can set up your blog rules and guidelines with the students and provide handouts to send home to families. There isn’t any point in having a window into your classroom via the blog and your parents/families can’t even find it online.\n \n
  • Just do it!\n
  • Links:\n1. where you’re find the challenges to follow to really get blogging started in your classroom - ideal place to begin (and you can go at your own pace)\n2. My virtual class blog - lots of ideas of using tech in the classroom, tutorials, links to great classblogs, students blogs etc\n3. A blog community you can join that will help increase your readership - you comment on others blogs, leave your blog url behind and others will comment on your blog!\n4. My professional blog - links, ideas for anything tech wise\n5. Sylvia Tolisano’s blog - a wealth of ideas on this site - there are some very very good examples of how to blog, use to technology with elementary students plus professionally, Sylvia is a thought-provoking, amazing educator who shares everything she does with technology. \n\n
  • Classroom Blogging - Making it Sustainable

    1. 1. Image by: Kristina B: Blogging Chrissy Hellyer Classroom Teacher Making It Sustainable ES Technology & Learning Coach
    2. 2. Image by ChrissyH: let the students own it
    3. 3. use a variety of mediaImage by David Z:
    4. 4. be open and forge connectionsImage by Tanakawho:
    5. 5. join a blogging challenge
    6. 6. Image by Mr Tea: blog regularly comment regularly
    7. 7. Image by ISBES: get parents/families involved
    8. 8. discussion/questions
    9. 9. All images used under Creative Commons License Links referred to in the workshop: Extra special thanks to the contributions from my twitter / G+ PLN: @dakinane @allanahk @heymilly @pam_thompson @lenva @glassbeed