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Classroom Blogging - Making it Sustainable


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Now you've got a blog - how do you sustain it?

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Classroom Blogging - Making it Sustainable

  1. 1. Image by: Kristina B: Blogging Chrissy Hellyer Classroom Teacher Making It Sustainable ES Technology & Learning Coach
  2. 2. Image by ChrissyH: let the students own it
  3. 3. use a variety of mediaImage by David Z:
  4. 4. be open and forge connectionsImage by Tanakawho:
  5. 5. join a blogging challenge
  6. 6. Image by Mr Tea: blog regularly comment regularly
  7. 7. Image by ISBES: get parents/families involved
  8. 8. discussion/questions
  9. 9. All images used under Creative Commons License Links referred to in the workshop: Extra special thanks to the contributions from my twitter / G+ PLN: @dakinane @allanahk @heymilly @pam_thompson @lenva @glassbeed