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Blogging and academic identity


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A look at how we create our identity online through the use of various tools.

Published in: Education

Blogging and academic identity

  1. Blogging & identity<br />Martin Weller<br />Tag 16 my secret identity by chanchan222<br />
  2. My online identity<br />
  3. [Demo Tumblr -]<br />
  4. It’s distributed<br />Reflections by stephendooley<br />
  5. It’s evolving<br />
  6. It’s default<br />
  7. It’s moving to the centre<br />Staircase of the Vatican museum by _robertC_ <br />
  8. Blog stats<br />1,094 subscribers<br />462 posts<br />3 years <br />1,241 comments<br />Colored dice by sgs 1019:<br />
  9. Avoiding the B word<br />What if we didn’t understand what we do in education with blogs as “blogging” but as a quick and easy way to publish online within a learning community? Or a place to feature a portfolio of students’ best work? Or a site where professors and staff track their professional and personal development? <br /><br />
  10. Blog as V/PLE?<br />&lt;embed&gt;<br />Blog is VLE<br />
  11. Anatomy of sharing<br />favourites<br />embed<br />automatic<br />promotes<br />subscribes<br />retweets<br />discusses<br />comments<br />links<br />
  12. [Demo Blip & Friendfeed]<br />
  13. Talking about sharing<br />I have been asked to participate in many projects over the years that start once … organizations notice that they have a lot in common with others and decide that it would be a good idea to collaborate, to share “best practices” or “data” or whatever...<br />But inevitably, these projects spend an enormous amount of time defining what is to be shared, figuring out how to share it, setting up the mechanisms to share it, and then…not really sharing much.”<br />Now I contrast that with the learning networks which I inhabit, and in which every single day I share my learning and have knowledge and learning shared back with me. I know it works.(Scott Leslie)<br />Dominoes -<br />
  14. The cost of sharing has disappeared<br />…but we act as if it hasn’t<br />Remember Cassette tapes? -<br />
  15. How often do we use this type of sharing in our teaching or research?<br />Sharing by ryancr<br />
  16. New measures of impact<br />2400 visitors<br />52,000 visitors<br />= 163 hits/month<br />Open Research Online<br />= 1700 hits/day<br />
  17. Engagement with media<br />
  18.<br />
  19. Improve presentations<br /><br />
  20. Engagement with media<br />You learn how simple it is<br />BSR<br />Types of media<br />Better presentation?<br />You learn how easy it is<br />
  21. What’s in it for me?<br />
  22. Networking<br /><br />
  23. My advice<br />Lazyweb<br /><br />Enjoy a lazy Sunday by ucumari<br />
  24. Sharing resources<br />Sharing – furiousgeorge81<br />
  25. Understand the attention economy<br />Distinctively red by pshutterbug<br />
  26. Real life/local enhancement<br />
  27. Understand rights, reuse, openness<br />Copyright is for losers by 917press<br />
  28. Breaking news, current issues<br />A hail in the mist by Kacper<br />
  29. Engagement with new forms of publishing<br />
  30. Share ideas<br /><br />
  31. New forms of teaching<br />by Michael Wesch<br />
  32. Explore<br />Play<br />Create<br /><br />
  33. Two propositions<br />Your online identity = your academic identity<br />There is an online identity for everyone<br />