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Technology without the Internet


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How can you infuse technology in the classroom when your internet connection isn't stable?
(Prepared for ISM EARCOS weekend workshop - Myanmar Sept 2012)

Published in: Education
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Technology without the Internet

  1. 1. cc Image by PhotoSteve101: the InternetTechnology without Session 3
  2. 2. CC Image by edmontonnextgen: Turn & Talk Pecha Kucha 20x20
  3. 3. presentationzenImage by t0msk:
  4. 4. Image by ilike: start with the end in mind
  5. 5. Image by Marco Torres: plan in “analog” mode
  6. 6. be a storytellerImage by the bbp:
  7. 7. Image by seafraga: it’s about the audience
  8. 8. Image by quinn.anya: ... is your friend white space
  9. 9. Image by visualpanic: reduce reduce reduce
  10. 10. only use high qualityImage by TeachingSagittarian:
  11. 11. Image by alancleaver_2000: keep the lights on
  12. 12. All images used under Creative Commons License (with Attribution)Turn & Talk Slide content adapted from:
  13. 13. CC Image by Sicarr: podcasting
  14. 14. digital storytelling ... in different ways
  15. 15. ... make authentic movies
  16. 16. ... book trailers
  17. 17. ... book trailers
  18. 18. ... math stories
  19. 19. Images borrowed from Summerland Primary School, Auckland, NZ 5 Frame storytelling
  20. 20. Dave’s still signedin .. let’s delete all his work! Remember our Acceptable User Policy? Never log on as someone else. Let’s log out for him instead! Turn & Talk What are you going to try in your classroom?