Ten Tools for Learning


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A variety of tools online & offline to help kick students' ability to demonstrate transfer, up a notch! (Prepared for ISM Myanmar Inservice PD September 2012

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  • Group as a department. As we kick of this session please think of your unit that you bought with you and how you might kick it up a notch, to infuse your unit with technology. \nScience\nMath\nHumanities/History\nEnglish\nHealth/PE\nLanguages\n
  • Turn & Talk: Do you have these kids in your class? What are you doing to help motivate these kids?\n\n
  • Copy in your writing to analyse which words you use the most (great visual if kids are overusing certain words like "then" & "and"\nAnalyse famous speeches (Obama, Martin Luther King)\nCreate a visual of popular lists (Favourite books/characters)\nTake any body of text, copy & paste it into wordle and see what happens!\nCreate a list of suggestions from the class about what they want for the year, expectations from each other, etc, etc\n\n
  • Learning to use Compfight - find an image of the emotion that best represents you - then create a motivational poster\nUsing your favourite quote, find a creativecommons images to represent that quote for motivational poster for the start of the year\nTrader Cards - Any kind of list ie: 3 things about me as a reader, 3 truths & a lie - make a trader card for another person in the class with a positive sentence about them (use photobooth to take a self-portrait) Character Trait Lists,  Trader Cards can be embed in a blogpost.\nMagazine covers - At the end of the year create a magazine cover that tells the upcoming students from the grade below things they need to know about their new grade level/teacher\n\n
  • Offline: Download from the internet - creates an mp4 (can convert via iTunes into an mp3) Macs only\nPC - audacity\nCreate podcasts - students teaching students, \n\n
  • Online: Create a simple yet effective slideshow in seconds. PhotoPeach has background music, captions, and comments so you can elaborate on your story further. As yet, there is no audio recording feature.\n
  • Offline/Online tool - convert any pdf to an online magazine.\nAlternative: Issu\n
  • \n
  • Use Cameras\n
  • Have students collect visuals for your units and save to pinterest - visual bookmarking site\n
  • Go animate - so easy - we used this create ways to be a digital citizenship with G3-5 - then at the end of the year a grade 4 class used it to create videos about what next year’s G4 students needed to know about their teacher.\n
  • These are by no means the “greatest, lastest” tools out there. They are just some simple tools that you may or may not have already heard of - or may not of thought you might be able to use in your units. Your Goal for this session is:  To walk away with a unit that authentically integrates technology - ready to try in classroom when it’s time to teach it! We’re a room full of experts - and I’m here to help as well. As you work together with members of your own department, across schools or partner up with a teacher that you would like to try a collaborative project with, please share your ideas and help each other solve potential barriers. Grab a coffee, something to eat, bring it back in here and let’s get started!\n
  • Ten Tools for Learning

    1. 1. CC Images by: MamaBarns: http://flickr.com/photos/mamabarns/747588843 10 creation Tools To Get You Started
    2. 2. http://wordle.net
    3. 3. Big Huge Labs
    4. 4. Audio Recorder 3.2
    5. 5. PowerPoint
    6. 6. Images borrowed from Summerland Primary School, Auckland, NZ 5 Frame storytelling