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iPads in Science


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PD session #2 for TRPS - looking at ways to enhance and transform learning in Science

Published in: Education
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iPads in Science

  1. 1. Chrissy (Hellyer) Lampitt Educator; Technology & Learning Coach iPads in ScienceTwo Rocks Primary School PD Session February 2015
  2. 2. before we begin … Haiku Deck Educreations
  3. 3. Visible Thinking Routine I used to ……. but now I ……… On a post-it note
  4. 4.
  5. 5. iPads can be used in Science 4 ways
  6. 6. as a teaching aid
  7. 7. to gather ideas
  8. 8. to create content byBradFlickinger
  9. 9. participate in simulations/games byArgonneNationalLaboratory
  10. 10. Your group will need one iPad You need to be in a group of four
  11. 11. One person to collect plastic materials & powder One person to collect shot glass of water One person to collect shot glass of vinegar One person to collect shot glass of milk
  12. 12. How does liquid change Baking Soda? Remember to document your experiment with images so that you can summarise your group’s results using Educreations
  13. 13. bySeanRouse gallery walk
  14. 14. Exit ticket In what way will I try to incorporate iPads into my science lessons?