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Blogging Getting Started

Things to consider when you're just getting started with blogs

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Blogging Getting Started

  1. 1. Image by Chrissy H: B L O G G I N G Getting started C H R I S S Y H E L LY E R Classroom Teacher/ES Technology & Learning Coach
  2. 2. class or individual blogs?Image by Mixy:
  3. 3. Image by iwouldstay: Image by Martyn@Negaro: Image by L.Marie:
  4. 4. Image by Laurie: rules and guidelines
  5. 5. Image by iwouldstay:
  6. 6. motivation
  7. 7. using a blogroll
  8. 8. sidebar widgets
  9. 9. Image by Martyn@Negaro:
  10. 10. Image by ZeRo’SKiLL: vs pages
  11. 11. Image by quinn.anya: effective and engaging posts
  12. 12. connect with othersImage by Marco Michelini
  13. 13. Image by L.Marie:
  14. 14. Image by craig1black set up RSS feeds
  15. 15. finding Creative Commons images
  16. 16. Image by dolescum: ofMedia files
  17. 17. USEFUL LINKS