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6 Trait Writin - Introduction


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An introduction to 6-Trait Writing

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6 Trait Writin - Introduction

  1. 1. 6-TRAIT WRITING A PREVIEW Presented by: English 11 TALONS
  2. 2. WHAT’S UP?Understand the concept of each ofthe 6 traitsRecognize examples of these traitsApply these traits to your ownwriting
  3. 3. WHAT’S WHATThe 6 traits you will need to knowand learn are:1. Ideas2. Organization3. Voice4. Word Choice5. Sentence Fluency6. Conventions and Presentation
  4. 4. IDEASThe heart of the messageWhat the writer wants to saySpecific and OriginalPick a team (No sitting on the fence)
  5. 5. ORGANIZATION Effectiveness of Introduction and Conclusion Writing is easy to follow Logical placement of points Clear direction and purpose
  6. 6.  Cheese, in my opinion is the best food on earth. It has manyhealth benefits to be reaped as well! My family enjoys thesucculent, tart, and satisfying sensation of cheese almost everynight. I’ve always wondered about where those amazing wheelscame from; so I decided one day to sit down in front of my blackand blue computer to get to the bottom of it. The amazing abilitiesof cheese also include giving a healthy dose of calcium. Thecalcium in the cheese aids the development of your bones! Amongall my friends, I adore the bright yellow wheels and blocks ofsavoury cheese the most. I cannot wrap my mind around how theycan resist the pull cheese!
  7. 7. VOICEPresence of the Author in a workBridge from Reader to WriterWords are connected and personalto the writerAdds dimension to writing*Emoticons can be considered crudevoice :D
  8. 8. Trees are very strong plants. They put their rootsdown into the ground to keep from falling over.Through storms trees stand tall and rarely fall over.Throughout the many years they live, trees onlygrow stronger and taller. A lot of the time it seemslike they are permanent.
  9. 9. Amongst all flora, trees rise high above the foliage andjut out like castle turrets beside their lesser comrades.Ferociously digging their steel roots down into the firmground, and shooting into the reaches of the sky, thebark and leaves make their presence known for miles.Come wind or gale, the pillars of strength stand tall. Asflowers wither and die, father time only sees these leavedleviathans grow taller and stronger. Trees stand,indestructible to mere mortals.
  10. 10. WORD CHOICEUsing the right word in the rightcontextConnotation and DenotationPicking words that create thedesired impactStrong and moving verbs to bringlife to writing
  11. 11. “Time to get on the bus!” impeached Dad. We wereof—that is, off to Oregon. My softball team wastravelling to the Nation Tournament in Salem. We wereriding on a massive bus that would drive two daysstraight. Michelle brought a movie and we all scannedit with pleasureThe word choice errors are distractingaren’t thay?
  12. 12. SENTENCE FLUENCYVariety of sentencesLinks between sentences pulls thereader alongAdds fluidity to writing
  13. 13. The dog jumped over the box. Then he ran into the kitchenwhen he heard the dinner bell. He munched on his foodhappily. Then he jumped onto the couch. Then he took a nap.------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hearing the dinner bell, the dog jumped over the box and raninto the kitchen. After munching on his food happily, hejumped onto the couch for a nap.
  14. 14. CONVENTIONSProper presentation of writing • Spelling • Punctuation • Grammar • Usage • Capitalization • Paragraphing