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Six Traits Of Writing


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What are the six traits of writing? simple version

Published in: Education
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Six Traits Of Writing

  1. 1. 6 Traits of Writing What is my teacher talking about?
  2. 2. Is your story focused? Content
  3. 3. Does your story hold the reader's interest?
  4. 4. Organization
  5. 5. Is your writing organized into paragraphs that make sense?
  6. 6.   Do your sentences begin with varied and interesting words? Sentence Structure
  7. 7. Do you use complex and compound sentences?
  8. 8. Vocabulary   Did you use the best words you could?
  9. 9. Are your words interesting & descriptive?
  10. 10. Is your VOICE strong?  Can we hear your personality?
  11. 11. Spelling + Grammar + Punctuation = Writing Conventions