SugarCon 2013: Actionable Customer Buying Behavior Data?


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Kevin McGirl, sales-i

Frontline sales teams have it tough: a turbulent economy, competitors lining up to steal their share of the customer wallet and sales practices that are outdated. The latest cloud-based, on-demand sales and customer intelligence systems will transform 'milkrun' sales reps into sales professionals. These cutting edge technologies proactively mine the valuable buying behavior data trapped in ERP systems, extracting all the actionable, relevant information needed to execute a successful sales call, every time.

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SugarCon 2013: Actionable Customer Buying Behavior Data?

  1. 1. Actionable Customer Buying Behavior DataKevin McGirlCo-founder, sales-i
  2. 2. Sales. The Cinderella Function?
  3. 3. CRM alone typically delivers low (zero?)ROI for a product salesperson
  4. 4. Soft Data• Contacts• Notes• Call history• Pipeline• Opportunities• „Cuddly‟ stuff: birthday? Favorite sports team?
  5. 5. Ineffective sales call discussion points…
  6. 6. Sales call effectiveness?IneffectivePredictableInhibitedOptimizedCompetitive32145stepsIneffectivePredictableInhibitedOptimizedCompetitive32145steps
  7. 7. Hard Data• 24+ months ofcustomer invoicedata• Category level• Product level• Margins• Budgets• Product mix• Variances
  8. 8. Effective sales call discussion points…• Customer is buying paper from us but not toner• Sales of cleaning supplies are down 20% on lastquarter• Margins have fallen by 2 points• Customer spends $10,000+ monthly but doesnot buy our most profitable product line!
  9. 9. Sales call effectiveness?IneffectivePredictableInhibitedOptimizedCompetitive32145stepsIneffectivePredictableInhibitedOptimizedCompetitive32145steps
  10. 10. Sales call discussion points on steroids?• Simple. Blend soft and hard data… Did you see the Blackhawks game last night? (soft) We have a promo on your favorite toner – I noticedyou haven‟t ordered for 60 days (hard) How is Barbara & the kids? (soft)
  11. 11. • “Knowledge will give you power….. characterwill give you respect…..”Bruce Lee
  12. 12. The real challenge• Salespeople are not rocket scientists!
  13. 13. Traditional BI systems…• not designed for the mobile (and often lowtech) user• not integrated with CRM systems
  14. 14. There must be a better way?Accessing YOUR business data shouldn‟t beso difficult…
  15. 15. Imagine…..• a service that mines 24 months of your ERPdata, identifying ANY actionable/relevantchange in customer buying behavior?• a service that proactively alerts a salespersonto issues or cross selling opportunities?• a service that makes „milkrun‟ calls a thing ofthe past with one click?• a service that is seamlessly integrated withSugarCRM – allowing the hard/soft datablend?
  16. 16. Proof of concept demonstration….Hard data + Soft data= Customer maximization.
  17. 17. “Give me a smart idiot over a stupid geniusany day…..”Samuel Goldwyn
  18. 18. Selling smarterOffice 360Closed off financial year 58% up on last year!“I know we have barely scratched the surface of whatsales-i can do for us!”Larry Sexton, Director of SalesFlying Penguin AutopartsEnjoying a 7.5% growth in customers“We are delighted with sales-i and the opportunities it hasprovided our business. The system has given us a realcompetitive advantage!”Paul Brannan, Managing Director
  19. 19. Selling smarterSovereign GroupBenefiting from a 20% increase in business!“We have transformed our sales and customerawareness since deploying sales-i. It really couldn‟t besimpler!”Andy Freeman, Operations ManagerInter Office ProductsUnearthed $50,000 of sales with ONE sales-i alert“sales-i has taken my breath away! In 6 days, I havelearned more about by customers buying behavior andhistory than I could have ever known! ”Dennis Martins, CEOHow are Barbara & the kids? (soft)
  20. 20. SugarCRM and sales-i: the perfect teamCRM InternationalSugarCRM and sales-i is a winning combo!“The combination of SugarCRM and sales-i givesour clients the capability to drive more business withunprecedented amounts of customer, business andsales information from a world-class CRM andinnovative sales and marketing automation system”Neil Saviano, PresidentForms & Supply Inc.SugarCRM and sales-i provides the personal touchat leading office product company.“The integrated solution is a great tool for our salesforce. It allows them to stay on top of their businessin a proactive manner and we can market directly toour end-users with a personal touch”Beth Freeman, Assistant VP of Sales
  21. 21. Thank YouStop by booth #410 and have a chat with the sales-iteam!