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Creating A Data Strategy For Marketing Attribution Success


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Successful attribution models start on a foundation of accurate data. Having the right data is crucial to making sure you’re tying the right campaigns back to revenue. So where do you start? 

During this webinar, experts will discuss the need and the payoffs for lead-to-account matching and the importance of having the right intelligence on contacts and key accounts to build successful attribution.  

Key takeaways include: 

Top challenges for B2B brands around attribution;  
Best practices for assessing your data;  
How to apply and align lead records to accounts;  
How to ensure data accuracy; and  
Use case examples of B2B companies’ attribution success stories. 

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Creating A Data Strategy For Marketing Attribution Success

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  5. 5. How are we doing? #bii18 Questions, Tweets, Resources, Survey
  6. 6. #bii18 Speakers Karen Steele LeanData Andrew Gaffney Demand Gen Report
  7. 7. Creating a Data Strategy for Marketing Attribution Success
  8. 8. Agenda Why Attribution? Top Challenges Importance of Data Accuracy Attribution Success
  9. 9. You know you need Attribution. To measure the impact of your marketing spend on driving sales.
  10. 10. Why do Companies Want Attribution? Campaign Performance/ ROI Understand Buyers Journey Measure Marketing Influenced Pipeline Measure Multi-touch Generated Pipeline • Inbound vs Outbound • New Business • Upsell / Cross Sell • ABM
  11. 11. The Challenge = Data Majority of Salesforce users say only 20% of their data is completely actionable and trustworthy. The 2017 cloudlingo “Salesforce Users Benchmark Report”
  12. 12. The Challenge = Data Investments not optimized for revenue so you repeat the cycle Impact of campaigns on pipeline/revenue is misreported Your CRM is not delivering full value and likely adoption is suffering Sales departments lose approximately 550 hours or 27.3% of seller time per rep from using bad prospect data. (Source LeadJen Inc) 25% reduction in potential revenue. (Gartner) Lead generation programs waste approximately $20,000 per inside sales rep. (LeadJen Inc) 25-30% of contact data becomes inaccurate resulting in a drastic decrease in marketing effectiveness and sales conversions. (Marketing Sherpa) ANNUAL COST OF BAD CRM DATA
  13. 13. Attribution Challenge: Account For Every Dollar A PERFECT WORLD All leads have been converted to contacts. Every opportunity has updated, accurate contact roles. You can track every dollar from campaign through to revenue and use that data to optimize your Marketing spend to drive high- quality leads. ATTRIBUTION YOUR WORLD Some leads have been converted to contacts, but not all, and/or some opportunities have updated, accurate contact roles. Your data is not actionable or trustworthy and you have little insight into which campaigns are driving revenue. Your Marketing spend is an educated guess. ATTRIBUTION Salesforce Reporting Other Attribution Tools
  14. 14. With LeanData Matching & Attribution MATCH CUSTOMIZE ANALYZE • Fuzzy matching • Highest accuracy L2A • Tag account data to lead • Customizable tie-breakers • Wizard for easy setup • Marketing touch object • Identify relevant touches • Custom attribution models • Out of box reports • Standard dashboard • Opportunity timeline view • Campaign view Your Data is Always Actionable & Trustworthy
  15. 15. 15 Customer Value “Dynatrace’s use of LeanData is driving a major foundational shift in how we prove marketing’s revenue contributions, fine-tune our spend, and make a case for an increased marketing budget. It helps us prove that marketing works and enables us to work even more effectively.” Dave Anderson, Vice President of Global Marketing “LeanData multi-touch attribution models allowed us to attribute 55% more pipeline to a channel that would of been overlooked using traditional lead source only analysis. This led to an increase of 13% of closed won business.” Albert Li, Senior Marketing Operations Manager “LeanData’s technology is the foundational piece in FireEye’s MarTech stack. It enables us to be effective marketers. The attribution model has made data-driven decision making a reality for our team. We use LeanData’s Marketing Attribution solution, along with its reporting capability, extensively, to make decisions on what programs to expand or eliminate. As a result, FireEye’s marketing team can achieve consistent pipeline growth goals despite budget cuts and reduced headcount.” Anne Wang, Director of Marketing Operations
  16. 16. Now measure Sales & Marketing on the same metrics
  17. 17. LeanData can live in your world. Matching | Routing | Attribution
  18. 18. #bii18 Q&A / Speakers Karen Steele LeanData Andrew Gaffney Demand Gen Report
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