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Mobilizing Your Sugar Instance


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The Sugar platform has seen several enhancements to its mobile capabilities in the past year. And this session will help anyone with a Sugar deployment learn how they can make the most of everything Sugar's mobile capabilities have to offer. In addition to an overview of the latest and greatest Sugar mobile features, we will outline some simple yet effective ways to fully mobilize any Sugar instance.

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Mobilizing Your Sugar Instance

  1. 1. Are You Mobile Yet? Kathleen Barnes Principal Product Manager SugarCRM
  3. 3. It’s Fast! 3 • Quick Create/Summary • Dynamic Search • Filters • Favorites and more… All help you locate and use key information quickly and painlessly
  4. 4. It’s Easy! • Set up is simple • You’ll be up and running quickly! • It works the way YOU do so you’ll get MORE done with LESS effort 4
  5. 5. It’s Efficient! • Works on the devices you already use! • Native Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, and GPS allow you to get the most of out of every customer interaction 5
  6. 6. It’s Always Available! • Offline Sync ensures the data you need most – – Your records, – Your favorites, – Records you are following, and those assigned to you – Are ALWAYS available from your device whether you or not you are online! 6
  7. 7. SugarCRM Mobile • And it’s reliable and adopted! – Did you know that 93.9% of SugarCRM mobile users who use it, keep using it* *Google Analytics statistics – 93.9% of users are returning users 7
  8. 8. NOT MOBILE YET? Here’s how…
  9. 9. Mobile – Step 1
  10. 10. Mobile – Step 2
  11. 11. Studio – Step 1
  12. 12. Configure – Step 2
  13. 13. Save and Deploy!
  14. 14. That’s IT! • You’re MOBILE!!! • Now you can stay connected to your customers anywhere, anytime, from wherever you are… 14
  15. 15. ARE YOU ADOPTING MOBILE? Statistics tell us you are…
  16. 16. Do you know that.. • ~ 800 of you are now using SugarCRM Mobile on a daily basis • Over 23,020 of you are now using SugarCRM Mobile • In April of 2014 we added ~79 users a day – that’s ~1 new user every 20 minutes!!!
  17. 17. And You’re Doing More… • You’re returning more often…* – 93.9% of daily users are returning users • You’re spending more time in Mobile… – Average session duration 2:00min vs. 3:35min • And using more of the app.. – 5 screens vs. 6 screens *And you’re consistently split with 53% of users using iOS and 47% using Android
  18. 18. We’re Learning What You’re Adopting in Mobile… • View/Edit – Accounts – Contacts – Leads • Create/Vie w – Meetings
  19. 19. ROADMAP 2014
  20. 20. Online or offline, it’s there for you! 20 • Faster Synchronization • Buffering • More Configuration options* • Connected or not *Coming soon!
  21. 21. Enhanced Tablets UX – late Q3 21 • Portrait or Landscape – Let’s use the space! • Better navigation
  22. 22. Landscape! 22 • Better screen estate usage • Fewer clicks!
  23. 23. Take that picture and take it with you! 23 • Pictures (types supported) • NEED A PHOTO for HERE – feature is in beta on the dev server
  24. 24. We’re already hard at work on… • SugarLogic • Calendar sync • Push Notifications • Filtering • Dashboard & Dashlets • Activity Streams • Location-based services • Studio enhancements
  25. 25. We can’t see the future so we’d like your help with.. 25 • Calendar synchronization – Native calendar sync, but what else? • Push Notifications – What do you want to be told about? How often? • Location-based services – We’re working on the basic use cases – what else do you want to do?
  26. 26. Questions? • Bullet one 26
  27. 27. THANK YOU @TwitterHandle #SugarCon
  28. 28. Extra information for Presenter only
  29. 29. Questions to work on • What’s happening to Sugar Mobile Plus? When will Sugar Mobile have feature parity with that product? • Is there automatic sync’ing of contacts to my phone’s address book? • My customers are on Sugar 6, can they take advantage of Sugar Mobile? • Can I rebrand mobile to match my corporate look and feel? • Can I run reports or view dashlets from my tablet? • What is the intended audience? Outside sales reps? Support personnel? Who are we designing this application for? (I think narrower is better in this context) • How does SugarMobile help me as a sales person? As a support person?
  30. 30. Questions to work on • I always show a mobile demo. I’ve demo’d mobile at least 100 times to prospects via Reflector. Works fine for me. Logging a call is the killer thing. I’m happy to support you with this if you like, as is Charles I expect. • The demo part has helped to win customers like Mazars (1300 seats), CitySprint (400 seats) and Agfa (500 seats) alone…. • Maybe one final thing is to talk about where mobile is heading – sales teams using more phones and tablets than conventional laptops. That’s the trend we’re seeing – data on the move, if you will… • I also have some interesting stats in my own SugarCon presentation you may find useful: • 1.3bn smart phone app downloads (Apple & Android) • Imagine if every inhabitant of China downloaded one a day. Or if everyone who had watched Gangnam Style did. • 16bn texts sent • That’s a text for each of the cells in an average human’s cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that we use to think…! • :)
  31. 31. This is what you have asked my Sales Teams and my Support Teams… • How do I? • General usage things like searches, and looking up records • What customizations can we do? • Are there limits? • Offline – How does it work? • Mobile SDK • Reports / Activity stream content • Pictures – • Can I take a picture and upload it to Sugar?
  32. 32. This is what you’re asking us this week at SugarCon… • Will be updated week of SugarCon after meeting with users, working the smarties booth, etc