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4 Add-on Products You Can't Live Without


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The power of Sugar can be released by 4 simple add-on products that will make your sales team more productive. These add-ons improve user adoption by making Sugar work the way they do. Map-to-Lead lets your sales team visually map lead, contact, or target to plan their day better. Duplicate Detection Manager helps prevent duplicates from entering your system and keeps your Sugar environment free of duplicates. Advanced Support Manager simplifies the life of the support team by providing suggested solutions based upon the description of the problem. Finally, Starfish ETL, the highest rated ETL tools by G2 Crowd, can provide access to your customer ERP data just as sales history, payment, order / quote and invoices inside of Sugar.​​

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4 Add-on Products You Can't Live Without

  1. 1. FOUR ADD-ON PRODUCTS YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT Sam Biardo Founder / CEO Technology Advisors Inc @sambiardo #SugarCon
  2. 2. Map-to-Lead • Map Accounts, Contact, Leads, and Targets. • Select distance around an existing account or a zip code 2
  3. 3. Map-to-Leads 3 • Advanced Filtering – Filter on any field in Account, Contact, and Lead views
  4. 4. Map-to-Leads 4 • Dashboard view available on Main Dashboard as well as Account, Contact, and Lead views
  5. 5. Duplicate Detection Manager • Real-time checking of duplicates for account and contact • Fuzzy Matching 5
  6. 6. Duplicate Detection Manager • Detect Duplicates during an import or during off hours • Choose to overwrite, not import, or add as new 6
  7. 7. Duplicate Detection Manager • Also find bad data like invalid email and missing fields during an import 7
  8. 8. Advanced Support Manager 8 • Simplify support case entry • Check in and out of tickets to track time
  9. 9. Advanced Support Manager • Filter knowledge base articles based upon the problem description • Let the system determine support resources based upon the problem and their experience 9
  10. 10. Advanced Support Manager • View open support contracts in dashlets 10
  11. 11. Starfish ETL 11 • Connect information between disparate systems – Instant connection of OOTB data – Quick customization • CRM connections for: – ERP – Marketing automation – Custom database • CRM migrations • SugarCRM server side Email Integration
  12. 12. Starfish ETL • Sync Account / Contact • Sales History • Invoice History • Open Orders 12
  13. 13. Starfish ETL • Existing Starfish Integrations 13
  14. 14. Starfish ETL 14 • #1 in Customer Satisfaction by G2Crowd • Rated High Performer • Considered best price / performance
  15. 15. TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS GOAL Improve your Sugar experience 15
  16. 16. THANK YOU @sambiardo #SugarCon