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Informer: Multidimensional Reporting and Dashboarding for SugarCRM


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Join Tim Nicholson, Director of Customer Services at Entrinsik, Inc. as he discusses the new integration between Informer and SugarCRM and how this combination extends the tremendous value of Sugar by linking Sugar with data from multiple sources, giving users the ability to create ad-hoc reports and dashboards based on real-time information from disparate sources of data. Tim will provide examples of how using Informer with Sugar gives users greater insight into their sales and marketing metrics for instant visibility into company performance and customer behavior.

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Informer: Multidimensional Reporting and Dashboarding for SugarCRM

  1. 1. INFORMER: MULTIDIMENSIONAL REPORTING AND DASHBOARDING FOR SUGARCRM Tim Nicholson Director, Informer Customer Services Entrinsik @entrinsik #SugarCon
  2. 2. Who is Entrinsik? 2
  3. 3. What is Informer? Brief background: • Informer extends self-service reporting, dashboarding, and analysis capabilities to technical and business users • Maturing since 2003, Informer boasts tens of thousands of users worldwide • Customers of all sizes: IBM, BB&T, USAA, Several Fortune 500 companies, 300 universities and colleges, Your doctors office (probably)… 3
  4. 4. What is Informer? Tens of thousands of users the world over in countless industries satisfying organizational reporting needs • Operational users answer daily questions: What are my SugarCRM tasks for today? • Managers answer oversight questions: How is my staff doing with task completions compared to last month? • Executives answer strategic questions: What is the overall health of my business? 4
  5. 5. What is Informer? Enables end users of any technical expertise to take ownership of their own specific reporting needs • Simplifies complex schemas into an easily understood mapping structure that users of any technical expertise can navigate • Not a single line of code or SQL or <insert your data grammar here> required • No need for assistance from IT staff 5
  6. 6. What is Informer? 6 Intuitively construct queries across tables and datasources…
  7. 7. What is Informer? 7 …and visualize results beautifully alongside your other organizational resources: Networked databases of any type, Cloud data - anything you have access to can be a potential data source for Informer
  8. 8. Why Informer with Sugar? ”But like us, some customers need more direct access to their underlying data, and many also need to connect that data with other systems in the organization. This is where Informer provides a unique solution – a single source repository for all reporting and dashboarding needs across an organization, regardless of where and how the data is stored.” Chris Reeves VP Partnerships, Entrinsik 8
  9. 9. Why Informer with Sugar? Entrinsik was the first Informer customer to deploy against SugarCRM! (we eat our own dog food) • Original integration was built for our own internal needs when we first deployed SugarCRM • Engaged resellers to help us learn about the SugarCRM community and to assist in deployments • Now official Technology Partner with SugarCRM • Sugar “plugin” provides out of the box content 9
  10. 10. Customer Success Don’t take my word for it, ask some of our happy customers and resellers: - Epicom - Linux Foundation (yes, that Linux) - CAT Rental (worlds largest Caterpillar dealer) - And of course: Sugar corporate themselves! 10
  11. 11. Customer Success “Hands down, Informer is the best ROI our university has ever had. Our day to day operations thrive on the data, and the product contributes regularly to our strategic decisions and plans as a university.” Jeff Jones, Fresno Pacific University “The underlying technology of Informer is very robust, allowing the mash-up of multiple data sources as well as the generation of any number of complicated reports…” Mike Woster, COO & Vice President Business Development, The Linux Foundation “It is very exciting to see this happening. It is an invaluable tool. It allows our users to easily analyze our data & provides actionable results for better decision making by your business leaders at every level. The results are amazing!” Brenda Sheplawy, IT Manager at The Cat Rental Store “Your future quote here” - You 11
  12. 12. Learn More! Whether you are a Sugar Reseller or a SugarCRM direct end user, we’d love to start a conversation about solving your reporting challenges. Come to our booth in the exhibit area! Visit us online at: 12
  13. 13. THANK YOU @entrinsik #SugarCon