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This presentation looks at mobile agriculture tools. It specifically covers tools used for tracking equipment, managing farm and ranch records, testing and managing soil, identifying and tracking plants, mixing chemicals, managing livestock, and getting ag news.

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  • Fleet Position TrackingConnected Farm enables visibility into real-time fleet positions so managers can make intelligent decisions to optimize operator performance. Knowing the location of each vehicle can improve fuel usage, reduce application mistakes, and prevent theft.Asset Position HistoryConnected Farm saves a historical breadcrumb trail for each vehicle to verify previously reported locations. Quickly find out where each vehicle traveled by entering a date range.Geo-fence and Curfew AlertsConnected Farm enhances farm security by creating virtual geo-fences and curfew alerts to help notify managers of theft or unauthorized use of vehicles. If a vehicle travels outside of pre-defined working hours or areas, a message is instantly sent to the manager's cell phone.Cab Dashboard and Reporting of Public CAN MessagesConnected Farm utilizes a virtual dashboard of cab monitors to view fuel usage, battery voltage, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and more. Dashboard information can be transformed into performance analysis reports that can be used to enhance productivity, efficiency, and swift decision making.Fleet ProductivityConnected Farm captures productivity information which includes time spent idling, moving, and traveling. When used with the FmX® display, operators will be prompted to enter delay reasons when motionless for a set period of time. Productivity and delay reasons can then be viewed online so that better decisions can be made about fleet management.Remote AssistantConnected Farm reduces employee downtime by remotely accessing the FmX® integrated display in real-time to diagnose a problem. The operator never leaves the cab which leads to time savings and greater efficiency.Vehicle to Vehicle Data ExchangeConnected Farm eliminates the need for USB storage devices by transferring guidance lines, coverage maps, tank levels, and yield data between multiple vehicles using wireless technology. Operators in the same field are able to share information to minimize overlap and crop inputs, while reducing their carbon footprint.Office to Field Data ExchangeConnected Farm eliminates the need for USB storage devices by transferring guidance lines, drainage designs, as-applied variety maps, yield data, and variable rate prescription maps between the office and field using wireless technology. Using Connected Farm allows quicker access to information, resulting in better farm management decisions.Mapping and ScoutingConnected Farm utilizes a free app for smartphones and tablets to map field boundaries, scouting data, and other points of interest. Maps and scouting data can also be saved and viewed online.NDVI ReadingsConnected Farm utilizes a free app for smartphones and tablets for entering NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) readings taken with the GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor to calculate nitrogen application rates. Crop readings and nitrogen rates can also be saved and viewed online.
  • View the latest readings from your pivots, see the latest commands that have been sent, and even add notes for yourself or any shared users!VIEW PIVOT DATA: • Current status (ON, OFF, IDLE, FWD, REV) • Pivot Angle • Water pressure • Speed • Endgun status • Last 5 commands sent to the unit • Any timed commands that are scheduled • NotesView the current and historical data from soil moisture probes attached to Aqua Trac units. The current status of a probe is displayed as FULL, GOOD, or REFILL according to the current sum of the sensor readings. The historical data is presented in a large, graphical view that's interactive and easy to use.VIEW SOIL MOISTURE DATA: • Individual sensor data • Sensor sum values • Full and refill values • Battery • Signal Strength • Customizable graph views allow you to view only the data you want to seeView the current and historical data from Crop Links including sensor data and soil moisture probe data. Switch relays ON or OFF and receive quick feedback of the command status.VIEW CROP LINK DATA: • View all analog and digital sensor data • View soil moisture probe data • Send commands to switch relays ON or OFFSend commands to your pivots with a simple command interface that's easy to navigate and provides quick feedback about the status of each command.SEND COMMANDS: • Start Now, Start Once, Start Always • Start Forward, Start Reverse • Change Direction • Stop Now, Stop Once, Stop Always • Stop At Angle • Clear Timed Start, Clear Timed Stop • Clear Stop AngleView and edit speed and endgun tables for units with speed and endgun control. You can access all your tables for each unit, create new tables, or utilize predefined tables such as Always ON or Always OFF. You can also edit table names.VIEW & EDIT TABLES: • View, edit, and send regular speed tables • View, edit, and send endgun tables • View, edit, and send big speed tables • Change table namesView and edit the main configuration parameters for units. This includes the ability to graphically set the GPS coordinates of the center of a pivot!MAIN CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS: • Pivot alias • Pivot type • Pivot and endgun lengths • Graphical angles • Pressure sensor details • Estimated flow rate • External devices • GPS CoordinatesRequires valid WagNet username and password to access certain features.
  • FeaturesEnter records with or without cellular serviceWeb-based back-upFarm operation records (till, spray, plant, harvest, etc.)Equipment service recordsHandwritten notesPictures with GPSSandbox/GPSService Records - Filters, fluids, fuel, grease and repairsDraw field boundaries with GPS or by handAerial imagery of all mapsUnlimited tracking of:Farms and fieldsCrops and varietiesEquipmentNPK materialsChemicals and pests
  • Enter records with or without cellular serviceWeb-based back-upFarm operation records (till, spray, plant, harvest, etc.)Equipment service recordsHandwritten notesPictures with GPSSandbox/GPSService Records - Filters, fluids, fuel, grease and repairsDraw field boundaries with GPS or by handAerial imagery of all mapsUnlimited tracking of:Farms and fieldsCrops and varietiesEquipmentNPK materialsChemicals and pests
  • Farm At Hand is the latest innovation in farm management software and products. Farm At Hand is available as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad tablet, or at, compatible with any computer and smartphone device. What makes Farm At Hand different? It is completely mobile and it is FREE for all users.  Have the access to review and update information at any time, from anywhere.  • Field List – Keep a detailed and current list of fields.  Basic information includes: name, land location, and total acres.  Update and track production activity such as seeding, spraying, and harvest, as well as many other activities.   • Calendar – Add and review farm activity for a specific date.  A quick view option provides a list of the most recent activities, with a further option to view all activity for that date. • Commodity Storage – the Virtual Bin Yard.  This function keeps track of commodities in storage.  Information such as: bin name, capacity, contents, sample information, date harvested and field identity is quickly available to review and update.    • Equipment – A complete equipment list, which can be updated and reviewed at any time.   • Search – Search the entire app using specific criteria to find desired information. • Utilities – A useful conversion tool built right into this app designed specifically for farming use.  Conversions for commodities from bushels to tonnes and vice versa are available, as well as other frequently used length and area conversions.   • Commodity Contracts – Enter, track, and update all commodity contracts.   • Commodity Status – Provides information based on each commodity entered: amount in storage, contracted amount, and the amount still available to market.  • Commodity Delivery – Enter deliveries and link up to any contract that has been entered. Information is simultaneously updated across all devices using the ‘sync’ button on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps.  Information entered using the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad app while outside of a coverage area can be synced once that device is within a coverage or wifi area.  All information is kept private, accessible only by the registered user. Securely access your farm at anytime, from anywhere with Farm At Hand.  
  • GPS based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data, formatted for the iPhone. This application retrieves graphical summaries of soil types associated with the iPhone's current geographic location, based on a user defined horizontal precision. Sketches of soil profiles are linked to their official soil series description (OSD) page. Soil series names are linked to their associated page within the CA Soil Resource Lab's online soil survey, SoilWeb [1]. An up-to-date map of were data is available for queries can be found here
  • In the field, using your smartphone or tablet PC you can:Work without cellular serviceDraw field boundaries using GPSWork with high contrast views for better visibility in sunlightSet a grid size relevant to any of your fieldsUse GPS located bag numbers to simplify shippingSave time. Customers report sampling 100-150 acres per hour on a 5-acre gridAt your desk, using your Soil Test Pro web account you can:Print shipping sheets to send samples to the lab of your choiceView and print results of the labs analysis along with fertilizer recommendation mapsView and print your field maps via aerial imageryExport variable rate controller filesDraw field boundaries via aerial imageryPermanently store and backup all your recordsGain unlimited access to Soil Test Pro’s precision ag specialistsAdd unlimited farms and fieldsReceive fast test results in 5-7 daysView the complete history of all your soil tests
  • The Farm Progress Growing Degree Days application measures the maturity of your crop by viewing current and past growing degree days data for your farm’s location. Growing degree days (GDD) are a measure of heat accumulation used in agriculture to predict the date that crops will reach maturity.Touch the map pin to display growing degree days for your current location. Move the map pin to see growing degree days for a different location. Growing degree days are listed by month and summarized for the year. The current year’s growing degree days are compared to the previous year’s growing degree days.
  • Australian
  • The Angus Mobile app has been created by the American Angus Association and is designed for anyone with an interest in Angus Cattle.The app contains several features all in an easy-to-use format. Below are a few of the features:- Angus members have access to their AAA Login herd dataand the ability to enter calving book records from the field.- Flexibility to tailor the app for your needs for your most used functions with a Configuration option. Simply press and hold your favorite icons to move them to the toolbar.- Search for any registered Angus animal or Angus member.- View current News Releases- Browse Sale Books for upcoming Angus sales- Sale Reports : see results of past Angus sales- Show results : includes the top winners with photos- See the latest Angus videos created by the American Angus Association- View an extensive Angus events calendar for upcoming sales, shows and meetings.- Use date calculators for gestation and performance measurements such as weaning and ultrasound.- National Cattle Evaluation Information. EPD/$Value Percentiles, breed average EPDs and $values and more.- Submit calving book entries to AAA- More features available- Watch for further updatesThe American Angus Association is the nation’s largest beef organization, serving nearly 30,000 members across the United States and Canada. It provides programs and services to farmers, ranchers and others who rely on the power of Angus to produce quality genetics for the beef industry and quality beef for consumers.
  • EDDMapS West is:Fast and easy to use - no knowledge of GIS requiredAllows for reporting of select invasive plant species in the western statesAutomatically alerts state weed coordinators when reports are enteredAutomatically alerts EDDMapS West users of verified reportsGenerates distribution maps for reported speciesLinks to information and imagesEarly detection of new invasive species infestations and rapid, coordinated responses are needed to eradicate or contain invasions before they become too widespread and control becomes technically and financially impossible. Prevention and early detection/rapid response efforts are most effective when information is shared at the regional level.It is going to take all of us- land owners, land managers, universities, recreationists, agency personnel, and concerned citizens- working together and sharing information as quickly as possible, to keep ahead of new invaders. We encourage you to use EDDMapS West to report sightings of invasive species; and we also encourage additional western states to join the EDDMapS West effort.
  • NATURE MOBILE introduces - Trees PRO HD - an ideal guide to the most common North American and European trees on your iPhone and iPad. With the built-in quiz you will also learn quickly to distinguish between different species. Finally, you have the option to identify different tree species without the help of a heavy book. You get a comprehensive library full of facts, figures and images, but all in the palm of your hand. Learn where you can find certain species, how their leaves, flowers, and fruits look like and taste, and how you cook them. Find inspiration and experience nature in a whole new way.SEARCH AND IDENTIFY SPECIES BY* APPEARANCE- size, leaf, flower, color, growth, etc.* FRUIT TYPE- berry, stone fruit, apple fruit, nut, etc.* HABITAT- North America, Europe, Asia, etc.TRAIN YOUR KNOWLEDGE - QUIZ GAME* Guess breeds from pictures* Submit scores to Facebook* Submit scores to OpenFeint
  • visual recognition software to help identify species from photographs. Leafsnap is the first in a series of electronic field guides being developed to demonstrate this new technology. This free mobile app helps identify tree species from photographs of their leaves and contains beautiful high-resolution images of their flowers, fruit, petiole, seeds, and bark. Leafsnap currently includes the trees of the Northeast and will soon grow to cover the trees of the entire continental United States.
  • ID Weeds allows you to search for weeds by their common or latin name, view a list of weeds, or identify weeds based upon a number of different characteristics. Details about each weed are presented, along with photograph(s) of the weed specified.
  • KEY FEATURES• Receive a recommended mixing order based on the products selected• Spray logs with stopwatch and alerts for convenient and accurate record keeping• Available weather integration provides wind speed and direction, temperature and conditions in the spray log• GPS records location in the spray logs• Notes field in spray logs for capturing water volumes per acre, nozzle type, and other free form notations• Mixing precautions• Easily edit tank mixes• Enhanced email sharing • News feed• Request a compatibility test kit to determine if products are compatible before adding them to your sprayer
  • KEY FEATURESCrop Favorites: Available for all product categories. Allows user to easily locate, manage and select their most used products.Mixing Precautions: Redesigned and enhanced to make them more visible only when a product(s) has a mixing precaution.Weather Integration: Easier to access and purchase for use with Spray Logs. Capture the wind speed and direction, temperature and conditions at the start of spraying for documentation and compliance.Added directions to saved tank mixes and Spray Log sections for easier usage.Performance improvements under the hood.Enhanced home screen layout.iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support.Prepped app for significant future updates that you won’t want to miss – stay tuned!
  • Easily enter your acreage, tank size & carrier volume to compute the # of spray loadsSelect from the 250 most popular chemicals or add your ownSave your mixtures for later viewingCalculate the # of full loads plus partial needed for the fieldView a mix recipe for each load
  • Features:a news reader for the Wisconsin IPM and Crop Manager blog and UWEX specialist Twitter feedsa video browser with access via YouTube to dozens of short educational clips made by UWEX specialistsa small but expandable publication library of IPM materials that have been developed by the UWEX IPM program. The list contains PDF documents and some ePub books. All of the files can be saved in iBooks or other compatible apps for offline use.a picture browser designed to aid in IPM field observations and scouting. The picture database has over 175,000 images available and is hosted by IPMimages.orgWhat’s New?The “Pictures” tab has been redesigned to download images from the database that has over 175,000 pictures available. Use the search bar to find the ones you want and then save your favorites.
  • The televised version of Backyard Farmer has been on the air, each April to September, since 1953. The panel provides research-based answers to gardening questions about insect pests, fruits and vegetables, turf and landscape design and much more.
  • Ag Tools - Where you need them

    1. 1. Stan Skrabut @uwcesedtech #uwces Ag Tools Where You Need Them
    2. 2. You want tools that will make you more productive.
    3. 3. You want tools that will help you cut expenses.
    4. 4. … and yield more profits.
    5. 5. Leveraging digital tools may help you achieve your goals.
    6. 6. The programs I am going to show you are available from different platforms.
    7. 7. These applications focus on seven areas: Manage Farm/Ranch Records Track equipment Identify & Track Plants Mix Chemicals Ag Information Manage the Herd Test & Manage Soils
    8. 8. These programs will help you track and automate equipment. 113048719
    9. 9. Connected Farm gives you real-time access to your vehicle fleet movement.
    10. 10. You can monitor the productivity of your fleet from your Android Phone.
    11. 11. You can monitor the productivity of your fleet from your iPhone.
    12. 12. You can monitor the productivity of your fleet from your iPad.
    13. 13. With WagNet Mobile, you can control and monitor your irrigation pivots.
    14. 14. These programs will help you manage farm and ranch records. 113948137
    15. 15. Use FarmPAD to enter farm records, equipment service logs, spray records and take notes or pictures.
    16. 16. FarmPad can be used on an iPhone, iPad, and Android Phone
    17. 17. With Farm at Hand, update and track production activity such as seeding, spraying, and harvest.
    18. 18. Farm at Hand is available for the iPad.
    19. 19. Farm at Hand is also available for the iPhone.
    20. 20. You can use your smartphone to maintain records on Google Drive.
    21. 21. Usable tools to help ranchers make better decisions, leading to sustainable operations.
    22. 22. There are budget and investment tools.
    23. 23. There are stocking rate and AUM value tools.
    24. 24. Finally, there are sprayer calibration and net present value analysis tools.
    25. 25. These programs will help you test and manage your soils. 69767158
    26. 26. SoilWeb provides access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data.
    27. 27. Soil Test Pro is a tool for precision soil sampling.
    28. 28. There are applications for both iPhones and Android phones.
    29. 29. The Nutrient Removal App allows farmers to test potential yields and receive crop-specific nutrient removal data.
    30. 30. Growing Degree Days helps you keep an eye on the maturity date of your crops.
    31. 31. The mobile app will compare current year growing degree days with the previous year.
    32. 32. These programs will help you manage your herds. 80670706
    33. 33. The Beef Cow Body Condition Scoring app will help you manage the nutrition program for your herd.
    34. 34. The Beef Cow Body Condition Scoring app works on both Android phones and iPhones.
    35. 35. iHerd assists with property management by tracking the total number of cattle, the stocking rate, and the total size.
    36. 36. iherd works on Android phones, iPads, and iPhones.
    37. 37. Angus Mobile allows you to keep records on the American Angus Association system.
    38. 38. With the mobile apps, you can also gain access to news, sales reports, show results, etc.
    39. 39. The CattleFax allows you to view cattle prices, gather news, and get detailed weather.
    40. 40. This app is available for both Android phones and iPhones as well as Web-based.
    41. 41. These programs will help you identify and track plants. 70373920
    42. 42. EDDMapSWest lets you report and track invasive species.
    43. 43. You can report and track invasive species from the Web.
    44. 44. You can also use Android phones and iPhones to report invasive species
    45. 45. This iPhone or iPad app allows you to identify leaves, flowers, trees, and fruits.
    46. 46. LeafSnap uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species.
    47. 47. LeafSnap is available for either iPad or iPhone.
    48. 48. ID Weeds lets you search for weeds by name or characteristics.
    49. 49. These programs will help you mix your chemicals in the right quantities. 142068037
    50. 50. Spray Guide is designed to help with the proper tank mixing sequence and tracking.
    51. 51. Mix Tank helps with proper tank mixing order and maintaining accurate spray logs.
    52. 52. Mix Tank is available for both iPhones and Android phones.
    53. 53. Tank Mix Calculator provides you with the number of loads required to spray your acreage, along with full and partial load mixes of the chemicals. For iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.
    54. 54. IPM Toolkit provides information to aid you in adapting Integrated Pest Management.
    55. 55. The IPM Toolkit is available for Android phones and iPhones.
    56. 56. The IPM Toolkit is also available for iPads.
    57. 57. With these programs you can stay informed on ag news.
    58. 58. AgWired is the online community for individuals involved in agriculture marketing and communications.
    59. 59. AgWired is also available on mobile devices.
    60. 60. mBYF (Backyard Farmer) provides researched- based answers to gardening questions.
    61. 61. Questions?