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Qr codes intheclassroom_slideshare


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This presentation was used as an introduction to QR codes for classroom teachers.

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Qr codes intheclassroom_slideshare

  1. 1. QR Codes intheClassroom By Ellen Cordeiro
  2. 2. What’s aQR Code?
  3. 3. Just 1:01 of Clip
  4. 4. Why QR?Free to use*Low technology investment
  5. 5. Smart Phone
  6. 6. iPod Touch Smart Phone
  7. 7. a d 2iPod Touch iP Smart Phone
  8. 8. a d 2 iPod Touch iP Co mp+ w ut ebc er Smart Phone am
  9. 9. a d 2 iPod Touch iP Co Internet access mp+ w ut ebc er Smart Phone am
  10. 10. QR Code Generator
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Tip Long Url Shortened Url The QR Codes above will represent the same url.The one on the right was created using a url shortener and is much easier for a QR Code Reader to read.
  13. 13. QR Reader MobileAndroid, iPhone, java, Symbian, S60/UIQ, Windows Mobile, Brew. i-Nigma
  14. 14. QR Reader - Computer QRreader
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Readers There are many QR code readers available.Kathy Schrock has an excellent resource where you can find more readers at: classroom.html
  17. 17. EducationalApplications
  18. 18. Library and Language Arts• Renew books• Book reviews• Link to ebooks• Online catalog• Phonetics of a word• Link to citation resource
  19. 19. Science and Math• Solving equations• Models• Kahn Academy• Online resources• Video of experiments• Math Mastery The Periodic Table of Videos was created by Periodic Videos and can be found at
  20. 20. Social Studies• Google Map• Virtual Tours• Vocabulary• Myth• Expert Pyramids was taken by Neil Burroes and can be found at
  21. 21. PE/Health• Proper form• Instructions for workout• Fitness Log• Anatomy and Physiology• Food Guide Pyramid• Big Run InstructionsExercise was taken created by Sebastian Fritzon and can be found at
  22. 22. And so much more...• Scavenger hunts• Link to pre populated resources (huge time saver!)• email me• Poll Anywhere Scavenger hunt generator
  23. 23. Student Created• Book reviews• Podcasts• Math tutorial• Sharing resources• Digital storytelling
  24. 24. Let’s Play!