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QR codes in education


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Cards on qr codes uses for educampWelly2011 -

  • Great resource. Apart from the uses that you mentioned. QR Codes are now being innovatively used to create self correcting activities. Take a look at it here: At the end of the activity, if the QR Code is scannable, that means kid got the answers correct. Reduces the work for teachers.
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  • Really appreciated this. You have made QR codes more accessible to the rest of us. I have linked it on my E-WOT blog.
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  • Wow! THank you so much for the information.....:)
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  • @Janning. I printed them on photo printing paper for our educamp conference. That made a nice deck of cards that I spread all over the table, by groups. People could pick the ones they were interested in and try them on, or discuss or regroup. Thanks for the link!
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  • aplicaciones para educación
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QR codes in education

  1. 1. QR codes in Education EducampWelly 2011
  2. 2. QR?QR code is short for QuickResponse code. It is a two-dimensional code readableby dedicated QR barcodereaders and cameraphones. The code consistsof black modules arrangedin a square pattern on awhite background. Info
  3. 3. How to create the codes? • Many free online tools let you create QR code. They are typically quite straigthforward to use • The use of QR codes is free of any license. • ISO standard => all generators give equivalent results. Info
  4. 4. Fastest - Bitly, goo.glbitly -> add -> add .qrat the end of the shortened URL to show theQR code. Tools
  5. 5. Basics - Kaywa• A short piece of text• Website address• Email address• Phone number Tools
  6. 6. Advanced - Delivr Tools
  7. 7. Batch printing - QRstuff Tools
  8. 8. Analytics - SnapVu Tools
  9. 9. Aim for simple codes• Aim for simple codes for low end phones • Avoid to put too much text in the code. Same url, without and • When linking to a with shortening resource, use a url shortener. Beware!
  10. 10. Be mindful of cost• Whenever the QR code links to online resources, this costs your students.➡ Run some awareness session with your students and staff. Beware!
  11. 11. Out of the classroom Field trips / Museum / Library Context
  12. 12. Scavenger huntThe use of QR codesthrough printed signs orstickers, will help provideclues, problems, additionaltext information and online
  13. 13. Add InformationThis QR code provides alink to a presentation onyou tube.
  14. 14. Deeper encoding Look at the Vint Can you age Comp find and uter Adv people i name the ert disp n the ad 6 genuin lay. verts? ely famo usOn museum visits or fieldtrips, add code that embedtext to ask questions orlink to a quiz to encouragedeeper encoding of newlyacquired information.
  15. 15. In the classroom Context
  16. 16. Linking to a Website URLThis QR code provides alink to the EducampWellywikispace.
  17. 17. Reference MaterialsThis QR code links to apage of the MoLeFewebsite that provides along list of resources aboutQR codes in education
  18. 18. Just in time explanationThis QR code links to avideo of the KhanAcademy.
  19. 19. How to use equipmentLink to Merriam Webstervisual dictionary, page onlaboratory equipement.
  20. 20. To teach physical skillsSee this skill inaction.
  21. 21. To personalizePersonalize byadapting to thelearner’s skill level
  22. 22. To engageCapture the attentionof your audience with acreative use of codesthat will surprise and in.
  23. 23. On demand informationLink toOxygenVideo forlearners toexplore intheir owntime if theywish so.
  24. 24. Music sheet links to MP3QR code with directdownload link for aMP3 file. image
  25. 25. Crude responder system
  26. 26. Locate on a mapLink to the location ofWellington Colledge onGoogle MapLow end phones may need adecoder service:
  27. 27. Communication and Logistics Contexts
  28. 28. Calendar linkCalendar link fora parents meeting
  29. 29. SMS promptSMS link to invite feedback onan initiative using a pre-written text message to yourSMS service.Subscription to a SMS newsalert. qr-codes-a-missed-opportunity/
  30. 30. Wifi network loginOnly on Android.Credentials for logininto local wifinetwork.
  31. 31. Emergency manualTelephone number whichtriggers your mobile phoneand allows you to quick callthe number.
  32. 32. Involve parentsProviding a QR code on thewindow may be a way tofacilitate conversation aboutthe school day. Allanah King Classroom window
  33. 33. Learning Network Context
  34. 34. Contact informationCode with full contactdetails. Name, address,phone, email, website.
  35. 35. Follow me!Follow me! @widged
  36. 36. QR Codes in Education. Niceinfographic describing QRhistory and usage statistics anda long list of possible activities. Resources
  37. 37. 40 interesting ways to use QRcodes in the classroom Resources
  38. 38. 7 things you should knowabout QR codes Resources