Somijas pieredze mājokļu renovācijā


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Somijas pieredze mājokļu renovācijā/Marja-Leena Sallinen, Somija, kompānijas KIINKO attīstības nodaļas vadītāja

Prezentācija tika rādita 2012.gada 15.marta starptautiskajā konferencē „Daudzdzīvokļu māju pārvaldīšana un renovācija Latvijā un pasaulē”

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Somijas pieredze mājokļu renovācijā

  1. 1. Management and Renovation of Multi-storey Buildings in Latvia and the World The Experience from Finland in renovation of Multi-storey buildingsDevelopment Manager Marja-Leena Sallinen © Marja-Leena Sallinen 2012
  2. 2. Example: Leijonalinna,Castle of the LionsRenovation andloft conversion2009 - 2010 Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  3. 3. Renovation vs. ModernizationRenovation; refurbishment Modernization; rehabilitation“repair construction carried out as “repair which aims at elevating thea relatively large separate project. targets relative quality level substantially from the original one.In renovation, one may redo a In a modernisation project, thebuilding, parts of a building, buildings energy economy can bebuilding service technology improved, or the building cansystems or equipment. be linked to a sanitary network or equipped with lifts or modern ITRenovation aims at restoring the techonology. Modernisationlevel a building had when it was projects can also includenew.” procedures typical to repairs and replacements.”Kiinteistöliiketoiminnan sanasto / RAKLI 2012
  4. 4. Leijonalinna Project, Background informationThe Leijonalinna Housing Corporation• Built in 1965 for the Finnish Defence Forces in Helsinki• Tenants mainly former personnel of the FDF• Total number of flats is 52• After the renovation and loft conversion the total net floor area is 3 901m² Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  5. 5. Types of Flats 1 flat Kitchen/living room + alcove 28.5 m2 1 flat 1 room + kitchen/living room 37.0 m2 1 flat 2 rooms + kitchen 45.5 m2 1 flat 2 rooms + kitchen 51.5 m2 1 flat 2 rooms + kitchen 52.0 m2 1 flat 2 rooms + kitchen 55.5 m2 1 flat 2 rooms + kitchenette 56.0 m2 14 flats 2 rooms + kitchenette 58.5 m2 1 flat 3 rooms +kitchen 65.5 m2 8 flats 3 rooms +kitchen 72.0 m2 7 flats 3 rooms +kitchen 73.0 m2 1 flat 3 rooms +kitchen 73.5 m2 1 flat 4 rooms +kitchen 95.0 m2 7 flats 4 rooms +kitchen 97.0 m2 6 flats 5 rooms +kitchen 126.0 m2Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  6. 6. Starting point of the Leijonalinna Project Before the renovation project, the flats did not meet the modern requirements for housing comfort. No major renovations had been made in the kitchens and bathrooms. The bathrooms did not have the damp-proofing required by today’s building regulations, and consequently the problems were already serious. The electrical, plumbing and HVAC structures had come to the end of their life cycles.Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  7. 7. Outdoor areas• Reparation of the surfaces of the courtyard• Renovation of the play area• Modernisation of the shared leisure area• Additional garden furniture Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  8. 8. Floors 1-8• Renovation of the windows and balcony doors• Overall renovation of the interiors of the flats• Renovation of the shared facilities• Renovation of the laundry room• New common roomKruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  9. 9. Floors 1-8• Changes in the flats: bathroom and kitchen areas changed + smaller changes in other spaces• Renovation of the kitchens• Renovation of the kitchen appliances Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  10. 10. Floors 1-8• Renovation of the bathrooms, including floor heating• Renovation of the bathroom fixtures• Renovation of all surfacesKruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen& Reijo Savolainen
  11. 11. 9th floor – loft conversion• All the existing structures were removed; new exterior walls, water-proofing and roof structures built• Sauna compartment (required by the City of Helsinki Building Control Department)• Technical solutions differ from the rest of the building: hydronic under-floor heating, heat-recovery air conditioning system• Lift shafts extended to the 9th floor Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  12. 12. Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  13. 13. Technical solutions• eGain forecastingTM heating optimisation system based on weather forecasts• Cold/hot water meter system: The tenants are charged on the basis of the actual consumption of hot and cold water• Renovation of the • air conditioning system • sanitary system • lateral sewer system • electrical, telecommunications and antenna systems • lifts in the existing lift shafts Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  14. 14. Other measures• Decoration of the stairwells and lifts with artwork• Digital notice boards in the stairwellsKruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen, photo Laura Oja
  15. 15. Artwork• All stairwells were decorated with mural mosaics depicting well-known views and buildings in Helsinki• The mural themes were based on the photographs taken from the roof of the building• The artwork was implemented by utilising digital technology• The mosaic tiles were manufactured by an Italian company, CE.SI (Ceramica di Sirone)• All artworks designed by the head designer of the renovation project, Architect Pasi PohjoismäkiKruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  16. 16. The Olympic Stadium Tower and the Kallio Church Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  17. 17. ArtworkDuring the past few years, Kruunuasunnot Oy hasimplemented more real estate decorations onfacades, stairwells and courtyards than any othercompany in Finland.Artwork increases the visibility of building andincreases housing comfort.It also decreases vandalism and wear and therebymaintenance costs.Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  18. 18. The Helsinki CathedralKruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  19. 19. Costs and Schedule • The estimated investment costs for the total net floor area were about EUR 4 800 000, i.e. about EUR 1 230 /m2 • A total of 10% of the costs were covered by a government renovation subsidy • The project took place between 3 August 2009 and 30 June 2010Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen
  20. 20. KRUUNUASUNNOT OY Background Information Kruunuasunnot Oy was established in 1999 to solve the problems in the rental flat stock of the Finnish Defence Forces. The aim was to apply various means to develop the housing stock into functionally and economically healthy, competitive property units. Kruunuasunnot Oy is a subsidiary of state-owned Governia Oy. Kruunuasunnot Oy is a development company specialising in housing projects. It utilises all the available development elements ranging from sales to renovations and new building production. The Articles of Association of the company allow a wide variety of activities in the property business. Apart from its main customer, the Finnish Defence Forces, the company also provides services in the regular rental market. The business idea of Kruunuasunnot Oy is to provide rental flats that meet the requirements of both the Finnish Defence Forces and the regular rental flat market, and to develop housing and housing comfort. The aim of Kruunuasunnot Oy is to be a well-established, profitable company that owns a competitive, functionally and economically healthy housing stock. Another aim is to meet the demand of the Finnish Defence Forces for housing on the basis of a mutual agreement. Kruunuasunnot Oy is in the process of implementing an extensive renovation programme with investments amounting to EUR 23 Million in 2010 and EUR 16 million in 2011. Kruunuasunnot Oy owns the whole share capital of the Leijonalinna (Castle of the Lions) Housing Corporation.Kruunuasunnot Oy, Ari Paajanen & Reijo Savolainen