Dr. Apuan Miriam College Vision, Mission & Values Orientation


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Plenary orientation of MC VMV to first year students

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Dr. Apuan Miriam College Vision, Mission & Values Orientation

  1. 1. Vision Miriam College is a premier Filipino Catholic institution of learning that forms leaders in service who combine competence with caring, are rooted in Filipino culture and Asian traditions, and yet are citizens of the world.
  2. 2. Miriam College, by integrating the work of education with the life of faith, develops persons, particularly girls and young women, to build a Filipino nation and to be co-creators of God’s kingdom on earth.
  3. 3. Miriam College, is committed to excellent academic programs infused with Christian values, enhanced by modern technology and enriched by national and international linkages.
  4. 4. Finally, Miriam College commits itself to creating and living within our school community the very changes we seek to realize in society.  
  5. 5. MIRIAM, sister of MosesMIRIAM, sister of Moses community-builder “rebel with a cause” kept the hope of freedom alivefor the Israelites from Egypt until the promised land.
  6. 6. MIRIAM of NazarethMIRIAM of Nazareth mother of Jesus model disciple knowledgeable of the Scriptures open and willing to do God’s will devoted to Jesus all the way from Nazareth to Calvary
  7. 7. MMJ - Mother Mary JosephMMJ - Mother Mary Joseph pioneering American woman a great BIG compassionate lady with BIG dreams for a missionary band of ladies, preaching the Good News trailblazer, always reading the signs of the times.
  8. 8. Sister MIRIAMSister MIRIAM ThomasThomas ThorntonThornton her pioneering spirit spurred the progress and development of the school during its growing years. Maryknoll President for 18 years, 1948-1958, 1968-1976
  9. 9. MARYKNOLL COLLEGEMARYKNOLL COLLEGE began as Malabon Normal School in 1926 determined to train Catholic teachers, later women leaders of the Philippines beacon of Christian quality education in the
  10. 10. MIRIAM COLLEGEMIRIAM COLLEGE institution committed to truth, peace, justice and the integrity of creation pioneering in Peace and Environmental Education, leading in Gender Equality and women’s rights
  11. 11. MIRIAM COLLEGEMIRIAM COLLEGE : Vision and Values for a New Century devoted to four Ps P - P rogram P - P eople P - P rocesses and Systems P – P hysical Plant and Resources
  12. 12. What, then, do we expectWhat, then, do we expect of a member ofof a member of the Miriam community?the Miriam community?
  13. 13. Someone, who, like her foremothers: CARESCARES . . . CC caring, competent, compassionate, creative AA astute, alert, sensitive to the signs of the times RR response-able to needs of family & community EE energetic, eclectic in one’s approaches SS socially involved, servant-leader
  14. 14. Someone, who, like Miriam of Nazareth, is • a woman of faith and intelligence • gentle and attentive • yet decisive and responsive • a woman of deep compassion • but also of great courage • who is able to take initiative and make great sacrifices • willing to risk in order to accomplish God’s word and will
  15. 15. Question:Question: Can we, indeed, internalize the Maryknoll/ Miriam spirit?
  16. 16. P.S. A word about Maria Katipunera …
  17. 17. Miriam of Nazareth...Miriam of Nazareth... teach us your waysteach us your ways and lead us to Jesusand lead us to Jesus..
  18. 18. Thank you and God bless!