GLO BUS Cemo Enterprise USP_MBA 440


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GLO BUS Cemo Enterprise USP_MBA 440

  2. 2. OUTLINE • Introduction • Mission / Vision / Goal • Strategy • Performance • Competition • SWOT • Actions to Take • Lesson Learnt
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  CEMO ENTERPRISES  Established: 2008  Manufacturing Plant : Taiwan  Product – Multi Featured & Entry Level Cameras  Exports – North America , Latin America , Asia Pacific and Europe Africa
  4. 4. Taiwan Plant
  5. 5. CEMO VISION MISSION GOAL VISION leading cameras through innovation. is to be the consumers’ choice in premium and sustain growth continual efforts in MISSION is to offer superior quality cameras that provide customer with the ultimate visual experience at good value. GOAL is to use the best cost provider strategy where we would provide excellent product qualities at a competitive price. GOAL MISSION VISION
  6. 6. ENTRY LEVEL STRATEGY  Low cost provider strategy  Our strategy was to focus on Market share  Offer All cameras everywhere .
  7. 7. MULTI LEVEL STRATEGY Our strategy was to focused on providing the highest quality camera Similar to our entry-level strategy to be cost leader in market
  8. 8. PRODUCTION STRATEGY  Build market leadership in production operation through relatively low cost and high quality  Rely on internal staff with minimal use of outsourcing  Provide industry leading compensation and benefits package to attract and retain the best employees  Provide Training  Offering high Warranty periods
  9. 9. FINANCIAL STRATEGY • Achieve and maintain A+ credit rating • Achieve and maintain Image Rating of 100 • Re-purchase Shares from stockholders to increase the value of our company • Eliminate Long-term Debt
  10. 10. PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW ANNUAL TREND ANALYSIS (YEARS 6-14)  Total revenues  Earnings per share  Return on equity  Credit rating  Year end stock price  Image rating
  11. 11. NET REVENUES
  14. 14. STOCK PRICE
  16. 16. IMAGE RATING
  17. 17. COMPETITIVE VARIABLES • Price • Performance/quality (P/Q) rating • Number of quarterly sales promotions • Length of promotions in weeks • Promotional discounts • Advertising • Number of camera models • Size of dealer network • Warranty period • Technical support provided to camera owners
  18. 18. ENTRY LEVEL COMPETITION Companies E, G, and H as our strongest competitors in the long run, even though our strategy and our competitors’ strategies changed over the years Competitive Weaknesses: Tech Support Budget Advertising Entry-Level Warranty Period Market Shares PQ Rating
  19. 19. MULTI-LEVEL COMPETITION • Competition changed throughout the course of the game, but we considered our strongest competitors to be E, F, and G in multi-level. Competitive Weaknesses: Tech Support Budget Advertising Entry-Level Warranty Period Market Shares PQ Rating
  20. 20. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS • • • • Strong Credit Rating Good Image Rating Low Cost Cameras Focused management communication WEAKNESSES Focus may be too narrow in ; •marketing •operating projections •labour cost •High warranty period •lack of geographical focus strategy
  21. 21. SWOT ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES • geographical focus • reduction in cost of production • broadening the market, reduction in labour cost • Reduction in warranty period THREATS • Competition, • Expectations, and pricing pressures from competitors, • Fluctuating exchange rates affects profit
  22. 22. ACTIONS TO TAKE  Follow Strategies  Minimize labor and production costs while maintaining high quality standards.  Increase in quarterly tech support and advertising to gain increased market share against our competitors.  More Promotion and Innovation  Follow Strategies  Address the Warranty period and Length of promotions in weeks
  23. 23. LESSONS LEARNED… Many lessons were learned while doing this: Paying off debts early allows more income later Investing in Marketing innovation and Technical supports always pays off. Aggressive approaches is not always a good thing Use Competitive Intelligence Report Make decisions by Strategies
  24. 24. REFERENCE GLO-BUS Developing Winning Competitive Strategies
  25. 25. THANK YOU