aiou b.ed 1.5 critical thinking and reflective practices broadcast media teaching education in pakistan 8611 course code 8626 allama iqbal open university 8621 educational technology course code 8619 b.ed education educational technology unit 7 non broadcast media unit 4 unit 2 instructional media educational technology in learning b. ed 1.5 non-broadcast media b ed 8622 teacher competencies & role of educational technol introduction to teacher education teacher education and challenges of 21st century teacher education: a comparative perspective structure and curriculum of teacher education teacher education prospects and future education and training development of teacher education in pakistan (islamic perspective) teacher and teaching 8626 reflective practice communities of practice and knowledge unit 9 tools and techniques of critical thinking and refl tools and techniques of critical thinking reflective and critical writing action research reflective cycle teaching strategies to help promote critical think critical theory and pedagogy introdcution to critical thinking critical thinking problems involved in implementing broadcast media unit 8 personnel of broadcast media evaluation of the broadcast media unit 6 radio production production for tv broadcast media-unit 5-production for tv role of educational radio case studies unit 3 role of educational tv case studies bed 1.5 planning and management of broadcast media unit 1 course code 8621 broadcast media unit 1 introduction new trends in educational technology organization & management of educational media producing of instructional materials communication & planning & producing of instructio communication 8619 day 4 theories of instruction course code 8619 developing educational objectives the nature of educational technology & educational unit 8. b ed planning and management of non-broadcast media production of teaching aids reprographic equipment teaching machines and programmed learning teaching aids-i and teaching aids-ii introduction of distance education 8622-01&02 introduction of distance education and non broadca the choice of media
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