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Abraham maslow

  1. 1. Application of Learning Theories in Classroom : BY: Komathy a/p LingayahMuhamad Mustaqim bin Muzamil Siva Rubini a/p S Sivaguru
  2. 2. Who is he?
  3. 3.  Born April 1, 1908 in New York Studied law at the City College of New York Interested psychology Teacher - Brooklyn College Well-known psychologist in New York Maslow hierarchy of needs Divided into 2  Basic needs  Extended need
  4. 4. Basic Needs - original 5 stages of model
  5. 5. http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=dmtmxYbDhKA
  6. 6. Physiologist needsSource of survivalBasic needsEx: food, water, sleep & etcNeed for body
  7. 7. SafetyPrevent physical dangerShelter – familiarityEx: security, law & etcWill cause stress and anxiety – fail to fulfil
  8. 8. Love / belongingCommunication with others – satisfaction (family & friends)Relationship – happinessWithout social interaction  Isolate, depress & loneliness
  9. 9. Esteem - confident / self respectGood reputationWhat you think about your own self – crucialRespect own self and others
  10. 10. Self actualization“What a man can be, he must be,”people work hard to fulfil their achievementRealization of the potentialMorality – main
  11. 11. Cognitive Needs• Extra knowledge• Experience – source for teaching• Discover many things as teaching aids• Ex: education channels• Read books – recommend books for students• Do course work before enter the classroom
  12. 12. Aesthetic Needs• Meaning: principle concerned with nature• Outdoor activities can be applied• Ex: games – explore race• Experience – Based Environmental Project• Music – Heal the World• Photo – to create the picture of a situation
  13. 13. Self-actualization Needs• Self reflection activity – what we have been done• Experiences – as a base of teaching• Ex: adopt skills during training course (colleges)• Conduct activity – develop hidden talents & abilities
  14. 14. Self-transcendence Needs• Meaning: experience beyond the normal or physical level• Activities related to morality• Ex: group discussion & story telling• Spiritually --------- integrity• Helping others by using the abilities