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Dream wedding


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Dream wedding

  1. 1. Name : Siva Rubini d/o S SivaguruMatric Num. : PLPPIP2011/?/KICClass : A1-WordswothTittle : My Dream Wedding
  2. 2. By:Siva Rubini d/o S Sivaguru
  3. 3. What is wedding?  Marriage made from heaven and celebrate on earth.  It is special bond for two souls  Transfers culture and civilization from one generation to another  Love, understanding, mutual respect, trust, commitment and togetherness
  4. 4. On Betrothal Day…
  5. 5.  6 months before the wedding day At Bukit Tinggi resort’s swimming pool During night time Maroon and white theme Maroon dresses for bride and groom
  6. 6. His hug His smile His hand Casual picture sketch Wedding photo shoot Ferrero Rocher BouquetBig teddy bear with our name
  7. 7. ∂ Red and gold theme of the day∂ In temple’s hall∂ Raub, Pahang∂ 11.02.20_ _
  8. 8. Red colour sareewith gold stonesBride’s jewellery
  9. 9. Salwar Kameez for groom
  10. 10. Mahendi on bride’s hands and legs Indian garland flowers
  11. 11. The entrance gate Marvellous wedding dais
  12. 12. Mangalsutra @ Thali
  13. 13. Wedding Dinner
  14. 14. • One week after the wedding• At Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel• Green with white theme• Pakistani lengha for bride• Coat suit for groom• 5 layers wedding cake for the dinner
  15. 15. Interesting part in the dinner : Music (Bollywood and kollywood songs) Bride and groom will dance on the dinner  Foods from all over Malaysia Big bar Cadbury chocolates for the guests Nestle ice-creams for kids Fast foods like KFC and Domino’s Pizza Small teddy bears with our name for guests Magic shows and Disney cartoon shows
  16. 16. Signing of SIVA RUBINIA1- Wordsworth KIC