aiou b.ed education teaching higher education training teacher education 8621 broadcast media school computers in education 8619 critical thinking & reflective practices management strategies in educational institutions 8624 8629 management and safety methods laboratory organization course code 8626 educational technolgy 8622 non-broadcast media computer teacher 8611 8607 8625 critical thinking teaching practice- i observation report writing-86 8615 8620 8626 students education and training unit 8 unit 9 cai traing instructional media course code 8621 (case studies) reflective practices best practices management strategies secondary education training of secondary school teachers unit 6 unit 5 economics of higher education chi-square independence test chi-square (x2) goodness-of-fit test the chi-square distribution inferential statistics: chi square (x2) introduction to analysis of variance (anova) the f-distribution p-value regression the pearson correlation the spearman correlation correlation anova correlation and regression t-test hypothesis testing importance of inferential statistics in research introduction to inferential statistics co-efficient of variation normal curve measures of dispersion median mean descriptive statistics: measures of central tenden pie chart box plot scatter plot cumulative frequency polygon or ogive frequency polygon histograms pictograms bar chart exploratory data analysis statistical graphics level of measuremen variable and data variable introduction to statistics laboratory techniques management of science laboratories practical science in low-income countries laboratory design aims goals and objectives of laboratory work eduction role of computer in education computer applications in content areas cml computer managed learning computer assisted instruction introduction to computer tools and packages used for cai unit 4 prospects and future teacher education problems student teacher education in pakistan teacher education and challenges of 21st century teacher education : a comparative perspective unit 7 teacher competencies and role of educational techn structure and curriculum of teacher education introducation to teacher education unit 3 development of teacher education in pakistan theories of instruction the nature of educational technology in learning new trends in educational technology organization and management of educational media day 4 developing educational objectives day 2 learning and developing educational objectives educational technology in learning and developing communication and planning - production of instru 8619 day 5 production of instructional materials communication and planning planning and management of the non- broadcast medi production of teaching aids (unit 7) production of teaching aids teaching machines and programmed learning (unit 6) reprographic equipment (unit 5) teaching aids ii teaching aids i teaching aids i (unit 4) introducation of distance education and non-broadc he choice of media (unit 2) semester 2 radio producation in the broadcast media radio producation problems involved in implementation of the broadc personnelof the broadcast media evaluation of the broadcast media production for tv role of educational radio (case studies) role of educational radio role of educational tv (case studies) introduction to broadcast media 2021 workshop introduction planning and management of broadcast media planning and management reflective practice communities of practice and knowledge tools and techniques of critical thinking and refl reflective & critical writing action research reflective cycle-unit 5-aiou teaching strategies to promote critical thinking reflective practices- critical theory and pedagogy critical theory introduction to critical thinking observation report writing teaching practice management strategies in educational institutions- change management tools of educational management application of technological tools of management data driven instructional management-8615 quality management organizational behavior management performance management strategic and operational management-8615 history secomdary education types of schools at secondary level organizational structure of secondary education secondary education in pakistan seconday education in comparative perspective evaluation evaluation at secondary level concept of curriculum significance and objectives of secondary education aspects assessment in higher education higher education in developing countries features of higher education in development countr economics
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