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Published in: Science
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  1. 1. PRESENTATION RESHMA .B.S KUCTE,kumarapuram
  2. 2. MOTION
  3. 3. SPEED
  5. 5. DISTANCE
  6. 6. TIME
  7. 7. SPEED • The distance travelled by an object in unit time is its speed
  8. 8. Formula : Speed = Distance travelled Time taken
  9. 9. FORMULAE & UNIT • Since the formula is Speed = Distance Time Then the unit for Speed must be a unit of distance divided by a unit of time. . For example km/h m/s
  10. 10. RELATIONS • By knowing any of the 2 variables , you can solve for the third. Distance = Speed * time Time = Distance Speed Speed = Distance Time
  11. 11. Uniform Speed • If an object travels equal distances in equal intervals of time the object has uniform speed • Eg: The Movement of hand of a clock
  12. 12. Non-Uniform Speed • If the distance travel by an object during equal intervals of time is unequal, then the object has non uniform speed. • Eg: A ball rolling on the ground
  13. 13. Average Speed • If the distance covered in different intervals of time, in such situation we have to mentioned the speed in terms of average speed. • Average Speed = Total Distance travelled Total Time Taken
  14. 14. THANK YOU