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test shots


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test shots

Published in: Art & Photos
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test shots

  1. 1. I have used these photos in my test shots because they contain outfits music artists in my magazine are likely to wear. In the pictures above there are many elegant and fashionable dresses. The music artists that appear in my magazine will be of a very high status, be very wealthy and have a lot of class. Therefore they are likely to be wearing an outfit like the dresses above, as they will be celebrity musicians who are well-dressed and wear expensive clothing to show their power, style and importance. These outfits are also very eye-catching and will stand out to readers.
  2. 2. I have used these photos of makeup, shoes and a clutch-bag in my test shots because they are high-fashion and glamorous items that celebrities in a magazine are likely to featured with. The makeup shown above (the nails, makeup brushes and eye-shadows) is makeup I am likely to use on my model, when getting her ready for the photo-shoot. As well as these products being used on the model, they are also likely to be mentioned separately in the magazine too. For example, they are products that are likely to appear in a section of ‘celebrities must haves’ in my magazine, to show the music artist featured is a fashion icon. The bag and shoes were photographed, as they also are very fashionable accessorizes that my model will wear and items that could also appear in the magazine in the ‘latest fashion’ sector. These items are also very eye-catching and girly so will stand out to female readers.
  3. 3. These music props were used in my test shots because they are music instruments which will massively connote that my magazine is a music magazine. The two guitars and the key board that have been photographed are likely to been used as a feature of Mise-en-scene in my photos taken for the magazine pages. Using these musical instruments will make sure that my magazine is recognized as a music magazine and not mistaken as a fashion magazine to readers, as a small fashion sector will be featured inside the magazine. In the test shots, the guitars have been placed with necklaces and perfumes. This is because my model will be photographed as an up-to- date and fashionable music artist, who is very unique, so photographing them with music instruments that are fashionably decorated, gives a contrast of both fashion and music together.
  4. 4. These photos above that were used in my test shots are all photos that I have taken myself at a Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake music concert. I felt that they were appropriate to add into the test shots because Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake are strong music influences, who are most likely to be mentioned in my magazine. Not only that, but my magazine will also feature a section on music concert reviews and have a chance to win concert tickets. Therefore, these are the type of images you are likely to see in my music magazine.
  5. 5. A photo of my model who will be photographed as a music artist in my magazine is present in the test shots. This because it gives a preview of who she is and shows her appearance. I have chosen her as my model because she is female and I wanted to have a powerful and influential female artist on the front cover of my magazine. I have also chosen her as she is in the same age group as my target audience, and will represent and convey a modern day female music artist well. This image also shows that she is very photogenic, therefore will be perfect for my pictures.