Velocity Graphs


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Velocity graphs for Year 10 Science

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Velocity Graphs

  1. 1. DISTANCE-TIME GRAPHS X t X t X t A steep line indicates a fast speed A shallow graph indicates a slow speed A flat line indicates zero speed, the object is stationary
  2. 2. DISTANCE-TIME GRAPHS Velocity = 10 m/s The gradient of a distance-time graph = velocity rise run gradient = rise run = 20m 2s = 10
  3. 3. VELOCITY-TIME GRAPHS V t V t V t Speed increasing Speed decreasing Constant speed
  4. 4. VELOCITY-TIME GRAPHS Distance travelled = 125 m The area under a velocity-time graph = distance travelled area = b x h 2 = 5 x 50 2 = 125
  5. 5. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES AND STANDARD UNITS PROPERTY SYMBOL UNIT SYMBOL distance x metres m time t seconds s speed velocity v metres per second m/s ms -1 acceleration a metres per second per second m/s 2 ms -2 mass m kilograms kg force F newtons N energy E joules J