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PRINCE2 Process Model


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Ashish Dhoke lead consultant at ProjectingIT presents the PRINCE2 Project Management Processes and Process model chart.

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PRINCE2 Process Model

  1. 1. The PRINCE2 Processes the  chronology  of  activities projectingIT PRINCE2 Pre-course readingFriday 8 February 13
  2. 2. in this session... The SEVEN processes of PRINCE2 The anatomy of a process The project journey An overview of each process 2 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  3. 3. the PRINCE2 processes PRINCE2 is a process-based approach for project management 3 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  4. 4. a process is... a structured set of activities designed to accomplish a specific objective. 4 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  5. 5. the PRINCE2 processes There are SEVEN processes in PRINCE2, which provide the set of activities required to direct, manage and deliver a project 5 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  6. 6. the 7 PRINCE2 processes Starting up a Project Closing a Directing a Project Project Managing Initiating a a Stage Project Boundary Managing Controlling Product a Stage Delivery 6 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  7. 7. The process users Project   oard Project   B Ma nager Team   Man ager 7 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  8. 8. MANAGE BY STAGES Principles t is pl a n ne d , R INCE2 p ro je c AP le d o n a d and c o n t ro l m o n i t o re y-s t ag e b asis s t age -b 8 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  9. 9. A Management Stage... - is a partition of the project - provides review and decision points - PM delivers one management stage at a time - supports the Manage by Stages principle 9 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  10. 10. there MUST be at least... ...TWO management stages. INITIATION [plan the project] DELIVERY [execute the plan] 10 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  11. 11. Divide the delivery stage... ....into more number of management stages based on the project risks and complexity INITIATION Stage 1 Delivery Stage 2 Delivery Stage 3 Delivery Stage 4 11 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  12. 12. The project journey Initiation Subsequent Final delivery Pre-Project Stage delivery stage(s) stage The Processes defines the activities, responsibility and templates for pre-project and each of the management stage of the project 12 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  13. 13. Pre-project -> Before initiation stage -> Determine feasibility -> Identify stakeholders Initiation Stage 2 Final Stage -> Define objectives -> Ensure justification 13 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  14. 14. the INITIATION stage -> Prepare strategies -> Develop plans Pre-Project -> Define controls Stage 2 Final Stage -> Obtain funding -> Refine Business Case 14 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  15. 15. Sub-sequent delivery stages -> Deliver products -> Monitor progress Pre-Project Initiation Final Stage -> Control -> Check viability 15 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  16. 16. Final stage -> Project acceptance -> Hand-over Pre-Project Initiation Stage 2 -> Evaluate performance -> Lessons 16 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  17. 17. The project journey Initiation Subsequent Final delivery Pre-Project Stage delivery stage(s) stage Directing Directing a Project SU SB SB CP Managing IP Controlling a Stage Controlling a Stage Delivering Managing Product Delivery Managing Product Delivery 17 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  18. 18. The Anatomy of a process inputs Activities outputs 18 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  19. 19. Each Process has a... => a Purpose => an Objective => List of Activities => Inputs => Outputs => Responsibilities 19 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  20. 20. Inputs the ingredients 20 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  21. 21. Activities > Each process has defined set of activities > Activity defines the work to do > Defined set of responsibility for each activity > Activity takes an input and creates an output > Appendix A provides a template for the output 21 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  22. 22. Outputs are the... Project Plan PID Risk Register End Project Report During stage 2, there were total 6 risks, 3 were external and ...... the risks related to cost was escalated to corporate by the Executive as .... ...the Management Products ProcessesFriday 8 February 13 22
  23. 23. the SEVEN processes... >> St arting up a Proje ct (SU) >> Di re ct ing a Proje ct (DP) >> In iti at ing a Proje ct (IP ) >> Co nt ro lli ng a St age (C S) >> M an ag ing Produc t De liver y (M P) >> M an ag ing a St age Bo un da ry (SB) >> Cl os ing a Proje ct (CP) 23 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  24. 24. Integrating processes... DP DP DP SB CS CP SU SB CS DP MP IP MP > the output of one process becomes an input to the next process > defined sequence of processes 24 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  25. 25. Mandate the Project Journey... Starting up a Directing a Project Project Initiating a Managing a Stage Boundary Closing a Project Project Controlling a Stage Managing Product Delivery 25 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  26. 26. Starting up a Project This process describes the project feasibility work to be done by the Project Manager, Project Board and Corporate, prior to project initiation to ensure the project is Project justified and viable Brief 26 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  27. 27. Directing a Project This process describes the work to be done by the Project Board to provide management control, governance and Decisions. direction to the project Approvals. Authorizations. 27 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  28. 28. Initiating a Project This process describes the detailed planning work to be done by the Project Manager to prepare project strategies and define how the project will be Pro je ct Ini t i monitored and controlled Do c u at io n me n t at io n 28 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  29. 29. Controlling a Stage This process describes the day- to-day work to be done by the Project Manager to monitor and Register control one management stage and deliver the stage within the Re p orts Logs agreed tolerances Work Package 29 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  30. 30. Managing Product Delivery This process describes the work to be done by the Team Manager to plan, execute and deliver the specialist Pla n Re p ort products of the project Pro duc t s 30 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  31. 31. Managing a Stage Boundary This process describes the work to be done by the Project Manager at the end of each management stage, except the final stage, to Re p ort Pla review the project progress and n plan the next stage Register P ID 31 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  32. 32. Closing a Project This process describes the work to be done by the Project Manager during the final stage of the project, to obtain acceptance, Re p ort hand-over products and to evaluate Lessons how the project was delivered 32 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  33. 33. Process vs. Themes Theme s support the activities within a process by providing more information about the activity Process > Starting up a Project Activity > Prepare an outline Business Case Theme > Business Case <<the theme provides information about who, what, why and how of the Business Case>> 33 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13
  34. 34. Process vs. Principles Process es support principles by defining activit ies and outputs that implement a PRINCE2 principle Process > Starting up a Project Activity > prepare an outline Business Case Principle > Continued Business Justification 34 ProcessesFriday 8 February 13