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Intranet systems beyond SharePoint


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Due to different reasons, many organisations look for alternatives to SharePoint as intranet platform. This presentation will cover the most typical intranet scenarios and most typical competing systems for them. The presentation will analyze the market from the perspective of Scandinavia and will cover systems like Liferay, Confluence, EPiServer, Alfresco, etc.

Key questions:

What are the most common WCMS and portal systems that are challenging SharePoint in the areas where SharePoint is weak?

In what kind of situations you should question SharePoint as being the default choice for intranet? How to make that argument and also offer strong alternatives?

What are the key differentiators between systems? Eg. language management, document management, search capabilities.

Where is the WCMS market going? Can we expect more competitors to SharePoint in the future?

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Intranet systems beyond SharePoint

  1. 1. Intranet systems beyond SharePoint – overview of the best alternatives 2014-05-21 / intranätverk 2014 / Gothenburg, Sweden Perttu Tolvanen, Web & CMS Expert, @perttutolvanen …in Scandinavia
  2. 2. © 2014 North Patrol Oy2 Advisor for web & intranet renewals - Vendor-neutral CMS consultants - Helsinki-based, but most clients operate in Northern Europe / Scandinavia / Russia - CMS selections and partner selections for large projects - Founded 2012, growing
  3. 3. Agenda North Patrol Oy 20143 Overview of the most typical intranet concepts Differences that have an effect on system selection Main challengers for SharePoint in each scenario
  4. 4. “The big picture” North Patrol Oy 2014 HR systems (Oracle, SAP, etc) Intranet News, guidelines, phonebook, important documents, search Phonebook / people profiles ERP (SAP & others) (+ other line of business systems) CRM Partner extranets WebsitesCustomer extranets eCommerce Custom apps Document management & project sites
  5. 5. Most typical concepts and systems 1) Social publishing - Traditional intranets (1.0) with social features - Document management and teamwork is mostly done using other tools and intranet is mainly seen as a communication tool - Added complexity from multilanguage management or having complex organizational structure and/or shared operations in different countries 2) Complex social publishing 3) Management portal concept - Intranet is also a place to view business reports collected from different systems - Employees can have limited access to different 3rd party systems through intranet 4) Social publishing & teamwork 5) Social publishing & teamwork & document management - Intranet is also the place for teams to discuss projects and share information. - Profile pages are seen as ”employee’s dashboard” and a place to start their work - Document management is seen as key feature. - Besides managing important documents the intranet should be the main place for reviewing, editing and sharing project documents.
  6. 6. Summary © 2014 North Patrol Oy6 1. If your intranet is fairly traditional you have a lot of good options. Most web content management tools can work very well. If you want a more specialized tool, then systems like Atlassian Confluence or dedicated intranet products (like Interact or Igloo or local ones) should be evaluated. Many dedicated products are not very cheap though, but many of them do offer great collaboration environments (unfortunately just without proper document management). 2. If you need good multilanguage management you should probably choose a tool like EPiServer since SharePoint doesn’t work very well for complex multilanguage/region scenarios. 3. The more complex your organization is, and the more targeted/profiled/personalized features you want, the less you probably benefit from SharePoint. EPiServer and many portal tools are often better for truly complex scenarios. 4. For example, if you absolutely need to have an intranet front page that every user can personalize you should look into portals like Liferay and forget other choices. 5. If you absolutely need document management and team sites inside the intranet you don’t have many alternatives for SharePoint. Alfresco is often chosen (great Office integration), but it isn’t that great in publishing features (it is often combined with Liferay for this reason). Currently, Office integration is the main problem for most alternatives (eg. for Huddle, IBM).
  7. 7. North Patrol Oy 20147 Thank you. - Slides will be available on SlideShare - Twitter: @perttutolvanen and @NorthPatrol - -