Starbucks Secret Menu!


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The drinks they didn't want you to know about! :)
Recipes to create your own special franken-drinks by combining ingredients in unique ways.

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Starbucks Secret Menu!

  2. The Zebra Mocha Recipe: Half regular, half white chocolate mocha Verdict: Better than the normal mocha... It's like a war between bitter and sweet.
  3. The Cap'n Crunch-Berry Frappaccino Recipe: Strawberries and Cream Frappaccino with a pump of Toffee and Hazelnut syrups Verdict: Won’t make one’s list of regulars... But it kinda does taste like Cap'n Crunch...
  4. The Nutella Recipe: Cafe Misto with 2 pumps of chocolate, of hazelnut, and of caramel Verdict: Tastes good... Not really like Nutella though... Experiment with the number of pumps...
  5. The Bootleg Brûlée Recipe: White mocha with 2 pumps of toffee nut syrup and caramel drizzle Verdict: Favorite! It really tastes like a creme brûlée. Kinda sweet, though…
  6. Banana Creme Pie Frappaccino Recipe: Vanilla Bean Frappacino with 2 pumps of hazelnut and vanilla syrups and a banana, whipped cream on top Verdict: AWESOME! But expensive at $6. A must try!
  7. Thin Mint Frappaccino Recipe: Green Tea Frappacino with java chips and 2 pumps of mocha and peppermint syrups Verdict: Doesn't look pretty, but tastes good. Slight tea aftertaste is a bit weird.
  8. Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe: White Mocha with 2 pumps of raspberry Verdict: It's good. Different. Not overly sweet. Doesn't really taste like cheesecake, but gets the essence of it.
  9. Marble Mocha Macchiato Recipe: Made like the Caramel Macchiato but with a white chocolate base (instead of vanilla) and mocha drizzle (instead of caramel) Verdict: Good stuff. Especially if you don't want something overly sweet but with a twist. The mocha drizzle on top gives you just enough chocolate.
  10. S'Mores Frappaccino Recipe: Java Chip Frappaccino, 2 pumps Cinnamon Dolce syrup, 2 pumps Toffee Nut syrup, whipped cream blended in, and topped with whipped cream and Cinnamon Dolce sprinkles Verdict: This. Is. Amazing. I wish it wasn't so complicated to order because I'd get it all the time. Really tastes s'mores-e.
  11. Verdict: Tastes Twix-like. Needs more caramel. It's just okay... Good... Just nothing special. Twix Frappaccino Recipe: Caramel frappuccino with extra caramel, 2 pumps hazelnut syrup. Java chips and whipped cream blended in. Topped off with mocha drizzle.
  12. Paul Gordon Brown @paulgordonbrown