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Assignment 22


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Assignment 22

  1. 1. Assignment 22: Structure Timeline Pamela Younes Jodie Foster-Pilia Abigail Menzies Laura Cuk
  2. 2. Pre-Planning Topic Role play Adventure Purpose Action YES or NO Yes because, role play games, are the most popular within are target audience due to the fact that role play enables you to create a virtual character of yourself whereby you are able to act in accordance to every day life. therefore we wanted to educate people regardingplayers arethat role play adventure No, because not as many the effect interested in games can games due to the fact that they are usually for a younger audience, therefore our target audience would become niche instead of mass. No, because it will be difficult to talk about this particular category of video gaming because it would be quite limited when it comes to information No, because there are a variety of action video games that can also come under the wide classification of role play games.
  3. 3. Pre-Planning • Which episode in the series will this be? ! This will be the first episode in the series. This episode will be engaging to our audience, as it has to capture their attention as it will the first of a series of episodes.
  4. 4. Timeline – 2 Minute Montage DRAFT
  5. 5. Timeline – 1 Minute Introduction DRAFT
  6. 6. Timeline – 2 Minute Development DRAFT
  7. 7. Timeline – 2 Minute Development DRAFT
  8. 8. Timeline – 2 Minute Montage 00:05 – 00:20 00:00 – 00:05 Open with interview from experiment where the interview would mention an interesting point where it would engage the audience Cutaway to different video games (GTA, Tomb raider, last of us, SIMS, assassins creed, COD). While there’s voiceover explaining how representation, technology and genre affects video games audience ! “in this documentary we will be exploring how audience are effected by the advancement of technology, the representation of gender and ethnicity and the different video games” 00:20 – 00:30 Cutaways to different clips there will be a dissolve transition with a voiceover from the presenter ! Role playing games like GTA have become more realistic over the years this leads to the effects of video game addiction 00:30 – 00:40 Different images showing different gender and age groups playing on the video games ! There would be a voiceover explaining that all ages and genders play on the video games are also effected 00:40 – 00:55 Public interviews to find out there opinions about male representation in the video games
  9. 9. Timeline – 2 Minute Montage 01:10 – 01:25 00:55 – 01:10 Different clips of video games such as GTA/Assassins Creed. And how there location reinforces negative stereotypes with voiceovers from the presenter saying… ! “location in video games like GTA/ Assassins Creed mentally affect its players as it causes them to believe gang crime is associated with America whereas the middle eastern location in Assassins Creed can be associated with terrorism Clips on different people playing game platforms such as Xbox, P l a y S t a t i o n , P S P, N i n t e n d o voiceover explains that the wide range or platforms is more likely to lead to addiction ! “the desire platforms ensures more people are playing video games ultimately leading to addiction 01:25 – 01:35 Cutaway to expert interview with a doctor explaining how video games addiction can effect players both long term and short term such as laziness and aggressiveness 01:35 – 01:55 The positive information about using video games such as an experiment found about that there are specific games to cure cancer and specific games such as Wii-fit being active ! There are fun games which can be easier to understand as it a fun way to learn such as brain age and learning new stuff such as how to cook like a video game called cooking mama 01:35 – 02:00 The title of the show
  10. 10. Timeline – 1 Minute Introduction 00:00 – 00:10 • Presenter introduces episode by saying… • “In this episode we will be learning about the representation of female and male roles in role playing video games. • Presenter will also mention the different platforms that are in our convenience as an audience, i.e. iPads. • Also there will be a discussion about the physical and mental effects of role play video games. 00:10 – 00:15 00:15 – 00:22 • Archival photographs for both genders. For example for female video games, we will be showing an archival photo of Tomb Raider because this particular video game challenges the stereotype of female representati on. • Presenter then discusses the physical and mental effects of video games on both genders. ! • A male video game we chose to show is ! • The presenter will also introduce the experiments that we will conduct in terms of the physicality and mentality effects that role play video games have on different genders, age, ethnicity. 00:22 – 00:25 • These experiments of physicality and mentality will be documented as quick images and shown after the presenter introduces the experiments. ! • The images of the experiments 00:25 – 00:30 • After the action of the experiments there will be statistics to shows the results of these experiments. • For example there will be a black screen then animation of pie charts or graphs of these results. 00:30 – 00:35 • Presenter will mention ‘After our discoveries from our experiments we then conducted an interview with an expert to view his opinion about the physical and mental effects of video games…’
  11. 11. Timeline – 1 Minute Introduction 00:35 – 00:45 • There will be a mid shot of the expert being interviewed. • • The expert will be seated at their desk / job explaining how can role play video affect us positively and negatively. 00:45 – 00:48 00:48 – 00:50 00:50 – 00:55 • After the interview, we will cut to the presenter who introduces the next subtopic about the platforms of technology and the convenience these platforms are for consumers. • Transition of wipe right applied after interview to move to different topic. • Voice over highlighting the particular platforms of technology for role play video games that have a high consumption level and are more convenient for customer consumption. ! • There will be some archival footage of the advancement of technological platforms for using role play video games. 00:55 – 1:00 • Presenter explains what audience we shall be targeting our product at. ! • ‘Our audience for our documentary will be for a mass audience, relatable to both genders.
  12. 12. Timeline – 2 Minute Development 00:00 – 00:15 Presenter introduces subtopic ‘stereotypes & gender representation’ Presenter says: • “We will be exploring the negative and positive gender stereotypes in roleplaying games” • “And how these stereotypes have been reinforced, challenged and changed. Range of shots/ angles in match on action 00:15 – 00:35 Cutaway to archival photos of the covers of video games (such as GTA 5, Tomb Raider, Last Of Us) of how women are presented Voiceover of the presenter saying: • Recent games like ‘The last of us’ allow a female teenager to be the main protagonist without being objectified” • “Whereas games like the GTA series continue to sexualise women by allowing their to be prostitutes and strippers in the game ” • “over the years the portrayal of women has changed for both the better and the worst 00:35 – 00:45 Cutaway back to presenter who introduces with an expert interview with sociologist Presenter says: • Earlier we caught up with a sociologist who explained how gender representation in video games affect players 00:45– 01:10 Cut to scene of sociologist discussing the effects of gender representation on players While the sociologist is talking there will be cutaways of a child playing role play games Cutaways of archival footage of the games that the sociologist refers to Blue font = Presenter’s dialogue Orange font = Camera shots/angles and editing aspects Green font = Names of video games
  13. 13. Timeline – 2 Minute Development 01:10 – 01:20 Cut back to presenter who introduces an experiment (this includes 4 people of different age, gender & ethnicity playing 2 different video games (GTA 5 and Last Of Us) to see how their emotions differ after playing Presenter says: •“We did an experiment on 4 people who play 2 different games to show how video games can affect us mentally in a positive and negative way” 01:20 – 01:40 Cut to experiment scene There will be a 5 sec clip of each player playing the video game 01:40 – 02:10 Cut to interview with each player explaining how the game they played made them feel There will be titles to introduce each player and the game they’re playing i.e. Mark, 15, British Game: GTA V Blue font = Presenter’s dialogue Orange font = Camera shots/angles and editing aspects Green font = Names of video games