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Fianl draft ancillary location etc


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Fianl draft ancillary location etc

  1. 1. Final: Ancillary Locations, Actors, Costume & Props Pamela Younes Abigail Menzies Jodie Foster Pilia Laura Cuk
  2. 2. Locations • We took pictures of Laura and pam outside lauras house for the newspaper advert this is lauras house Convent of jesus and mary • We took a picture of pam inside of school for our double page spread
  3. 3. Actors
  4. 4. Costume - advert Pam Laura • holister shorts, pink belly top, and river island heels! • already purchased • black shorts, black vest top and doc martens! • already purchased
  5. 5. Costume - double page spread Pamela grey hoodie - borrowed from laura Blue skinny jeans - already owned
  6. 6. Props These props were used in the double page spread