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OCT 11 - Music Video - Casting Call


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Friday OCT 11 - Music Video - Casting Call
No monetary compensation
Little to no experience necessary

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OCT 11 - Music Video - Casting Call

  1. 1. © 2013 Deuce Deuce Music 2 Roman Recordings & Productions Actor Requirements Project: Music Video for “Redzone” by Deuce II Deuce
  2. 2. Song: “Redzone” – Deuce II Deuce Projected Shooting Date: October 11th, 2013 Setting: Butler Bowl; House Party; Indianapolis ACTOR REQUIREMENTS: These are the requirements for the key roles in the “Redzone” music video shoot. They must be willing to listen attentively to the director on set and act out scenes to the best of their ability. Actors filling these roles are encouraged to have fun and express their personalities on camera, but will need to follow direction so that scenes will go smoothly and stay as true as possible to what's written in the script. Be prepared for improvisation. Shots, scenes, situations and even character roles are subject to change. There are a few specific requirements/characteristics we need for each of the different key roles. The number to the side of these descriptions represents how many actors we will need for each part. **As incentive for participation and cooperation, each actor will receive a signed hard copy of the Deuce II Deuce album “The Holidays”. -Female Football Players: (18) These are the most important roles, and will be the most demanding. Actors in these parts must be willing to be active, will be required to run, jump, fall, tackle, and be tackled to simulate some degree of athleticism in the video. This role will also require a sense of discipline as you will be coached and directed by a football specialist. We're looking to fill these roles with a group diverse in size, race, and ability. During filming, positive attitude is a must as well as the ability to play/act like you're playing football for a few hours. What you are expected to bring: • Athletic Shoes • Scrunchies/Headbands (whatever you prefer to put hair up) • Solid T-Shirt either RED and/or BLACK -Black Team's Coach: (male) (1) The actor that plays this role needs to be able to make and keep straight, stern facial expressions, and portray anger and authority and intimidation. Things you should bring:
  3. 3. • Polo Shirt (black) • Baseball Cap (black) • Gym Shoes -Red Team's Coach: (female) (1) This girl will impersonate a drunken male in a mocking way. Goofier the better. Funnier the better. Wardrobe will be provided. -Wear tennis shoes. -Referee: (male) (1) The actor who plays the Referee needs to have moderate football knowledge (our football specialist will coach you through), and the ability to run up and down the field. Things you should bring: • Black Gym Shoes • Black Cap -Crowd, Fans, Game Spectators/Partiers: (10-50) This role will be the least demanding and easiest to play. All we need from the spectators is enthusiasm. You'll be asked to act out certain cheers and express disappointment when necessary. This group will essentially be having a huge party on the sideline while the game is happening. Things you should bring: • Signs • Fan toys • Foam Fingers • Beer
  4. 4. • Twirlers • Body/Facial Paint • Horns -Party Goers/Extras: We will need as many party extras, as possible. The more the merrier. This role will require that you have fun and act crazy during the event of a simulated party. The role is open to all. Certain party relevant situations will be asked to be carried out by a handful of extras, so good listeners and fast learners are more likely to end up in scenes used in the final cut of the project. - Bring anything you feel necessary. Contact: Kahlil Draper @ 708.341.9481