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2 Location, costume, actors and props


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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2 Location, costume, actors and props

  1. 1. Draft 2 Documentary: Location, Costume, Actors & Props Pamela Younes Abigail Menzies Jodie Foster Pilia Laura Cuk
  2. 2. Locations Convent of Jesus and Mary School, we used this to film our experiment interview Park Royal - this is where we got our public interviews Hyde Park is where we carried out the presenter scenes Pam’s House to introduce the experiment
  3. 3. Presenter Costume Grey Hollister jacket, already purchased Light brown Uggs, already purchased True Religion Jeans, Already Purchased Dark Green Jumper, Already Purchased
  4. 4. Actors Presenter Before Presenter after in chosen costume
  5. 5. Props we used the iPad while the presenter was presenting these 2 games were used in the experiment the participants had to use controllers to play the video games