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Sound analysis


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Sound analysis

  1. 1. Pamela Younes
  2. 2. The hunger games – Girl on fire I watched this clip and wanting to analyse the sound used. I will talk about what kind of sounds was played on this clip. Also the background sound.
  3. 3. Non-diegetic sound In this scene katniss could not hear what the interviewer was saying because of her nerves But the audience was able to here it. This would be non-diegetic
  4. 4. Volume control At the beginning of the clip the volume was very low as she couldn’t hear anything also because of her nerves. It was almost an echoic sound
  5. 5. Dialogue (speech & language) Near the end, the interviewer had a sympathetic tone as he asked a question about her sister He had that tone as he was asking a question about her sister and how she went in her sisters place
  6. 6. Ambient sound This would be background sound in diegesis But they wouldn’t be in the field of vision In this case it was the sound of cheering but the camera doesn’t show the people cheering.
  7. 7. Sound bridge Where sound continues across one or more cuts the camera would not be on the character talking it would shoot other characters/objects but the voice of the character/object still carries on When katniss turns around we can hear the interviewer talking but the camera is on katniss instead.
  8. 8. Sound perspective When we can tell if the sound is placed either near or far or coming from particular places. We can hear different sound perspectives from he audience near and far. We would be able to tell that there are loads of people as we can tell from the distance when thy cheer.
  9. 9. Sound effects They have edited the sound effects of the echo’s when the interview was speaking. As we wouldn’t be able to hear how other people would be hearing, so they have fixed that as if she cannot hear anything, the volume would be very low, and echoic (naturalistic)
  10. 10. Sound effect & Foley When the dress turns around and makes a swoosh sounds (un-naturalistic) The sound of the fire (naturalistic) would also be sound effects and Foley to hear the sound of fire on her dress