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Blog analysis


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Blog analysis

  1. 1. BLOG ANALYSISAssignment #2Pamela Younes
  2. 2. WORKING ON GRADE C – EVALUATING 2BLOGS I looked at: In my opinion her blogger was great! Because she has included many pictures which shows evidence and has included videos. Also, she has included many posts. What I think she should improve is on the appearance more with more colour etc which makes people want to looks at it. I will look at her blog in more detail...
  3. 3. WWW – WHAT WENT WELL  She was able to post her power points She was able to upload a video which proves shee is able to use her it skills. She was also able to talk about the video she uploaded this was good because it would introduce the video to us so we are able to understand the video a bit more.
  4. 4.  I liked how she was able to research more than one opening scene so when it comes to filming she would have a clear understanding on how she would film her 2 min video. However she also included every single detail that was on that video as her research. Ive watched her final video and it was completely different to her first idea which shows that she has improved from all the drafts. And by drafting a lot and researching a lot it would change the story completely. Which is good.
  5. 5.  It was good how she uploaded pictures of them filming which shows proof that they were filming it and not copied. It was also good that she was taking care of her bloggers appearance by adding that picture in the background.
  6. 6. EBI – EVEN BETTER IF  it would of been better if she was focussing on the colour because its hard to read.  it would of been better if she made the image a bit bigger when uploading so it can be more clear and it would of been presented better
  7. 7.  it would of been better if she read over her posts because her sentence doesnt make since.
  8. 8. THE SECOND BLOGGER THAT I WAS ANALYSING I looked at: I really like how she was taking care of her bloggers appearance. Also she has even included many post, images and videos. It would of been better if the background wasnt black and the writing was white because the white really stands out and it can hurt the audiences eyes. I will look at her blogger in more detail...
  9. 9. WWW – WHAT WENT WELL  Shows evidence that they have filmed the film.  Has taken good care for her presentation
  10. 10.  She has uploaded a PowerPoint successfully and has written about it so the PowerPoint can be more clearer Was researching for story boards and how to create them so they have a stronger understanding on how to draw one and by doing this they would make it better.
  11. 11. EBI – EVEN BETTER IF  It would of been better if the background colour wasnt black because the blue is not clear enough or hard to see and also the white coloured text  However the white coloured font is clear but its too bright to read and it would hurt the eyes.
  12. 12. COMPARING BOTH BLOGS...Similarities DifferencesThey both included post, photos, Maria has included more videos asvideos etc her research for the opening senseThey took care of there Abigail has included more photospresentation and has included an while filmingimage in the backgroundHas included many drafts and Abigail has made the backgroundtalked about them colour black when Maria made it white Abigail included a video on how to make a story board to improve her understanding Maria has more posts and was explaining more and updated more which can prove her commitment to her work