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Assignment 8


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Assignment 8

  2. 2. IDENTIFY AND EXPLAIN TODOROV’S THEORY INRELATION TO A FILMThe film that I will chose is called mean girls.Trevor suggested there are 5 stages of narrative : Equilibrium (or normality) Disequilibrium (conflict / disruption of equilibrium by action or event) Recognition of disequilibrium (disruption / conflict) Attempt to repair disequilibrium New equilibrium (new normality)
  3. 3. EQUILIBRIUM  Everything was normal before ‘Cady’ came to the new school  Everyone was in their social groups  Regina was the most popular one out of Karen and Gretchen
  4. 4. DISEQUILIBRIUM Everything started to change when Cady joined the group And starts to destroy Regina by giving her chocolate bars (Cady told Regina they were to make her turn skinnier but that was a lie) Also giving her the wrong cream to use on her face
  5. 5. RECOGNITION OF DISEQUILIBRIUM  Regina found out she was gaining weight from the chocolate bars.  She photocopied the burn book and put them around the school blaming Cady  The whole school was fighting as they found out what people have been calling them  Regina was hit by the bus and Cady was blamed.
  6. 6. ATTEMPT TO REPAIR DISEQUILIBRIUM  After the fight with the school each person would have to confess what they did wrong and also apologize  They would have to fall into a group of crowd to gain their trust, that they would catch each other
  7. 7. NEW EQUILIBRIUM Cady starts all over again, goes to maths competition and won All 4 girls, Regina, Karen , Gretchen and Cady didn’t care about popularity and 3 new girls became popular Also Cady confessed about everything and she didn’t care about popularity, nor clothes just education
  8. 8. LEVI STRAUSS He believed that our world is described in opposites. This would mean that, when the audience would look at a theme within a story and real life we would notice that they would have differences within them for example; Night / day Good / bad Dark / light Male / female
  9. 9. THINK OF OPPOSITES IN A VARIETY OF GENRESAND GIVE EXAMPLES FROM FILMSACTION ….Film Hero Villain ExplanationSpider man Spider man saving MJ Destroys the City spider man saves innocent people that have been the victim and the green goblin would destroy the city
  10. 10. THINK OF OPPOSITES IN A VARIETY OF GENRESAND GIVE EXAMPLES FROM FILMSSI-FI ….Film innocence Violation ExplanationHunger games The people in the district He was the one that made People have been mainly Katniss and Peeta it up and sacrificing forced to go try and peoples lives stay the first one surviving, and the violation comes from the person who made this up
  11. 11. THINK OF OPPOSITES IN A VARIETY OF GENRESAND GIVE EXAMPLES FROM FILMSFilm human supernatural ExplanationParanormal Katie and Micah are The demon is There were normal normal human beings supernatural his shadow people andactivity on the door you cannot supernatural, where see him Micah and Katie are humans and the supernatural is the demon