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App Appeal


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Dan Alexander, NEKLS presentation on essential iOS Apps for Productivity, Connecting, Education, Creativity, and Entertainment

Published in: Technology
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App Appeal

  1. 1. Video not included, please see Evernote website
  2. 2. Video not included, please see Evernote website
  3. 3. Dropbox is alist with Dropbox for iPhoneIf you need to access files, keep filesThe feature superbly implemented,cloud-based, automatic, file-all way toprivate or simply want an easy kinds ofis impressive: You can viewsynchronization service your PCs andshare content between thats ideal fordocuments—Word documents, Excelworking withwithout syncing, Dropboxyour phone files you can store in aspreadsheets, PowerPointsingleessential an folder.presentations—not to mention browsephotos and watch videos.
  4. 4. Control your PC to your remote computer, With full access or Mac directly from youryou can use your PC/Macyou have Wi-Fi ormobile device. Wherever applications from3G, you can remotely control you go, even your iPad/iPhone wherever your computer asproprietary business applications. it. if you were sitting right in front of
  5. 5. It’s Your Personal Recordable Whiteboard• Captures Voice & Handwriting• Add Photos from Camera or Library• Create Easy Animations• Share Created Videos Online
  6. 6. Your iPad is an Interactive Whiteboard• Control your Windows 7 or Mac PC• Stream Flash Videos• Run all of your Programs• Annotate over Anything
  7. 7. Video not included, please see Splashtop website
  8. 8. One Remote to Control Them All• Controls your PC and Programs• Saves Presentations to iPad• Manipulate Slides directly on iPad• Record & Playback Presentations
  9. 9. Video not included, please see Doceri website
  10. 10. ―Swiss Army Knife of iPad Apps‖ • Create a local file system on your iPad • Manage files: folders, email, zip, ftp • Connect to servers, i.e. DropBox, Google Docs • PDFs, Docs, Videos, MP3s without iTunes
  11. 11. Simple Video Calls • Supports new Macs, iPads, iPod Touches, iPhones• All you need is your Apple ID• High Resolution & FPS
  12. 12. Video Calls for All• Cross Platform• IM• Landlines & Mobiles• Skype to Skype• Conference Calls (Audio only)• Advanced Features
  13. 13. Virtual Pinboard Collect the Pictures of Things You Love Explore the Things Others LoveApp Lets You Browse, Comment, Add Pins
  14. 14. Integrates with Email, Flickr, Facebook, and TwitterTurns Mobile Photos into ―Pro‖ Snapshots via Filters
  15. 15. Plan the Perfect Trip• Flights, Accommodations, Food & Drinks, Activities• Integrates with Facebook, Feedback on Reviews• Encourages Business to Customer Communications• Unfiltered Reviews as Opposed to Yelp
  16. 16. Cross Platform Messaging with Your Facebook Contacts• Instant Conversations – Faster than Facebook App• Full SMS Replacement without the Charges• Ideal for Group Messaging• Desktop and Mobile Apps
  17. 17. Apps Optimized for Phones or Tablets• iPad App Newly Released - Flowing Stream• Group Video Chat with Hangout• Video, Web Integration
  18. 18. Video not included, please see Wolphram Alpha website
  19. 19. Everything works together.The iTunes U app integrates with iBooks and other appsto make it easy for students to keep up with your course.For example, new iBooks textbooks and other books forthe course are available right from the app. Studentssimply tap them to start reading the assigned chapter.Notes taken in iBooks are consolidated for easy reviewingin the iTunes U app. If an assignment includes watchingpart of a video, one tap can go straight to a specificsegment. And iTunes U keeps documents, notes,highlights, and bookmarks up to date across multipledevices.
  20. 20. Video not included, please see RRKidz website
  21. 21. Video not included, please see Shakespeare in Bits on the web or App Store
  22. 22. Video not included, please see EasyBib website
  23. 23. Mango Mobile Library Edition isa powerful language learningplatform that delivers fast, easyand effective language learningwherever your travels take you.Simply touch the screen to revealanswers and to hearpronunciations by nativespeakers. You’ll learnvocabulary, pronunciation,grammar, and culture in eachlesson through our methodology,called Intuitive LanguageConstruction.
  24. 24. Video not included, please see iMovie in the App Store
  25. 25. Play your iPad, iPhone, andiPod touch like a musicalinstrumentShare your songs viaiCloud, email, facebook,iTunes, or drop directly intoiMovie for iOSArrange and mix your song withup to eight tracksStart a Jam Session withthree of your friends
  26. 26. Video not included, please see Brushes in the App Store
  27. 27. Video not included, please see SketchBook Pro in the App Store
  28. 28. Video not included, please see Bebot in the App Store
  29. 29. Video not included, please see Kansas EZ Library
  30. 30. Video not included, please see Kansas EZ Library
  31. 31. Video not included, please see Spotify Website
  32. 32. Video not included, please see PBS for iPad in the App Store
  33. 33. Video not included, please see IMDB in the App Store
  34. 34. Video not included, please see this app in the App Store
  35. 35. Video not included, pleasesee this app in the App Store