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Top FREE Real Estate Tools 2009


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These are Brad Andersohn's picks for 2009. Free tools and services for the Real Estate Industry Professional.

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  • The            setup            in            the            video            no            longer            works.           
    And            all            other            links            in            comment            are            fake            too.           
    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :  
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  • Brad, great meeting you on Saturday. It is always a pleasure meeting people who are passionate about their life work.
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  • Thank you Brad for sharing the links.
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Top FREE Real Estate Tools 2009

  1. 1. REALTools for REAL ESTATE<br />Top FREE Technology Tools for Your Business <br />ACTIVERAIN.COM/ActiveBrad<br />ZILLOW.COM/PROFILE/BradAndersohn<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. ★ SLIDESHARE.NET/BANDERSOHN<br />Share PowerPoint Presentations<br />Upload and share your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios. Share publicly or privately. Add audio to make a webinar. <br />
  5. 5. Brad<br />
  6. 6.
  7. 7. ★ OPENOFFICE.ORG <br />Microsoft Office Online <br />An open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more.<br />
  8. 8.
  9. 9. ★ PRIMOPDF.COM<br />Convert Any Document to .PDF Format<br />No Adobe Acrobat Required, uses a simple printer interface to create .pdf files.<br />Also see<br />
  10. 10.
  11. 11. ★ FILLANYPDF.COM<br />Upload any PDF file or Use Their Forms<br />FillAnyPDF is a website where you upload your PDF form and link to it so other people can fill it out and sign it online. No software is needed..<br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. ★ SCREENTOASTER.COM<br />ScreenCasting<br />Record Screencasts with audio and store on server, upload to YouTube, or save on desktop. Add to your Websites or Blogs to share.<br />Also see:<br />
  14. 14.
  15. 15. ★ PICNIK.COM<br />Online Photo Editing<br />Correct, Edit, add Splash to Images & Photos<br />
  16. 16.
  17. 17. ★ GIMP.ORG<br />Adobe Photoshop Jr. – FREE!<br />It’s The Ultimate image manipulation software. Photo and image editing for the PRO!<br />
  18. 18. ★<br />VIDEO - Your Life and Business Perfectly Mixed and Syndicated<br />Mix photos and videos with effects and music to create something “WOW” worthy in minutes!<br />
  19. 19.
  20. 20. ★<br />Text To Movie – Custom Created Videos and Animation <br />If you can type, you can create Video on any topic or discussion. Create text Video and add animation to bring characters and message to life<br />
  21. 21.
  22. 22. ★<br />Video Download Tool for Offline Presentations<br />Download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MegaVideo, and lots of other video sharing websites.<br /> for MP3 from video<br />
  23. 23.
  24. 24. ★ BANNERFANS.COM<br />Graphic Designs Online<br />Create, Store and Share custom banners, headers, buttons and images etc.<br />
  25. 25.
  26. 26. ★ FEEDMINGLE.COM<br />RSS Multiple Feed Widget<br />Mingle all your feeds together in a single RSS feed. Produce a combined RSS, Atom, JSON and a widget. <br />
  27. 27.
  28. 28. ★ STEPREP.COM<br />Monitor What People are Saying About You<br />Build your reputation, Reward customer loyalty, Turn every transaction into an advertising opportunity, be added for free to the directory of trusted experts. <br />
  29. 29.
  30. 30. ★ ISSUU.COM<br />Publication Library and Storage<br />A place to create, author, store, and share publications publically or privately.<br />
  31. 31.
  32. 32. ★ BOX.NET<br />Online File Storage and Sharing <br />Upload Pictures, Documents, Video, Sound Files and share with others.<br />Download this presentation at Box.net<br />
  33. 33.
  34. 34. ★<br />Send Files of any size to anyone via the Web<br />No more limitations from email servers. Send files up to 1 gigabyte in size.<br />
  35. 35.
  36. 36. ★ FREE CONFERENCE CALL.COM<br />Multiple Callers on Phone<br />Why pay for conference and long distance calls? FCC now comes with Free recording.<br />Also see<br />
  37. 37.
  38. 38. ★ TEXT WIDGET<br />The Ultimate Widget for Text Messaging<br />Use on Websites, Blogs, Social Networks, On-Line profiles. Allow your visitors to text message you instantly.<br /><br />
  39. 39. Breaking NEWS - 94534<br />
  40. 40.<br />★ COLLECTA.COM<br />What’s Hot Now? The web is alive with real-time information.Build a “Breaking News” Widget for any search terms or keywords.<br />
  41. 41.
  42. 42. ★ FRIENDFEED.COM<br />Connecting it all together and Feed it to others.<br />Publish and syndicate all your websites, blogs, feeds, and social media updates in a self updating site. Feed your clients and friends.<br />
  43. 43.
  44. 44. ★ WALKSCORE.COM<br />Know Your Neighborhoods<br />Run any address and get a walk score. Walk Score places come from Google Maps. Add your missing places to Google Maps and it will appear on Walk Score within a few minutes.<br />Also Checkout<br />
  45. 45.
  46. 46. ★ CONDUIT.COM<br />Create a FREE toolbar for your users Browsers. Share your content with the world.<br />The most powerful toolbar you can build, and You don’t need a tech wiz to do it. <br />Download AR Toolbar<br />
  47. 47.
  48. 48.
  49. 49. ★ WIX.COM<br />FREE Flash Websites<br />Create custom “Flashy” web pages in minutes. <br />see<br />
  50. 50.
  51. 51. ★ FEEDBLITZ.COM<br />Email Subscription & Newsletter Tool<br />Build Client/Traffic Base using an email Subscribe Tool. <br />Also See:<br />
  52. 52.
  53. 53. ★ WISESTAMP.COM<br />Create Custom Social Networking Signatures on Email<br />Easily customize, Include IM & Social profiles, Automatically share your Blog posts, Quotes, News, Bookmarks and more: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol etc. <br />
  54. 54.
  55. 55. ★ TOKBOX.COM<br />FREE Video Email MessagingA new and better way to communicate. Add personality to your email.<br /> Also See<br />
  56. 56.
  57. 57. ★ RETAGGR.COM<br />Email Signature and Profile <br />Single RE-Source for all your Social Networking, Blogs, and Websites.<br />
  58. 58.
  59. 59. ★ AVG.COM<br />FREE Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware<br />The most downloaded software on CNET's<br /><br />
  60. 60.
  61. 61. ★ MOZY.COM<br />Your Life is On Your Computer – Back It Up!<br />Whether it’s photos, music, business documents or financial records and files, Make sure your digital life will always be there when you need it.<br />
  62. 62.
  63. 63.
  64. 64.
  65. 65.
  66. 66. ★ Want The Top 200 Site and Tools FREE?<br />CLICK HERE<br /><br />#1 Real EstateSite on the Internet<br />
  67. 67.
  68. 68. Brad Andersohn<br />Industry Outreach Manager<br /><br />“Your Edge in Real Estate”<br /><br />707.646.1876<br />Twitter@BradAndersohn<br />Facebook:Brad.Andersohn<br />