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Evernote & Beyond! Tools to Save Time and Make Your Life Easier


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Broad overview of some cool productivity tools.
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By Crystal Paradis
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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

Evernote & Beyond! Tools to Save Time and Make Your Life Easier

  1. Evernote & Beyond! Tools to Save Time & Make Your Life Easier ! Crystal Paradis | @laughtercrystal
  2. Crystal Paradis @laughtercrystal Founder, #portsbkfstclub, weekly local tech / marketing meetup Co-Organizer, TEDxPiscataquaRiver 2013 & 2014 Copywriter & Content Strategist, vital. Spreader of #PortsmouthLOVE Board member, Seacoast Social Media Presenter, Social Media Breakfast NH PR & Media Relations, New Hampshire Film Festival
  3. Please Participate! Ask Questions! Share / Post: #SWNevernote! Answer Questions ! Share your challenges & successes
  4. Tools we’ll cover Evernote! Dropbox! Google Drive! IFTTT! Bitly! Skitch! Tweetdeck! Mailbox
  5. So many tools! So little time. Let’s go.
  6. *Question* Have you ever emailed yourself a document? ! How about a website link or article?
  7. *Question* Have you ever hunted through paper files for bills, account numbers, etc.?
  8. *Question* Have you ever had to go through the
 “Forgot Password” process 
 more than once on the same website?
  9. Evernote Remember Everything
  10. What is Evernote? Tool / App! “External Brain”
  11. What does Evernote do? Stores:! Text notes! Pictures / image files! Audio files / MP3s (record on mobile app)! Documents: PDFs, Word, Excel! Web pages / articles
  12. What does Evernote do? View by date, title, notebook, tag! Reminders! Attachments! Checklists! Mark-up (highlight / Skitch)! Links (URLs or links to other Evernote notes)
  13. How can I use it? On your computer(s)! On your phone! On your tablet! Not your computer? Log in through website
  14. How can I use it? Document storage (Dropbox / iCloud)! Links / Articles / Bookmarks (Delicious, Pocket)! Inspiration / Research (Pinterest / scrapbook)! Archive of communications (Gmail / Outlook)! To-do Lists (Siri / Wunderlist / pen & paper)! Personal reference information (your brain / files)
  15. How do I add stuff? Type or paste directly into it on mobile, desktop, or web interface! Email to your Evernote account email address (find under Account Info)! Drag & drop files to desktop app! Page Camera/Microphone in mobile app! Browser extension (Web Clipper) or mobile apps (EverClip, Lightly)! IFTTT recipes
  16. Best feature: Search!
  17. Search Lightning-fast, very robust search function ! Title! Tag or notebook name! Body text! Text in images, PDFs, Word docs, Excel files, etc.! Filenames of attachments
  18. How can I search? Notebooks! Tags! Keywords (very robust)! Text in photos, PDFs, documents (great OCR)! Location created! Date created or modified
  19. How can I search?
  20. Sharing Share whole notebooks! Colleagues, assistant, family! Share link to single note (“⌘” + “/“ to copy)! Recipe, directions, reference info
  21. Document Storage Limitless cumulative storage space! Monthly allowance is large (esp. if Premium)! Never have to email yourself!! Scan paper docs directly (Doxie/Eye-Fi)! Document Camera (mobile)! Business Card Camera (mobile — it autofills!)
  22. Run Your Business Keep track of bills (reminders)! Keep track of clients (tags)! Clip / collect inspiration from the web! Meeting notes, to-do lists! Learn more:
  23. Link / Article Saver Copy / Paste! Web clipper (browser)! EverClip (mobile)! IFTTT / Pocket! Forward emailed articles! Available offline! (Premium feature)
  24. Inspiration Board Project lists! Inspirational photos! Household projects! Travel plans! Design / decorating inspiration! Blog post ideas / drafts! Personal & Professional goals! Shareable with friends / family / team (Premium feature)
  25. Archive of Communications Meeting minutes! Notes from calls! Emails (forwarded to Evernote)! Mail (scanned to Evernote / document camera)! Confirmation numbers / order history! Access, reference, and search easily
  26. To-do Lists Default Inbox notebook (empty constantly)! Mark Reminders / Due dates for all actionable items! Ordered by notebook / project! Link to / between notes for accessing complex projects (Table of Contents)! Reminder IS the note you’re working on
  27. Personal Reference Information Login usernames / passwords! Account numbers! Bills, pay stubs, reference documents! Manuals (QR linked to item / equipment)! Scan everything—Going paperless
  28. Is my information safe? Export & archive your information for backup, as you would your laptop/desktop! Read more in Evernote’s Terms & Conditions! Very respected reputation for security & encryption! Like emails or Dr./Patient privilege, can be subpoenaed
  29. Should I go Premium? Larger monthly upload allowance (Cumulative always free)! Larger single note allowance/attach larger files! Share notebooks with others (accepting shared notebooks always free)! See all note history/previous versions! Search within PDFs (text in photos always free)! Annotate PDFs with Skitch
  30. Fun Stuff Extras & Examples
  31. Ditch Instruction Manuals Scan instruction/operating manuals into Evernote! Make QR code link to
 Evernote note! Tape QR code to device (scanning will open note with manual!)! How:
  32. Collaborate At Work Invite team members to various notebooks! Record audio messages from mobile & save to shared notebook w/ team members/assistants! Easily clip articles/web content to share or archive for projects! Related notes pulls up notes you may not know/remember that are relevant
  33. Decide What To Eat Save photos of delicious food to inspire while at the grocery store! Recipes with photos (web clipper)! Categorize/tag: healthy, breakfast, quick meals, snacks, lunch, or new recipes! List of restaurants to try/revisit (Evernote Food)! Share individual recipes online or in emails
  34. Remember Where You Parked Open new note & type “Parked” or small note & drop a pin.! Upon returning, open that note & tap “Location” to lead yourself back to parking spot
  35. Create a public link with a press kit Never email your bio/headshot again!
  36. SmartFiling: 
 Emails to Reminders Forward to Evernote address (save to address book for quick autocomplete forwarding)! Simply sending will send to default inbox! Sending with “!” at the end will add Reminder! Smart Filing by subject line SRNT! Subject !Reminder @Notebook #Tag (Should Really Note This)! Example: Sign up for this !tomorrow @work #todo #events! Reminder options: “!tomorrow”, “!monday”, “!YYYY/MM/ DD”, or simply “!”
  37. Some Shortcuts ⌘ + ‘ = Tags! ⌘ + J = Jump to notebook! Shift + ⌘ + J = Jump to tag! ⌘ + [ = Back! ⌘ + i = View Note info! ⌘ + / = Copy share URL to clipboard
  38. More resources Endless case studies, examples, tutorials at! Evernote Paperless:! My tips & tricks:
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  40. *Question* Have you ever waited for your outbox to send a large file? Wondered if a person received an email with a large attachment?
  41. Dropbox Share Everything
  42. Dropbox Cloud storage! Desktop / mobile / web
  43. Personal Storage Auto-backup mobile photos ! *Beware space limit! Access frequently-used files anywhere! Headshots, bios, PDF of contacts, etc.
  44. Best feature: Sharing!
  45. Easy sharing Free storage (up to 2GB)! No more large attachments! Send link to view or download a file or folder! *Bonus: If the recipient is low on space, they can simply download! Invite to join folder! Pro/Business accounts with larger storage & number of users is available
  46. Privacy Levels Personal storage! Copy public link and send to anyone! anyone with link can view/download! Invite other dropbox users to folder(s)! only their email address can access)
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  48. *Question* Have you ever wondered which version of a document was the most current or correct?
  49. Google Drive Collaborate in real time! *Formerly “Google Docs”
  50. Google Drive Free storage ! Connected to your Google account! Upload images, files (.doc, .xls, .ppt, PDF, etc.)! Create, edit, and save files (.doc, .xls, .ppt, PDF, etc.)
  51. Best feature: Real-time sync!
  52. Real-time Sync PRO: Say goodbye to versions!! Those shared can edit / alter! Everyone can be confident that they have the most recent version (attendee lists, etc.)! CON: Say goodbye to versions!! Those shared can edit / alter! *History is still saved
  53. Privacy Levels Private (only your Google account can access)! Invite-only (only specific Google users or those with Google sign-in set up may view)! Anyone with link (Email list where some may not have or know how to access Google sign-in)! Public / searchable (Stuff you want to promote)
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  55. *Question* Have you ever been busy?
  56. IFTTT If This, Then That Automate!
  57. Automate ALL the things! Connect Channels! Browse or create Recipes! Add Trigger & Action! Sit back & finally finish that book
  58. Channels
  59. Automate social media posts Cross-channel posting
  60. Automate social media posts Temperature rises > post about iced tea
  61. Automate notifications Make a e-commerce sale > get a text
  62. Reminders for stellar networking Meet a new person > Email to follow up next day
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  64. *Question* Have you ever tried to type out a long URL on your phone?
  65. *Question* Do you wonder if anyone is visiting the links you post?
  66. bitly Shrink Links & Track Clicks
  67. Save links Paste into website! Link is saved to Bitly! One-touch copy for pasting into email, social media post, etc.
  68. Save links Browser extension
  69. Track clicks See how many people clicked!
  70. Track clicks See more stats & info
  71. Bonus! There’s even Bitly for Feelings!
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  73. *Question* If you need to mark up a photo or screenshot, what do you use? ! A. B. C. D. Photoshop Word Other program I just describe with a long message
  74. Skitch Annotate!
  75. Fast, intuitive annotation Arrows! Circles / Squares! Marker / Highlighter! Pixelate for privacy
  76. Where can I use Skitch? Desktop! Mobile! iPad! Nook! Within Evernote
  77. Evernote + Skitch 
 = Love Link with Evernote! All images save to Evernote! Edit Evernote notes within Evernote 
 w/ Markup
  78. How can I use Skitch? Collaboration
  79. How can I use Skitch? Feedback
  80. How can I use Skitch? How-tos
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  82. *Question* How many of you are on Twitter personally?
  83. *Question* How many of you are on Twitter professionally?
  84. *Question* How many of you actively USE more than one Twitter account?
  85. Tweetdeck Tame Twitter
  86. Quick view of 
 “your” Twitter Arrows! Circles / Squares! Marker / Highlighter! Pixelate for privacy
  87. Monitor: Lists! Hashtags! Mentions! Notifications! Activity
  88. Best feature: Multiple accounts!
  89. Best feature: ALL of your accounts! Personal & Biz! No signing in & out!! ! *Make sure you double-check which account before posting!
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  91. *Question* Who has an iPhone? ! (4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S)
  92. *Question* How about an iPad?
  93. *Question* Has this ever happened to you? 1. Check email! 2. Forget to add to a list / write down /mark “unread”! 3. Lose track / forget about it until 3am next Tuesday morning (or never!)
  94. Mailbox for iPhone / iPad Achieve #InboxZero
  95. Why do I need to achieve Inbox Zero? What’s wrong with a perpetually full Inbox?
  96. Inbox ≠ To-Do List Inboxes are not designed for task management! Inboxes don’t allow you to sort or prioritize! Inboxes don’t show a comprehensive view of all projects/tasks (ongoing projects, calls, meetings, verbal to-dos, etc.)
  97. Sure, But How? So many emails coming in, how to keep track of it all?
  98. Best feature: Gestures!
  99. Gestures! Zip through inbox in seconds! Left short / long swipes:! Categorize / “Snooze” options! Right short / long swipes:! Archive / Delete
  100. Mailbox!
  101. Mailbox!
  102. Mailbox!
  103. Mailbox!
  104. These were just a few! So many great tools!! ! What are some of your favorites?
  105. Questions? Evernote! Dropbox! Google Drive! IFTTT! Bitly! Skitch! Tweetdeck! Mailbox
  106. Thank you! ! Crystal Paradis |@laughtercrystal! vital. |!