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  • If you are going to use technology then expect it to not always go according to plan.
  • You will get to see how I use Web 2.0 tools in my teaching.You will get to see how I use iPad apps in my teaching.You will get a list of iPad apps to check out or share with colleagues. Your colleagues may share some apps with you.If you work with students (hopefully) you will see ideas that spark ideas of your own.You will get a chance at creating using iMovie and Book Creator apps.If you have a USB you can get a copy of this presentation (remember a lot of images in the presentation are hyper linked to the matching website)
  • Dot point 1 – there are some things I never used to do because they were time consuming one of these is to create and edit videofor kids. In the past 12 months I made and uploaded in excess of 40 short videos. In the past the process to do this and the nature of the software required prohibited me from doing this.Dot point 2 – ict for learning not learning ict. ICT is not something you do once or twice a week when you are booked into a computing suite. ICT should be available for use when it is required – within reach of the classroom. Integrating tech into the curriculum is not possible if that tech is not in the classroom.Dot point 3 – The first thing considered should be is the learning goal not technology. If technology assists the learning goal then use it if not don’t. Don’t use technology because you think it will motivate use it because it will improve learning.Dot point 4 – I’ve paid for subscriptions myself so far for edublogs pro and Voki and payments to edublogs for two pro blog sites. The school has paid for a subscription to Glogster. From experience I do not think we are not to the point of considering paying for subscriptions for web based tools in the way we quite happily pay money for a text book. Dot point 5 – technology is not a fad, it is not going away. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android tablets, PC’s, laptops, Smartphones - for people under a certain age their lives are consumed by technology. If you work in a school and are helping students learn then you will have to understand and use technology (see dot point 3). It should not have to be the main focus but it needs to be embedded working for you in the class.Dot point 6 – don’t be scared of the internet and giving information on it – but be aware - ie giving private information, giving credit card details on an unsecured site (use PAY PAL). Learn about it and educate kids about it. The amount of stuff that is blocked in schools is ridiculous and hinders learning.Dot point 7 – my main source of PD
  • Demo ZITE app and its potential for professional learning and as an example of Web 3.0CUSTOMIZE button selecting topicsSelect and article ‘READ’ then select OPTIONS top right to give feedback on article which allows the app to select articles that I want to read. A regular magazine gives me no choice.
  • What is a blog?Current blogs I useStudent basedPeer/Prfessional
  • Not for everyone so ……….Make an account – easy, quick free CLICK ON TWITTER BUTTON TO GO TO TWITTER PAGEWhat does it provide?Hashtags – discuss show some of mine show and show #numeracy #literacy #ipadShow my Twitter stream/mentions/conversationsShow gmail of emailed tweets where I can go and investigate at a later stage
  • Click small facebook icon for Facebook pageClick large icon for pegeek blog talking about Facebook.
  • Has worked with South Australia Cricket Association (Redbacks, Scorpions and Youth Programs), Crows, AIS Beach Volleyball and Track Cycling Programs and the South Australian Institute of Sport. Olivia is also the Sportsmed SA Dietician consulting from the Stepney branch
  • Another way of presenting for teachers and studentsTeachers – use to present information on a new topic to hook students. Students - use to present work (broader than a normal poster as links to other sites can be added)One obvious draw back is the inability to display on a wall like a regular posterLOG IN TO GLOGSTER EDU CLICK ON GLOGSTER LOGO – sign in ‘nturra’ and regular password show how a class is set up and view year 9 health task.
  • Demo quickly how to create one using text to generate voiceGreat for oral language activities.Go to second link and create a voki (quickly) – Text “Hello and welcome to this presentation on web 2.0 and eye pad technology in education”View the one embedded onto Year 9 Blog 2011Check out teacher page – login school email and normal password
  • Examples – notes left for class and relief teacherYear 9 Boys example – 938 views and 39 downloadsAdding audio is an excellent feature – you can record the audio separately and add after uploading the power point. Audio can then be manipulated to fit slides.
  • An example - my Run Around Australia map for Yr ½ PE. Allows me to link the document to the Junior HPE website.CLICK ON IMAGE TO GO TO MY Google Docs account.
  • Example – used Dropbox with SAS for our combined sports day. New teacher had no documentation. Instead of emailing everything (massive job) created a shared folder in Dropbox and he instantly had the documents.Easy Assessment app - do all my assessment on iPad and then can choose to send to Drop Box or email.You are not tied to the school server. It means your documents are accessible where ever you can get the internet. Regardless of whether you have a smartphone, iPad, laptop or PC. As with most good things our filter systems block it.View video on website.WATCH VIDEO EXPLAINING DROP BOX IN REALPLAYER
  • Use quiz already set up by me for SSO staff – they use Socrative Student app on iPads to answer.Do first - WATCH VIDEO EXPLAINING SocrativeIN REALPLAYERPreset Quiz 2 questions about car colourSHOW how results look when sent to excel doc – use portfolio app to show kids body sytemsquizz2. One off question – SAVED question on iPad? Multiple choice and get answers back from iPad. What is more important? The Learning GoalThe technologyBothSHOULD show up as a graph
  • Click on links to go to each site Video from iPad apps uploaded to web sites for student accessShow a part of a of video on iPad using Educreations. DEMO - Make One slide/record audio – ‘Welcome everybody to a presentation on Web 2.0 and iPad technology’.Create your own instructional video for students to view either with you or with a parent ie parent/child goes to the link (provided by you and watch the video with their child). Could be a video of how to write a particular letter correctly.Ed uses Screen o matic for year 9 maths – show his youtube channel (CLICK ON YOU TUBE ICON)If you know you will be away you could create an instructional video for the student you work with.Students can create their own short video with audio, images and text (hand written or typed depending on what you are using).The great thing about these technologies is it helps students practice/show their learning and then can be uploaded and stored online. Work is no longer lost in trays and bags or at home. Worksheets are not screwed up, ripped and place in a bin. The work can be accessed at a later time by parents or for assessment by the person working with the student (SSO/teacher).Students can demonstrate knowledge by creating instructional videos for peers or younger students. Teaching others demonstrates high level of understanding.
  • EASY ASSESSMENT - Have a demo yr 9 class and rubric (badminton) set up – show how this was entered and how to set up an assessment.EASY PORTFOLIO – show how set up occurs/how app works.
  • Demo a particular skills video/students video – Use the two badminton serve videos as an example used in an actual class. Draw lines on video showing backswing and follow through differences for short/long serve (as used in year 9 PE).ALSO USE COACHES EYE – quick demo
  • Need app on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touchNeed to download software onto the computer.DEMO ITS USE BY CONNECTING iPad to laptop.Examples of use working with yr11 class. Students on task I was marking their issues study. Laptop with marks book in my office connected up and entered marks from ipad.Working with yr 12s needed to check a draft piece of writing on my email fro one of the students connected to my laptop and viewed draft with the student.
  • Mirror your ipad through a laptop connected to the data projector.BLOCKED/DOESN’T WORK THROUGH SCHOOL WIRELESS AT THE MOMENT.Can show up to 4 devices at one time.
  • Talking about this for two reasons:It has great educational applications if security can ever be over come.For your interest.Found it very slow downloading movies in HD but much better in standard Definition. SD half hour show about 15 minutes on our wireless system at home. Have had some minor issues with it but on the whole ok.
  • Could be brilliant in schools – groups using iPads in the classroom could mirror their work to a TV screen and show the class. 5 groups 5 iPads all take turns sharing their learning with the whole group from there desks wirelessly.Unfortunately APPLE security does recognise or vice versa the security systems we use in schools and it does not work – YET!
  • Tutorial book available within the app – SHOW THISDemo book I made. ‘Papa’s Go kart’Students create own books to shareStudents create books about their learning in other subject areas – ‘My Science Experiment’ the book could document the process and findings from an experimentOlder students work with R, 1, 2 students to create own books. Use photos from home to make a book that is relevant to them
  • Have used for:camps (video during day and edit that evening) very quickCreated a fundamental movement skills video for senior students to analyseCreate video for parents to go on juniorhpe blogSome of the movies I have produced on You Tube some in hard drive under school videos and photosSome examples – on iPad SHADOW GAME - on laptop on C Drive in SCHOOL in MOVIES camp movies
  • DEMO ALL OF THESE ON MY iPAD?LAPTOPDot point 1 – hold down home and off button at one after the other to take a photo of screenDot Point 2 – Dot point 3 – Hold down an app until all apps start wobbling. Drag one app on top of another, this creates a folder. To get rid of the folder drag all apps out of it.Dot point 4 – Find your image on the internet hold finger down on it until SAVE option appears. Tap SAVE and picture goes to camera roll.Dot point 5 – Set up a folder on your computer (mine is in pictures I call it ‘iPadPhot and Video’ sync this folder through iTunes). When iPad is hooked up to iTunes select iPad in left hand column the select photo tab. Tick sync photos from “select folder you created” also tick ALL FOLDERS and INCLUDE VIDEOS. Attach iPad to iTunes to show how this is done. SHOW WHAT IS IN MY FOLDER ON LAPTOP AND HOW THIS RELATES TO CAMERA ROLL.Dot point 6 – make sure your photos turn out the right way up when downloaded to computer.Dot point 7 – If you want to learn to use an app or a web tool go to You Tube.
  • Depending on time left. Probably need 30-45mins to muck around and teach iMovie and Book CreatorRun quick tutorials on iMovie/Book Creator and let people have a play and create a book/video
  • In groups? – depending on how many iPads create a short movie about Wallaroo PrimaryRe show some I have made to help explain processes just prior to doing taskAsk me for assistance/have a playDon’t get to hung up on the final product just play and create!
  • iPad and web 2.0 Presentation

    1. 1.  My laptop (mouse), iPad and iPhone (240 volt charger) Bring Apple TV just to show Bring second data projector/screen for iPad – save switching VGA inputs on one screen. Speakers Information about Wallaroo Primary (on paper) for iMovie task Print paper copy of iMovie and Book Creator tasks Put my presentation on USB as well.
    2. 2.  Sarahs phone on 3G turn on personal hot spot password biased4491
    3. 3.  Uses for technology in the classroom and professional development.
    4. 4. ……..we will experience frustration at some point.If frustration occurs take a deep breath sit back and relax. It is part of working with technology!
    5. 5.  See how I use Web 2.0 tools in my teaching. See how I use iPad apps in my teaching. A list of iPad apps to check out or share with colleagues. Hopefully you will see ideas that spark ideas of your own. You will get a chance to create using iMovie and Book Creator apps. If you have a USB you can get a copy of this
    6. 6.  Allows you to do things you could not do previously do. Schools should not have computer suites anymore – quality wireless. Technology is not the key it is one tool. Schools need to accommodate payment methods that suit online subscriptions and purchases. Technology in education is not a fad. Understand the issues around social media and basic online etiquette and safety - teach students. The best professional development I get is through Twitter and Blogs.
    7. 7.  Web 1.0 is the name given to the initial function of the Internet. – A tool that delivers information. – We find what we need and use it off line. Could be compared with visiting a library and finding what you need and using it as an individual.
    8. 8.  Web 2.0 is the name given to the parts of the internet that allow us to: – Interact with others online. – Share and reflect with others online. – Blogs, Wikis, Podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Animoto, Voki, Flickr, Glogster, Slideshare etc….. Could be compared with visiting a library as part of a discussion group and using the library’s information to help generate and evolve group discussion.
    9. 9.  Web 3.0 is evolving now: – Personalising the web for you. – Your information - stored & used to improve your ‘life’ online. – Enhance your searching , advertising becomes more specific to you. – Recommended media based on purchases and views. – Build your own content channels. Could be compared with visiting a library were the librarian is able to hand you books based on previous selections and can recommend new releases specific to your interests. Example: Zite is a magazine app that customizes itself to cater for your reading preferences.
    10. 10. Student or class based blogs www.juniorhpe.blogspot.com www.middleschoolhpe.edublogs.org www.seniorphysicaleducation.edublogs.org www.challenge30day.edublogs.org Individual student blogs in Year 11 Pastoral CarePersonal/Professional based Blogs www.discusslearning.blogspot.com www.australiancurriculumtfel.edublogs.org
    11. 11. Who do I follow: Special Education Hashtags• I follow 289 people #sped, #spedchat• 196 people follow me• HPE, primary, secondary, educati Mathematics Hashtags onal research, leaders and #mathchat, #mathgeek, #numeracy technology• Every continent (except English Hashtags Antarctica) #engchat, #ozengchat, #languagearts, #literacy, #literature, #books,A few of the Hashtags I use#pegeeks General Educational Hashtags#physed #duedchat - Australian and NZ teachers#ozteachers #auedchat - Australian educators chat#ozedchat #edtech - Technology and education#edchat#education iPad #ipad #iPadChatLearn more about Twitterhttp://cybraryman.com/twitter.html
    12. 12. An example of an educational site set up by JaredRobinson from country Victoria.  “Taking advantage of the latest technologies to keep students in touch with the latest in VCE Physical Education Units 3&4”
    13. 13.  Free! Face to face video calling. Skype in quest speakers. Olivia Warnes is a sports nutritionist who works with Crows players among other sports.
    14. 14. Create digital onlineposters• Insert text, images, video• Link text and images to webpages• Teacher can set tasks online and assess tasks online• Costs money approximately $3 per student per year.• My Year 9 HPE HIV/AIDS Glogster Task• Example http://kitmcc.edu.glogster.com/moon- landing/
    15. 15. • Create an animated avatar and record audio for your avatar.• Use for students who do not want to present in front of a class but need to complete an oral presentation.• Can be embedded into a blog or website for example http://findinganswersyear9.blogspot.com.au/• My Voki account http://www.voki.com/mywebsite.php
    16. 16. • Online storage of Power Point presentations (with the option add audio)• Use as a resource – find out about a topic you are interested in.• Use to store your Power Points on the web.• Use to add audio to your Power Points. Record your audio and upload then accurately match your audio to each slide in your presentation.• Relief lesson example - http://www.slideshare.net/13nick/slidecast-week-4- 9624449• Student example - http://www.slideshare.net/13nick/che-guevara- presentation-9450600
    17. 17. • Share documents online.• Create one document that multiple people contribute to.• Documents have their own web links• Make documents public or private.• Allow others to edit/contribute to a document.
    18. 18.  Store your files online (cloud technology) Access your documents where ever you can get the internet. Share documents with others (link by email address). Lots of apps allow you to share to Dropbox. 2G of free space. Costs to get more.
    19. 19. • Find out what your students know – instantly.• Great for larger groups where it is harder to find out where everyone is at.
    20. 20.  Screencast O Matic (web based) Educreations (iPad app) Show Me (iPad app) You Tube
    21. 21. Easy Assessment Easy Portfolio App• Create my own rubrics for PE • Create an ePortfolio for each student assessment on the Easy • Photos/video/notes/audio/documents Assessment. • Web links to online work by students • Links with Dropbox or email• It allows a photo and video to be stored in a students profile. Great for parent teacher interviews – keeps students work all in one spot. Great for SSO’s working one to one or with small groups – create portfolios to keep track of students learning and feed back to the class teacher. Created by PE teacher Jarrod Robinson
    22. 22. I use UberSense to:• loop skills video in our gym (large 2m wide screen)• compare student skill with a professionalCan trim video, draw on video, can add own audio to video, loop video, slow orspeed up video.
    23. 23.  Control your computer from your laptop – from anywhere!  Don’t be tied to the white board by your PC  Work with students at their desks and work your PC/Whiteboard from your iPad.
    24. 24.  Mirror iPad on laptop wirelessly to your PC/Mac Allows you to put iPad through a data projector via the PC/Mac Show a group of students what is on your iPad/iPhone through the AirPlay function
    25. 25.  Airplay is a function on your Apple Device that allows you to send images, movies and music wirelessly to your HDTV It allows you to mirror what is on your device to the TV o A movie stored on your iPad can be mirrored and watched on your TV without cabled connection Rent movies and buy TV series through Apple TV using your iTunes account. Requires a HDMI connection/High Definition TV Cost approximately $106 and comes with its own remote
    26. 26.  Work on office documents on your iPad Tutorials on how to: o Manage files o Work with Power Point and Word Files are accessed through Dropbox Expensive $20
    27. 27.  Create books – store in iBooks app Great for students - presenting learning Create books for junior primary readers that are more relevant in content Great for teachers/SSO’s – presenting information for students, text, images, audio, video. Great for cross age activities
    28. 28. • Video using your iPad• Insert video, still slides (I use Keynote), photos• Edit presentation• Add audio – music or voice• Upload to a variety of places (camera roll or Youtube)
    29. 29.  Taking a screen shot on the iPad. Deleting apps/shifting apps Creating folders on the iPad. Saving images from the internet to camera role on the iPad. Setting up a folder in iTunes to move images/video on and off iPad2 – syncing to iTunes. Camera orientation – home button on right for landscape and bottom for portrait. Use YouTube to educate yourself. You can use the iPad like any other storage device to remove photos/video from camera roll. But you can’t add items only remove them (to add items you need to see dot point 5 above).
    30. 30.  HPE  Literacy o VCE PE Study o Kindle o VCE PE o Simplex Spell Phonics 1 o Teach HPE o Simplex Spell Phonics 2 o PE Plus o Eggy Words (Reading Eggs Sight Words) o PE Apps o Pocketphonic (based on Jolly Phonics) o Chronology (timer app) o Pad Week (days of week) o Sports Rules (basic rules variety of sports) o Foodswitch (scan barcode - nutritional value plus healthy alternatives)  Maths o Virtual Heart (senior students) o Popmath o TimeMotion (analyse student movement data) o Times Table Lab o VitalSigns o FitTest o Rocket Math Brainstorming  Reference o inDecision o How Things Work o WolframAlpha Maps o CNN o Kids World Maps o World Figures o Globe o World Atlas (National Geographic) o Weather+ o Google Earth  Engineering Art/Music o Tinkerbox o Garageband o Comicbook o Art Set  Audio Visual o Sketchbook o TED o Groovebug o iMotion HD o Toontastic Productivity o WordFoto o Pages –(Apple word processing app) o Numbers (Apple spreadsheet app) o Keynote (Apple power point app)  Science o Quickoffice pro (work on office documents on your iPad) o Star Walk o GoSkyWatch Planetarium o NASA
    31. 31. Would people like to share apps they have? Quick tutorials and play: iMovie Book Creator
    32. 32.  Create a movie about Wallaroo Primary School o Shoot video/take photos of • Buildings • Inside Classrooms – student work • Playgrounds • Ovals • Other interesting spaces o Shoot video of someone talking about the school o Insert video/photos into iMovie and cut and edit video o Select a theme for your video o Insert writing into your video o Put a soundtrack over your video Use handouts with written information about WPS to help you with your production.
    33. 33.  Create a short eBook using one of the ideas below (or your own): o A baby animal gets lost and has to find its mother. o The best day ever o My family (fictional) o Holidays Uses images from the internet (google – free clip art), photos already on your iPad or take photos with the iPad. Insert video into the book (could go on the front cover or first page). Video someone in your group introducing the book. Insert text – change font sizes, colour, give background colour to your text and align text. Insert Audio – Narrate your book, add in sound effects (wind blowing, thunder, birds squawking, animal noises etc…..) Change your page colours. Upload your book with iBooks.