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NEKLS LAN Initiative


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2016 Network Upgrades

Published in: Technology
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NEKLS LAN Initiative

  1. 1. NEKLS LAN Initiative
  2. 2. The State of NEKLS Networks • Libraries that receive their primary tech support from NEKLS currently have an extremely diverse array of hardware to manage. • In the past NEKLS has largely relied on open source solutions. • Open source vs Enterprise • State Library Wi-Fi usage statistics requirement • Unused Category 2 E-rate funds • CenturyLink bandwidth issues and multiple connections
  3. 3. Current NEKLS Networks
  4. 4. Open Source vs Enterprise Solutions Open Source • Pros: • Inexpensive • Promotes “community” involvement • Broad development base • Cons: • Support is not guaranteed or even expected • Security • General uncertainty • Lack of documentation Enterprise • Pros: • Guaranteed support levels • Security • Scalability • Documentation • Accountability • Cons: • Licensing fees • Higher costs • Dealing with Sales people
  5. 5. Wi-Fi Usage Statistics • Starting this year we are going to be required to provide Wi-Fi usage statistics to the State Library. • Locations with Unifi Access Points in place should be recording statistics. • Statistics are only being collected as long as the controller software is running. • Unifi statistics only go back 30 days before they are gone forever.
  6. 6. E-rate: Category 2 Funds • Funding is available for: • Internal broadband and Wi-Fi • LAN/WAN wired and wireless components including cabling, switches, routers, racks and UPS. Installation and maintenance of these items is eligible for funding as well. • Managed LAN and Wi-Fi services (referred to as Managed Internal Broadband) • Caching services • Category 2 Budgets • For Libraries your five year Category 2 Budgets is calculated by the following formula: Total Square Feet x $2.30 = Category 2 Budget With a minimum of $9,200 if the library is less than 4,000 square feet.
  7. 7. Working with Category 2 Budgets • Library X E-rate Discount Percentage = 80% • Library X Total Square Feet = 3,500 • Library X Category 2 Budget = $9,200 • Library X Category 2 funding request = $7,500 • Discount % x Funding Request = E-rate commitment • 80% x $7,500 = $6,000 • Library X is responsible for the remaining $1,500 • The five year budget now has $3,200 remaining for future projects.
  8. 8. NEKLS LAN Solutions
  9. 9. What is the Next Step? • Contact NEKLS technical staff if you are interested. • Create a 470 for Category 2 services. Feel free to list either Dan or myself as technical contacts. Please consult with us before releasing any 470 so that we can make sure we get the correct information out there to the vendors. • Prepare your board for the upfront cost. The tech team can also come out and address any concerned parties. • Play the hurry up and wait game.
  10. 10. Thank you! If you have any questions please give us a call at the office or email us at: