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Your ILS


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Technology Lab 2016 Module 3 Slides

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Your ILS

  2. 2. BUT FIRST - BROWSERS • Quick Review • Thoughts on the content? • Questions? • Time to start scheduling one-on-one sessions with Dan or I…
  3. 3. GOALS FOR THIS MODULE • Given the Koha ILS, you will be able to: • find patrons and items in the staff side of the ILS. • find items, log in and find information about their account as well as teach others how to do the same in the OPAC side of the ILS • identify the best practices for creating new patron cards, checking books in and out and performing work duties using that ILS.
  4. 4. STAFF SIDE OF KOHA – FINDING THINGS • Multiple ways to do anything • Search bar at top • Menu items (Patron, circulation, etc.) • Searching for Patrons • Look for minimum amount of information • Read through patron data to confirm matches *carefully* • Searching for Items • Coming soon – ability to limit by library on staff side
  5. 5. STAFF SIDE OF KOHA – EDITING THINGS • Patron edits – edit button on patron info screen • Patrons can now change their own password, will soon be able to use “forgot password” functionality from catalog • Everything else, we change for them • Item edits • Copy cataloging – beyond scope of this week • - start here
  6. 6. THE OPAC • Best practice – use it as much as possible • Best practice – teach it to at least one person a week til you run out of people to teach • Facets and limits • Advanced searching
  7. 7. BEST PRACTICES • Download and pass around George’s BP document from Moodle Class site • Highlights: • Check the screen. Always. Without fail. • Search for patron *before* creating a new account. Don’t let Joe-Bob get away with it! • Standard formats – XXX-XXX-XXXX, for example • Be generous with notes when adding/dealing with fines • Apply advanced search options first, then search • Limits are only as good as the person entering them, and that person is