iPads for Beginners


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iPads for Beginners

  1. 1. IPADS FOR BEGINNERS Karla  Holt   karla.holt@me.com   @karlaholt bit.ly/1oYP8Mv
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS Introduce  yourself  to  a  learning  buddy  or  two.     Discuss  today  will  be  successful  for  me  if…
  3. 3. We  will:   • explore  func1onality  of  the  iPad   • connect  iPads  to  a  projector   • create  sample  products  using  a  variety  of   apps  you  can  use  in  your  classroom  context.   • explore  ways  to  transfer  products  from  an   iPad  to  another  computer.
  4. 4. AGENDA ! Introduc)ons   My  iPad  -­‐  Ge4ng  to  know  it   Connec)ng  to  a  projector   Ac)vity  -­‐  Digital  Storytelling Group  Ac)vity  -­‐  Small  group  —>  Whole  Group   Subject  &  Grade  Specific  App  Groups   Wrap  Up
  5. 5. IPAD DNA
  6. 6. BUILT-IN APPS iMessage - Send a text message to another iPod, iPad, iPhone over wifi Reminders - Create to do lists Camera - Take photos or video; Switch between forward facing camera and rear camera Newsstand - download magazines, newspapers from the online store Photos App - Any images taken by your camera are saved here. Many apps also save images here. iTunes Store - Purchase music, movies, etc. FaceTime - Make a video call over wifi to another iPod, iPad, iPhone App Store - Purchase and install apps (including free apps) from the app store. Maps - Plan routes, get directions, etc. Play games online; requires apple ID Clock - Set timers, use stop watch, world clocks Settings App - Access wifi, restrictions, location services and many other features Photo Booth - Take photos with special effects. These are saved to your camera roll. Safari - surf the Internet Calendar - Add events, reminders Mail - sync email accounts to your iPad (gmail works best). Apps will use your default email to mail from.Contacts - Add contacts for easy reference for email Video - Play videos on your iPad;Access itunes store to purchase videos/TV shows Notes - Write notes; can be sent in email or iMessage Music App - Play music from your music library.
  7. 7. IPAD GESTURES ! • Tap   • Double  Tap  (Zooms  in  on  a  webpage)   • Swipe   • Scroll  (or  flick)  up  or  down   • Pinch  in  and  out  to  zoom     Watch  a  video  tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=j6ddjffJAi0
  8. 8. THE HOME BUTTON • Click  to  close  an  app  and  return  to  the  apps  screen.   • Double  click  the  home  buHon  to  see  your  app   switcher  (recently  used  apps).
  9. 9. THE HOME BUTTON CON’T Qui4ng  Apps:   • Double  click  the  home  buHon  to   see  your  app  switcher  (recently   used  apps).   • iOS  7  -­‐  Flick  the  app  up  to  close.   • iOS  6  -­‐  Press  &  hold  on  the  app   un1l  a  red  circle  appears.  Click   on  the  red  circle.   iOS  7 iOS  6
  10. 10. THE HOME BUTTON CON’T Take  a  screen  shot:   ★ Press  the  home  buMon   and  the  power  buMon  at   the  same  )me.   ★ The  image  is  saved  to  your   camera  roll  in  your  photos   app.
  11. 11. SEARCHING YOUR IPAD iOS  7   Swipe  down  on  a   home  screen  to  reveal   the  search  bar. iOS  6   Click  the  home  buMon  un1l   you  see  the  search  bar  or   swipe  right  un1l  you  see  it.
  12. 12. RE-ARRANGING OR DELETING APPS Press  and  hold  on  an  app  un1l  it  wobbles.   ★ To  move  the  app,  drag  the  wobbly  app  to  its  new  spot.   ★ To  delete  the  app,  press  the  x  in  the  corner  and  select   delete  when  prompted.   Press  the  home  buMon  when  finished.
  13. 13. CREATING A FOLDER Press  and  hold  on  an  app  un1l  it  wobbles.   ★ Drag  an  app  on  top  of  another  to   create  a  folder.    You’ll  be  prompted  to   name  the  folder. iOS  7 iOS  6
  15. 15. DISPLAYING YOUR IPAD ON THE PROJECTOR Pro Con VGA Adapter $35.00 Connect directly to your projector cable. •Disconnect projector cable from computer and connect to iPad •Unable to move around •Often comes loose •Does not work with iPad 1 (only iPad 2 and later) Document Camera (PriceVaries) Put iPad under the document camera. •See your fingers and gestures •Works with iPad 1 (and 2 & 3) •Unable to move around •Glare from device can be an issue Air Server $3.99 single $14.99 five Install software on your computer and use airplay. http:// www.airserverapp.co m/en/Info/WhatsNew •Wireless-You can move around the room •Works using AirPlay Feature of iPad - no connecting cables. •7 day free trial •PC or Mac •requires wireless internet •requires computer and device to be on the same network. •Does not work with iPad 1 (only iPad 2 and later) Reflector $14.99 single $49.99 five Install software on your projector-connected computer and use airplay. https:// www.reflectorapp.com •Wireless-You can move around the room •Works using AirPlay Feature of iPad •10 minute free trial •PC or Mac •requires wireless internet •requires computer and device to be on the same network. •Does not work with iPad 1 (only iPad 2 and later) Apple TV $109.00 Connect Apple TV to your projector and use airplay to mirror iPad. •Wireless-You can move around the room •Works using AirPlay Feature of iPad •requires wireless internet •requires computer and device to be on the same network. •Does not work with iPad 1 (only iPad 2 and later) •You may need an HDMI toVGA adaptor
  16. 16. AirPlay in iOS 7 • Swipe up from the bottom of your iPad to open the control panel. • Click on the airplay • Choose the device • Mirroring: ON
  17. 17. AirPlay in iOS 6 • AirPlay • Double Tap the home button • Swipe backwards. • Click on the airplay icon • Choose the device • Mirroring: ON
  18. 18. CAMERA APP Take pictures and video Images taken from your camera app appear in your photos app (camera roll).
  20. 20. Consider  an  objec)ve  you  are  teaching…   ★ Use  the  camera  app                        to  gather  photos  or  videos  (5   or  6).         OR   ★ Search  for    images  in  the  Safari  app                    and  save  them   to  the  camera  roll.   In Safari press and hold on an image. Tap on Save Image to save it to your camera roll. CHALLENGE 1
  21. 21. CHALLENGE 2 Combine  the  photos  and/or  video  with  voice  over,   music  and  )tles.   App App Pro Con Videolicious (Free) •Very easy to use •Can be used with very young children •Sequential prompting •Can export your video to camera roll to share. •Cannot add text titles •Time limit (1 minute) SpliceVideo Editor iPhone App (Free) •Simple to use. •Simple interface. •Can export video to camera roll to share. •Cannot add titles on top of images.
  22. 22. INSTALLING AN APP 1. Open  the  app  store.   2. Under  featured,  scroll  down  to  ensure  you  are  signed  in.   If  not  sign  in.   3. Search  for  the  app.    Click  on  its  price  and  then  install.
  23. 23. Videolicious - Free Choose Shots > Camera Roll Select your images in order. Record your voice over. Drag up the photos as you record your voice. Choose your music. 1 2 3 4 5
  24. 24. Videolicious - Continued Choose your music. Preview & Save Give it a title Save ! The video will be saved to your camera roll. ! You can also email out from Videolicious. 6 7 8 9
  26. 26. MORE DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS 30 Hands (free) Titles, voice over, no music. SonicPics ($2.99) Titles,Voice Over, no music. Animoto (free but requires account) Titles, music, no voice over. iMovie ($4.99) Trailer Feature Templates Music & Sounds
  27. 27. I WANT MY STUDENTS TO SHARE THEIR PROJECT WITH ME DropboxEmail Google Drive Padlet Wall http://padlet.com/ Manual Sync
  28. 28. Email from Camera roll. • Open the photo library. • Press Select. • Choose the video. • Touch the share icon and choose email.
  29. 29. Sharing Using the Google Drive App • Requires google accounts. 35 To share:1. 2. 3. 4.
  30. 30. Sharing Using the Dropbox App Requires a dropbox account (free). ! Options: •Create a class account and sign in with that on each iPad. ! •Students join Dropbox and you create ‘shared’ folders. Students sign in with their own dropbox accounts.
  31. 31. Sharing Using the Dropbox App •Upload files individually •Files uploaded from the iPad appear in the Camera Uploads Folder.
  32. 32. ! ! Double tap to upload your video.! Type your name. 1. Upload 2. Tap to upload 3. Choose existing 4. Choose video. 5. Use
  33. 33. SharingYour Photos Note: Videos and photos in your camera roll can be manually transferred to your computer through the iPad cable. 1. Plug your iPad into your computer. 2. If iTunes opens up, close it. DO NOT SYNC. 3. PC-The auto import from camera should appear. Import images as you would from a digital camera. Mac-Open iPhoto and import.
  35. 35. GROUP ACTIVITY ★ Working  in  groups,  you  will  explore  an  app   in  a  classroom  context.    Please  change  the   context  to  suit  an  objective  you  are   teaching.   ★ There  may  be  QR  Codes  to  scan  for   additional  information.   ★ At  the  end  of  our  small  group  time,  your   group  will  demo  the  app  and  its   applications  to  the  whole  group. i-nigma QR Reader
  36. 36. GROUP ACTIVITY Group Activity Possible Tool(s) 1 Create a poster PicCollage 2 Create a MindMap Popplet Lite or Mindomo 3 Create a puppet show PuppetPals 4 Create an explanation ScreenChomp or Doceri
  37. 37. Collage Station! •Pick one of the regions of Alberta. •Create a poster that shows images of that region and the key natural resources in that area. 1. Open PicCollage. Search for images of Alberta inside the app. 2. Create your poster. 3. Export your collage to the camera roll. 4. Share your poster with someone. Pic Collage Note: You can search for images from inside the PicCollage App. Grade 4 Social Studies: 4.1.2 - examine, critically, the physical geography of Alberta by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions and issues: What are the major geographical and natural vegetation regions, landforms and bodies of water in Alberta (e.g., prairie region, forests, rivers, hoodoos, Rocky Mountains, oil sands)? What are the significant natural resources in Alberta, and where are they located (e.g., Scan the QR Code for information about Alberta.
  38. 38. Pic Collage (Free)
  39. 39. Pic Collage (Free)
  40. 40. Grade 5 Language Arts Experiment with language • experiment with words and sentence patterns to create word pictures; identify how imagery and figurative language, such as simile and exaggeration, convey meaning ! • Create  a  short  dialogue  between  two  characters  using   the  Puppet  Pals  (Free)  App.       ! • You  must  include  at  least  two  similes,  one  metaphor   and  two  hyperboles.   • Export  your  puppet  show  to  the  camera  roll.   • Share  your  puppet  show  with  someone.   ! Note: with the paid version (Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass $2.99) you get more puppets and are able to import your own images.
  41. 41. Puppet Pals Puppet Pals HD (free) Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass ($2.99) 1. Choose actors 2. Choose backdrop
  42. 42. Puppet Pals Puppet Pals HD (free) Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass ($2.99) 3. Move your actors while you record your voice. 4. Save then export your movie.
  43. 43. Mind-Mapping Station! •Use a mind-mapping app to create a mind- map of 5 different types of clouds and the types of weather associated with each cloud. •Step 1: Save images of the types of clouds to the camera roll. •Step 2: Open the app to create your mind- map. Insert your images of types of clouds in your mind-map Possible Apps to use: Mindomo - More complex interface. You can create an unlimited number of mind-maps. Popplet Lite - Easier interface for younger children. Lite version - You can only create one mind-map at a time.
  44. 44. Popplet Lite- Free Export & Email Add images, text and drawings. ! Easy to use. ! Can be emailed as a PDF or JPEG. ! Can be saved to camera roll. ! In FreeVersion you cannot save the popplet right in Popplet. They need to be completed in one sitting and then exported. In the full version (4.99), you can collaborate with others over wifi on a popplet and save popplets directly in popplet. Add a new popplet
  45. 45. Double Tap to add a node. Insert images Create a new map Mindomo
  46. 46. Grade 9 Science: * investigate and describe evidence of energy transfer and transformation Wind turbine Image • Use Screen Chomp or Doceri to explain how a wind mill or wind turbine produces energy. 1. Find an image or diagram of a wind turbine. Save it to the camera roll. 2. Record your voice and/or annotate to explain how it generates energy. 3. Export your video to the camera roll. Doceri (free) ScreenChomp (free)
  47. 47. ScreenChomp (free) 2.1. 3.
  48. 48. ScreenChomp (free) 4. 5. 6. Email the link.
  49. 49. Doceri New RecordVoice and Screen cast Add image Pens and Drawing tools Undo and redo
  50. 50. Doceri- To save your video to the Camera Roll Select your recording and drag to the camera roll icon.
  51. 51. QR CODES i-nigma QR Reader
  52. 52. TO CREATE A QR CODE http://www.qrstuff.com
  53. 53. COLLABORATION TIME Working in Grade (and/or Subject) level groups… • Share ideas for how you may use some of the tools explored today. • Share your favourite resources or apps to use on iPads in your classroom context. • You can also explore the app lists on the following pages. ! Each group will be expected to share at least one idea and one of their favourite resources or apps.
  54. 54. APP LISTS http://www.tcea.org/ipad http://www.21innovate.com/top-apps.html bit.ly/1oYP8Mv
  55. 55. COLLABORATION TIME Share your ideas, apps and any other resources!
  56. 56. IPAD RESOURCES • http://www.schrockguide.net/ipads-in-the- classroom.html • http://learninginhand.com/ipad/ • http://langwitches.wikispaces.com/iPad+Activities • http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/26195
  57. 57. EXIT PASS What’s your take away? Karla  Holt   karla.holt@me.com   @karlaholt