A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Seventeen


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Seventeen

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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Seventeen

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Seventeen By RoseFyre Yay, we are not being nearly so hiatus-y this time! Enjoy! …Though, uh, you may want to check out earlier chapters, if only to figure out who the heck all the kids are. --- And, as always, I don't own Joss Whedon or any characters/places from Buffy/Angel.
  2. 2. The morning started as most mornings did at 1630 Revello Drive: with a toddler using the potty. “Pwetty potty,” Kate said, patting the side of it. “Did Kate use her potty?” The voice came from above, and Kate looked up at its owner. “Potty good,” she said solemnly. Lilah laughed. “Yes, potty good. But now it’s time to play.” She swooped her daughter into her arms, fed her a bottle of smart milk, and set her down by the block set.
  3. 3. “Pway!” Kate yelled happily. Lilah smiled indulgently. “Yes, play. Now, see, the red block goes there.” Kate placed the red block as her mother had instructed, then picked up the yellow block and looked at it thoughtfully.
  4. 4. “Nom,” she said, beginning to chew on it. Lilah laughed. “Well, the yellow block is supposed to go into the triangle, but I suppose you can nom it instead.”
  5. 5. When they were done playing, and Kate was done nomming, Lilah picked her up. “You know, I think I’m actually going to miss having a toddler around once you get big.” She bounced Kate a bit, watching her daughter giggle. “On the other hand, no more pregnancy is completely a good thing. It’s all a balance, I guess.” Kate yawned, and Lilah smiled at her. “Anyway, you need a nap. Time for bed!” “No want bed!” “Yes, bed.”
  6. 6. Of course, the instant Lilah put her in her crib, Kate yawned and lay down, falling asleep immediately.
  7. 7. While Kate napped and the three middle children were at school, Connor got home and immediately started to slap dance, just for the fun of it.
  8. 8. Then he found his mother’s rock guitar and played it a bit. She eventually joined him, dancing.
  9. 9. And then, unfortunately, it was time for his part-time job, as a Dishwasher at the Espresso Pump. Connor didn’t love working, but he knew it would be valuable experience for when he was older.
  10. 10. “Aunt Tara?” “Yes, Lindsey.” “Will you teach me how to do homework?” Tara glanced behind her, to where her sister was eating dinner. “Why not ask your mom?” Lindsey shrugged. “Why not ask you?” Tara smiled. “Why not indeed? Sure.”
  11. 11. As they headed into the living room, Connor got home from work and headed for the telescope.
  12. 12. And Rupert came out for the first time.
  13. 13. In the middle of the night, Kate woke up and waited for someone to come get her. Unfortunately, everyone was sleeping. “Mama!” she wailed. “Maaaaaaama!”
  14. 14. Her mother wasn’t the one who heard the wailing, however, and Tara came downstairs to get her niece. “Shhh, I’ve got you.” She picked Kate up. “Let’s let your mom sleep. She’s tired from watching you all day.” “Not tired!” Kate said. Tara laughed. “No, you are certainly not tired. Let’s get you a bottle.”
  15. 15. After Tara fed Kate and brought her to the potty, she put her down by the toys. Then she headed for the living room to take a nap, so she’d be able to hear Kate if she cried.
  16. 16. Soon after, it was morning, and time for the kids to get ready for school. Well, ready by a given definition, that includes playing around on the dance sphere.
  17. 17. Richard, on the other hand, baked himself a muffin using the toy oven. He was very pleased when it came out well. After breakfast, the boys got dressed and headed out for school and Tara headed for work, leaving Lilah and Kate in a quiet house.
  18. 18. Lilah took advantage of the quiet to teach Kate how to walk.
  19. 19. Then she managed to put Kate down for a nap and headed outside, where she found Wilson Graham walking by. She had a fun time flirting with him, but made sure to stop blatantly flirting with him when her sons got home from school. Besides, she had work later that night, and she had to look good for her concert.
  20. 20. After school, it was time for studying and playing. First they had fun, then they studied. After all, all five kids would be expected to lift restrictions once they were old enough - and if they studied now, they wouldn’t have to later.
  21. 21. Then it was dinnertime, which Tara cooked for the boys. Robin told their aunt all about what he and Richard had learned at school that day. Tara was a good listener, and she made sure to hear what all the boys told her.
  22. 22. When Lilah got home from work, there was one thing that she was very definitely in the mood for.
  23. 23. Luckily, Wilson Graham was still at the house, and quite willing.
  24. 24. “Oh God, Mom, please stop,” Connor said, pulling away from the telescope as he saw his mother flirting with a random man. “You’re embarrassing me.” Lilah looked at her son, then her potential lover. “Sorry, Wilson,” she said. “I’ve got to think of my kids.” He slumped. “You sure?” “Yeah.” She leaned in close and spoke quietly. “Come back another day in the morning, or even wait another few hours - til the kids are all asleep - and I’ll be happy to do whatever. Just not in front of my kids.” He nodded. “Okay.”
  25. 25. Her kids were important, so Lilah headed into the nursery to read Kate her bedtime story and put her to bed. The kids did make it worth it to have to wait for woohoo. But no way in hell was she going to stop it altogether, not even for them. She’d just have to learn to be discreet.
  26. 26. Luckily, Wilson didn’t mind waiting til the kids were asleep, nor did he mind using the hot tub. And the woohoo was worth the wait.
  27. 27. The next morning started with a mass study session, as all the boys had a day off from school.
  28. 28. They didn’t only use the books, though - there was mini-golf to be played, and aunts to beat at chess. They alternated the books with games, trying to get all their skills, but still have fun.
  29. 29. And Connor even took a few breaks to take care of his baby sister.
  30. 30. Even Kate had to study - she needed to learn to talk, after all. Lilah was happy to sit with her until she did.
  31. 31. Later that night, Connor snuck out of the house while everyone else was in bed. He didn’t mind studying, not really, and he definitely didn’t mind taking care of his baby sister, but sometimes a teen needed time to himself. Or, well, time to himself and his best friend.
  32. 32. His cousin Warren was always happy to sneak out with him. “Yo, man, where’d you get the awesome car?” Warren asked as he got in. “Just borrowed it from Old Man Landgraab. “Borrowed? Nice euphemism for stole.” “I try.” They had a good time in town, though not much exciting happened. The excitement of sneaking out was really enough on its own, anyway. --- Joss-->Buffy-->Anya-->Danny-->Warren
  33. 33. Life at Wesley, Lorne, and Riley’s house went on as normal. Drusilla spent much of her time talking to D’Hoffryn, the family bird, often about one of her favorite topics - money.
  34. 34. In addition, the family adopted a kitten. While technically illegal at the current moment, as a cousin house, the rules were ignored. Drusilla promptly named her Miss Edith.
  35. 35. “I’m going to love you forever and ever, Miss Edith.” “Mew?” “Yes, forever and ever and ever.”
  36. 36. From that moment on, Drusilla spent a lot of her time with her kitten. Miss Edith may have technically belonged to the whole family, but in Drusilla’s mind, she was hers.
  37. 37. The adults in the house often worked. The Captain Hero Brigade was much beloved across The Hellmouth.
  38. 38. And always willing to accept hugs when they got home from work.
  39. 39. And, of course, stargazing continued - sometimes even without the stars.
  40. 40. At UC Sunnydale, Andrew found himself increasingly enchanted with the campus cheerleader, Patty Mullins. She’d dated his uncle Lorne at one point, but was now over him, and wanted something more than just quick woohoo. Andrew liked her a lot. Of course, when his cousin Faith shamelessly eavesdropped on their conversations while trying to fulfill wants…well, that got annoying. --- Joss-->Cordy-->Xander-->Joyce-->Faith
  41. 41. Patty was awesome, though, and he knew that they could be great together. She seemed to agree.
  42. 42. Once again, Kate woke up and was very unhappy when no one was immediately at her bedside to pick her up. “Mama!”
  43. 43. This time it was her big brother who rescued her from the horrors of the crib. “You’ve got quite a set of lungs on you, haven’t you?” Kate smiled up at him, immediately content now that she was being held, and bounced a bit. He bounced her some more. “Good thing you’re gonna be a kid soon, huh? Maybe then you’ll stop screeching so much.”
  44. 44. In fact, Kate was due to grow up that very day, and she wasn’t the only one, either. “Now I’ve got you!” “Oh no! I can’t be dead for our birthday!” Richard laughed evilly. “Then you will have to surrender!” “Never!” Robin yelled, running away from his brother. “I will never surrender!” “Come back, you knave!”
  45. 45. Robin stopped running suddenly as he felt his body start to shake. It was time to grow up and become a teen.
  46. 46. Both twins grew up very well, though into outfits that did not suit them at all.
  47. 47. And then it was Kate’s turn.
  48. 48. She promptly went up to her new bedroom and changed into much nicer pajamas, then went to sleep in her new bed.
  49. 49. And her brothers, attired in far more suitable clothing, took their places at the new telescopes. They were even able to stay up all night with the help of the Energizer.
  50. 50. The next morning, Kate attempted to bake her first muffin. Unlike her brothers’ attempts, it did not go well.
  51. 51. Richard, fresh off the Energizer, played with his mother’s guitar. It was awesomely fun.
  52. 52. Once the kids went to school, Tara, who had the day off, took over the computer and worked on her third novel. The first two had sold well, but she hadn’t had time to work on one recently - she felt awkward doing it in front of the kids, and, anyway, the kids kept her busy most of the time. And she had a full-time job. That took a lot of time. Still, now that she had the free time and the kids weren’t toddlers any longer, she really wanted to finish another best-selling novel. The Chronicles of Morgan Rosenberg, she typed, Part Three: Lust in Los Angeles. It had taken her a while to come up with the title, even though she’d already written most of the novel, but she was rather proud of it nonetheless.
  53. 53. Lilah, meanwhile, spent her day off giving Tara more fodder for her novel. Gilbert Jacquet was a very willing partner in that endeavor.
  54. 54. At one, the teens got home and, as it was a nice day out, sat on the front lawn to do their homework. Connor put his down fairly quickly. He had no interest in doing it. “Wanna head out?” he asked his brothers. “Where, though?” Robin asked. “The Bronze. It’s much nicer now that the building restrictions have lifted, Uncle Riley said. I want a cell phone. And a date.” “How will we get there?” Richard asked. “We’ll borrow the car. I bet Mom’ll say yes.”
  55. 55. Unsurprisingly, Lilah said yes, quite happy to have the kids out of her hair, rather than noticing that Gilbert Jacquet was relaxing on her bed, waiting for her. Permission granted and homework done, the three boys headed out to The Bronze.
  56. 56. Cell phones were the first thing on everyone’s minds, so all three boys enjoyed buying them.
  57. 57. Then it was time to hang out. Connor and Richard had a good time pillow fighting, eating, and drinking coffee. They met some nice people, took pictures, and did all the other things one does at a community lot.
  58. 58. Robin, on the other hand, happily ignored his brothers in favor of a hot girl. “Wow, you are hot,” he said to Eileen Hart. “Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.” “I hope I’m more than not so bad!” “Maybe,” she said, smiling coyly.
  59. 59. They went around The Bronze, using various items, flirting all the while.
  60. 60. And eventually Robin managed to convince Eileen to give him his first kiss.
  61. 61. By the time the boys got home, Lindsey and Kate were home from school, and Lilah was teaching Kate how to do her homework.
  62. 62. They went inside to study, but before Richard could reach the books (and there was one on mechanics that looked really interesting), Robin pulled him into a headlock. “Robin! Stop it!” “What, can’t take a little noogying?” Richard finally managed to wrench himself free. “Only if you let me do it to you, too.” Robin laughed, but moved away quickly, headed towards the bookshelf. Richard followed him. “What, you can give it but not take it?” Robin flipped him the bird. “Ass.” “Oh, shut up.” The brothers grinned at each other and headed for the bookshelf, Richard privately vowing that he’d give as good as he got next chance he had.
  63. 63. On his way to the bookshelf, Richard caught sight of his mom about to teach his younger sister how to use the punching bag. “Koo-cha, kiddo.” “Richard, what are you doing?” Lilah asked him. “Finger gun. Isn’t it awesome?” “Sure, whatever.” “Mom,” Kate said, “can you please show me what to do?” “Sure.”
  64. 64. As the responsible one (and because Lilah was busy with Kate), Tara took charge of that night’s headmaster visit. Naturally, both Lindsey and Kate got into Hemery, joining their brothers at the private school. Then she went back to working on her novel.
  65. 65. Besides, even though Lilah had been busy, she’d been busy with something useful. Kate managed to max her Body skill, allowing her to leave the house for reasons other than school.
  66. 66. The next morning, Tara got a call from her publisher - her third novel was a hit! She immediately started on her fourth.
  67. 67. School went well that day - Lindsey came home with his first A+.
  68. 68. As they sat together doing their homework, Kate erased something she’d written. “How’d you manage to get an A+?” Kate sounded faintly jealous. Lindsey shrugged. “Lots of work. Besides, I’m four days older than you. You’ll get one soon.” “I hope it doesn’t take me as long as it took you!” “Well, s’not a weekend soon, right? So probably not.” “I guess. Wanna play when we’re done?” “Yes!”
  69. 69. “Haha, I caught you!” Lindsey held up his hands. “Aw, come on!” “Nuh uh, I have the gun, and I caught you!” “Fine, but next time I get to be the cop.”
  70. 70. While their younger siblings were playing, Robin and Richard started their new teen jobs. …I forget what they were in, but it doesn’t really matter.
  71. 71. After they finished their game, Kate spent some time with the family bird Acathla.
  72. 72. And Lindsey took a shower and then played in the tub.
  73. 73. When Connor got home, he brought two of his coworkers from the Espresso Pump with him. Richard was immediately attracted to Orlando Centowski, and managed to get his first kiss from him. Connor, meanwhile, quite liked Dwayne Kim, and found him good enough for a date and a first kiss. The thing was, Connor didn’t really care if his partners were male or female - what was important was that they were willing to date him, and to have fun while doing so. After getting their kisses, both boys - and Robin - headed out to stargaze.
  74. 74. Stargazing was happening at many houses, and all three gen 4 males were at it every night.
  75. 75. Of course, they kept busy with other things during the day. Marie Mazza had no problems keeping Lorne occupied.
  76. 76. And soon after, it was time for Drusilla to join her cousins in teenhood. She grew up very well, but immediately decided to change her hair and clothing anyway.
  77. 77. She ended up very pretty.
  78. 78. Then she sat down at the family computer and got a job. There was really no need for her to have a job, but, being a Fortune Sim, she wanted one. The Young Entrepreneur’s Award sounded really nice, too.
  79. 79. There wasn’t a whole lot different about being a teen, at least not immediately. The job was pretty much it. Of course, now Miss Edith seemed much smaller. Drusilla still adored her kitten, though.
  80. 80. And then it was time for Lorne and Riley to fulfill their promise, and to take the younger six cousins on vacation. The group that went were Robin, Richard, Lindsey, Kate, Drusilla, and their second cousin Ben. --- Joss-->Buffy-->Fred-->Harmony-->Ben
  81. 81. This time, they started their trip to Yellowstone with a visit to Bigfoot’s cabin. Riley swiftly made friends with him.
  82. 82. Afterwards, almost everyone joined Bigfoot for some slap dancing, though Richard stayed by the pond instead.
  83. 83. Then they headed out to one of the lots, where the kids tasted flapjacks for the first time. Riley spent a bit of time learning about the history of Yellowstone, and a tour was enjoyed by everyone.
  84. 84. And, perhaps most importantly of all, there was log rolling. Even though it was chilly out, everyone had fun, though Kate was not happy when Lindsey managed to knock her off the log.
  85. 85. Then they headed back to the hotel. Everyone took naps, then spent some time enjoying what the hotel had to offer. Kate played pinball and made friends with one of the other visitors to the lot.
  86. 86. Robin and Lindsey enjoyed the dart board.
  87. 87. And then the pool.
  88. 88. Richard and Ben spent some time getting to know each other better.
  89. 89. They all enjoyed a tasty meal of room service.
  90. 90. And Drusilla listened happily while Lindsey told her all about his day - even though she’d been there for all of it too. She didn’t mind, though. It was great to spend time with her cousins, and dancing was always, always wonderful.
  91. 91. The next few days were spent in much the same way, though the uncles took some time to themselves. The teens were quite happy to ignore the adults most of the time, and even the children didn’t need much looking after. This let Riley learn all sorts of things, some of which he also taught the children. And it let Lorne have time for, uh, other pursuits, which he absolutely did not teach the children. Everyone had a wonderful vacation, and felt refreshed by the time they left to go home.
  92. 92. Once home, it was back to the grind. “Goodbye mister bus driver!” “Now you have a good day and I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” “Okay!”
  93. 93. Once off the bus, Kate looked at her report card. “A+! Yes!”
  94. 94. She immediately ran inside to tell her mother. “Mommy, Mommy, look! I got an A+!” “Congratulations, Kate.” Kate grinned smugly. “I got it faster than Lindsey, too.” “Now, be nice to your brother.” “Don’t wanna. Can we play, Mommy?” “After you do your homework.” “Fine.”
  95. 95. After Kate did her homework, she found her mother again, and joined her for a game of red hands.
  96. 96. Then she tried baking a muffin again, and this time it came out well! She sniffed it. “Ah. The sweet smell of success.”
  97. 97. While Kate was playing and baking, her brothers were, once again, at the telescopes. Unfortunately, the ghost of Miss Kitty Fantastico was out haunting that night, and Robin was the one hit. Unlike his twin, he had absolutely no interest in seeing a ghost.
  98. 98. As Miss Kitty Fantastico seemed to be there to stay, we decided to build a deck off to one side of the lot and stick the telescopes on it, leaving enough room for Jumbok when he was needed.
  99. 99. Connor’s date Dwayne also came by later that evening to drop off a date gift.
  100. 100. Tara looked at him. “Did you just put a piano on the front porch?” “Yes.” “Pardon me, but I have to get to work.” She’d switched jobs a bit, working on Lifetime Wants, and was now back in Criminal and working 2-8. “Just walk around it.” She shook her head, then did so. She could barely get around it, but she did manage. The piano, as a still illegal object, was promptly sold.
  101. 101. The next morning, Lilah managed to convince Remington the maid that flirting really was a good idea after all, though, due to the kids returning from school and his need to actually do his job, they didn’t get very far.
  102. 102. And soon after returning home from school, it was time for Lindsey to join his brothers in teenhood. He grew up well, into a decent outfit, but decided to change his clothes anyway. The vest top suited him much better.
  103. 103. After getting a teen job in…something, he joined his brothers at the telescope platform.
  104. 104. Richard wasn’t in a good enough mood to Energize, so he invited Orlando over and asked him to go steady. Unfortunately, the first time he refused, which meant the want rerolled, and even when he said yes the second time, Richard didn’t get any aspiration points for it. Luckily, he had another want that could be fulfilled that night.
  105. 105. Want to see his grandmother’s ghost fulfilled, Richard energized, then joined his brothers at the telescopes.
  106. 106. His grandmother, meanwhile, found the ghost kitty and immediately turned adorable.
  107. 107. “Ah, finally maxed my logic.” “Congrats, Connor.” “Anything going on at your telescope?” “Nope. Sky’s boring tonight.” “Same here. And I’m exhausted. Time to go energize.”
  108. 108. However, something went horribly wrong with the Energizer, due to Connor falling just a sliver out of the gold at exactly the wrong time. He was suddenly exhausted, starving, dirty, and desperately needed the bathroom. Oh, and some nice, fun, social contact wouldn’t go amiss.
  109. 109. He managed to stagger inside and ate a few bites of chili before falling asleep in his bowl. Tara looked at him. “Poor kid. Looks like he’s going to have to miss school today.”
  110. 110. After his siblings had left for school, Connor woke up and cried a bit over the bladder failure he’d had just after leaving the Energizer. This time, his mother was eating breakfast. “You’ll be fine, Connor. Just eat something, get some sleep, go to work.” “I’m gonna lose my Scholar’s Grant, Mom. I leave for college tomorrow, no way are my grades going to recover.” Lilah shrugged. “You’ve got those limos in Inventory, right?” “Yeah.” “Scholarships don’t matter as much as they used to, Connor. You’ll be fine.” “Peeing outside still sucks.” “No arguments there.”
  111. 111. After eating, Connor headed upstairs and took over the highest rated bed in the house - his Aunt Tara’s. He desperately needed the sleep.
  112. 112. Luckily, he managed to recover from his experience in time to go to work at six that evening. “Hi Connor! I topped my teen career!” Connor shook his head at his younger brother. “Congrats, Lindsey.”
  113. 113. Despite topping his career, however, Lindsey was still in a fairly bad mood, and there was one thing he desperately wanted. “Hi! I’d like a date, please.” He listened. “1630 Revello Drive. See you soon!”
  114. 114. When the gypsy got there, Lindsey greeted her. “Hi, yes, I’d like a date please. Well, a first kiss. But a date. So I can get one.” “True love will cost a lot.” “Oh! I have money.” He fished out some bills and handed them to the gypsy. “Is that enough?” “Yes, it is. I foresee true love with this one.” “Good!”
  115. 115. The girl who dropped was certainly very pretty. “Hi,” he said, “I’m Lindsey Whedon.” “Amber Dawn.”
  116. 116. Lindsey and Amber immediately ignored the gypsy, so she was available when Connor got home from work. This time, he decided to ask for a female date. He and Amy Jones had a good time, though there wasn’t anything permanent between them.
  117. 117. Lindsey and Amber, meanwhile, were quickly moving in that direction.
  118. 118. When they finished dancing, Lindsey pulled back a little. “I, I think you’re really pretty, Amber.” She smiled. “Thanks!” “Do you mind - I mean, can I kiss you?” “Go for it.”
  119. 119. “Welcome home, Mommy! Did you have a good concert?” Lilah glanced at her watch as she hugged her daughter. “Why are you awake, Kate? And yes, I did.” Kate shrugged. “The boys are all being all icky with their dates and Aunt Tara’s writing another novel and said I wasn’t old enough to look at it yet and I said that if I could see the boys like this, why not her novel, and she said I would understand when I was older. But she forgot to tell me to go to bed so I didn’t.” Lilah shook her head. “Goodnight, then, Kate.” Then she stood up and looked at her sons. “Boys! If you want your dates to be here, be quiet! Your sister needs sleep, and so do I.” Lindsey spoke up. “We don’t have to send the girls away, do we?” “Nah, dating is cool. Just be careful about noise.”
  120. 120. Meanwhile, at the Hyperion Hotel, Lorne was still busy making marks on his bedpost. Jan Tellerman certainly wasn’t objecting.
  121. 121. No, she was not objecting at all.
  122. 122. It was also time for Miss Edith to become an adult cat, rather than a kitten. As she was now able to climb the stairs, most of her supplies were moved upstairs into Drusilla’s room, and the nursery was turned back into a nursery once more.
  123. 123. “So you got bigger too, huh, Miss Edith?” “Yes, that’s what cats do.” “Yes you did!” Miss Edith looked at her human. “Why’d I get stuck with the crazy one?” Then she shrugged. “At least she gives good pettings.”
  124. 124. The next day, Lorne asked for another date. The gypsy gave him a professor. He looked at her. “I paid you $5000. Can I have someone in my age range?” “Picky, picky.” “I’m turned off by gray hair. You shouldn’t have given me a professor in the first place.” The gypsy waved her hand. “Details, details. $5000 more for another date.” “Fine.”
  125. 125. “So, why are you wearing a maid’s outfit? You’re not a maid.” His date shrugged. “No, I’m not. Don’t ask me.”
  126. 126. They had a very good date, which brought Lorne to his most recent Lifetime Want of 20 simultaneous lovers. Afterwards, he left her in the bed and headed for the telescope, joining his younger brother there.
  127. 127. While there, he found himself pulled up into a bright light, somewhere up in the sky. “What the hell?” he asked. Then he was gone.
  128. 128. Alerted by the special Maxis power of “knowing Riley shook his head. “No, didn’t mean it that way. I everything that happens on the lot no matter what,” mean it should have been me.” Drusilla and Miss Edith came running outside. “…You are so weird.” “Uncle Riley! What happened?” “Lorne got abducted by aliens.” “Knowledge Sim, Drusilla.” “That is…not awesome.” “Right.” “Not at all.” Miss Edith, meanwhile, looked up at the telescope. “Man, am I ever glad cats can’t get abducted.” She shuddered. “Abduction. Ick.”
  129. 129. While Riley headed inside to finally sleep for once, Drusilla looked at the telescope. “I think I’m gonna stay away from this thing.”
  130. 130. Early the next morning, the entire family was woken by the sound of the spaceship coming back down. “I hope Lorne’s okay!” Lauren said. “Me too, Mom.” Wesley covered his ears. “Man, that thing is loud.” Lorne was thrown to the ground in front of his brother, sister-in-law, and niece.
  131. 131. He stood up slowly. “That was horrible! I hope it never happens again!” Then he went upstairs and collapsed into bed.
  132. 132. Soon after, Andrew and Johnny graduated from college, and decided to host a party at their house. They invited the whole family. --- Joss-->Buffy-->Anya-->Charlie-->Johnny
  133. 133. Lorne unfortunately had to leave early. He wasn’t feeling very well - and was pretty sure he had some sort of stomach bug - so he went home to rest.
  134. 134. Everyone had a lot of fun. They hung out with their cousins, tai chi-ed with their spouses, and slap danced a whole lot.
  135. 135. “So you’re my cousin Kate. Mom said you’re closest in age to me.” “I guess. You’re, um…” “Graham. My mom’s Darla.” “She’s actually my second cousin, so you’re my…second cousin once removed.” Graham shrugged. “If you say so. We’re the only kids, anyway.” “Not for long, for me.” “What do you mean?”
  136. 136. They turned, as the dance demanded, but Kate looked at him over her shoulder. “I’m three days from teening.” “Awww. I’ve got eight to go.” She smiled at him. “We can still be friends.” “True!” --- Joss-->Cordy-->Xander-->Dawn-->Darla-->Graham
  137. 137. The party went well. In fact, it went so well that some of us fell asleep in our dinners.
  138. 138. And the next morning, Andrew left UC Sunnydale, bought new clothing, and married his fiancee - Patty Mullins, the ex-cheerleader.
  139. 139. “What are you doing, Connor?” “Calling for a cab to UC Sunnydale. What are you doing up, squirt?” “It’s already 6:30.” He shook his head. “Morning people.” “And proud of it.”
  140. 140. Once the cab came, Connor went to get into it. “Goodbye!” Kate shouted after him. “Have a good time at college! Come back to visit soon!”
  141. 141. When Connor got to UC Sunnydale, his first thought was that he needed a new outfit.
  142. 142. He changed his clothing. “Much better.” Then he had his second thought. “Man. I need a house.” --- For more info, turn the page!
  143. 143. Well, that’s Chapter Seventeen, the chapter of growing up. Next chapter we move on to college, and more growing up. No lifts were lifted, because Gen 4 is done with theirs, but Gen 5 is moving ever closer. In case you’re curious, Lorne IS alien pregnant. I have not decided whether or not to cheesecake him yet. I probably will - he got pregnant at 7 days to Elder, so no real chance of another kid after this one. Either way, that won’t happen for a bit. Next up is my apocaversary, which is going to be entirely staged, and which is going to be another flipped fairy tale. No, I’m not telling you which one or who will star, except that it won’t be Buffy this time around.
  144. 144. Finally, we shall end with Adorable!Kate and some aspirations and Lifetime Wants! I know Kate’s aspiration, but not her Lifetime Want, but you shall find that out next time. Robin Wood Whedon Romance (20 simultaneous lovers) [aka my Romance Sims hate me] Richard Wilkins Whedon Knowledge (Mad Scientist) Lindsey McDonald Whedon Family (Captain Hero) Drusilla Aurelius Whedon Fortune (Hall of Famer)