Yazoo Family OWBC Chapter 6 Seriously Mystery, Again?


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Chapter 6 of my OWBC!

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Yazoo Family OWBC Chapter 6 Seriously Mystery, Again?

  1. 1. Yazoo Family OWBC Chapter 6 Seriously Mystery, Again?
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Yazoo Family OWBC! Oh, you want to know the reason for the title? Well just stick around and you’ll see. Anyway, we start the chapter off with the reunion of Bonus and Oktoc Yazoo. Sweet no?
  3. 3. The boys spent the evening playing pool which was great because I got to watch Ok pull awesome faces.
  4. 4. Not that Bonus couldn’t hold his own. Even as a zombie, Bonus still looks good in black.
  5. 5. Of course, I probably should have known inviting Bonus to the house was a bad idea. Especially since Mississippi here still hates him.
  6. 6. So Bonus went home and Oktoc went on to take care of baby Leland who was screaming his head off. But actually both babies have been pretty good.
  7. 7. After putting the babies down for the night, Oktoc moved on to try to convince Gem to get started on making baby P. She didn’t need much.
  8. 8. The next day was the twins birthday since the baby stage flies by in Sims 2. So Oktoc twirled Leland who oddly enough spent most of his days in the pink crib, while Gem spun Lil’ into toddlerhood.
  9. 9. I’d say Lee turned out pretty cute.
  10. 10. So did Little. Or Lil’ as Gem likes to call her.
  11. 11. Skill building ensued. Oktoc took up taking care of Leland.
  12. 12. While Gem handled Little.
  13. 13. But Lee here spent most of his time with everyone. I swear he got more attention than was necessary. I’ve never gotten so sick of adults trying to bathe a toddler in my life.
  14. 14. “ Okay Lee, it’s bath time!” “ No fair Jo, you gave him the morning and afternoon bath, I should get the 2 o’clock bath.” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  15. 15. “ Hey Ok? Is it okay if I give this little guy a bath before I go home?” *head desk*
  16. 16. About the only thing that kept the family from bathing the toddlers was Ok’s tub-pirating. Of course then I had to watch as someone whined they couldn’t give Lee his 15 th bath in one day.
  17. 19. But he is really cute. So maybe that’s why he gets so much attention.
  18. 20. He’s even followed around by his baby sister Little.
  19. 21. “ Hey, give Lil’ attention too!” Oh don’t worry I’ve got picspam of Little too. After all she was just too cute playing that xylophone all day.
  20. 25. No, I didn’t follow these two around with a camera for 4 straight days. *shifty eyes*
  21. 26. “ Bonus!!!!!!!!!” “ Hey I’m just giving you the opportunity to transition over to the spare houses for a bit.” We both know you are only trying to torture me.
  22. 27. So we need to backtrack a little to get the whole run-down on what’s going on in Ora’s home. When we last left off baby Eureka had been born to Ora and Matthew. “ I'm telling you man, you should totally turn yourself into a plantsim. It’d help with the constant slouching.”
  23. 28. <ul><ul><li>“ I’ve been thinking about what you said Matt. I think it’s actually a pretty good idea. Is it okay if I spray up your yard?” </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>“ Yeah man, go for it. Just one thing though.” </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>“ What’s that?” </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>“ You’re cool with being our live in babysitter right?” </li></ul></ul>
  24. 29. Whether he liked it or not, Bonus did end up taking care of baby Eureka while mom and dad were either working on their careers or other lifetime goals.
  25. 30. You know like making more kids. Ora is a family sim after all.
  26. 31. Eureka grew into a very cute toddler who like her cousins loved making music.
  27. 32. And she also loved spending time with Uncle Bonus who surprisingly didn’t seem to mind Eureka was a girl.
  28. 33. But don’t think she was neglected by either of her parents. Ora made sure to teach her little girl how to walk.
  29. 34. And Matthew played with her every afternoon after work.
  30. 35. And it didn’t take these two long before they would soon be welcoming another baby into the family.
  31. 36. Fall flew by and soon it was time for Eureka to grow up.
  32. 37. But first the family had to welcome baby Olmec into the house. Olmec is named for the talking head in The Legend of the Hidden Temple. I loved that game show when I was a kid.
  33. 38. The whole family showed up to celebrate Eureka’s birthday.
  34. 39. And I’d say she’s still a cutie.
  35. 40. And who do you call the minute you turn into a plantsim? Well if you’re Bonus, you call your knowledge sim brother Oxford over for a chat. Of course then results with “turn into a plantsim” wants clogging up Ox’s want panel. But meh. So let’s check in on Oxford and his mixed family before heading back to OWBC main.
  36. 41. Ox and Samantha continue to dote on all the kids. It’s really sweet.
  37. 42. Sharla was proving to be a pretty good big sister.
  38. 43. Amita and Larry grew up into adorable toddlers.
  39. 44. Ox decided to ask Samantha to marry him on Tommy’s birthday. She happily said yes.
  40. 45. And Tommy grew up and now spends his days going to school and hanging out with his big sister Sharla.
  41. 46. They spent the fall as one big happy family. There was really only one thing left to do to make everything complete.
  42. 47. And that was to have these two tie the knot. Good thing too since, Samantha is pregnant with their first baby. Shh, they don’t know yet.
  43. 48. Back in OWBC main the family is passing around a cold bug. The most recent victim is Chunky. I’m going to have to guarteen the sick to get this stuff out of the house.
  44. 49. Toddlers don’t stay toddlers nearly long enough for my liking. Soon it was time for the toddlers to grow up into kids. Lee here went first followed closely by Little.
  45. 50. He grew up with dad’s hair and a nice clothing choice. Actually the both pulled that off.
  46. 51. See? And I’ll give you three tries to figure out why Lil’ grew up in the bathroom. And no the first two don’t count. Yep, Momma Jo was trying to give her another bath.
  47. 52. “ I’m really gonna have a baby brother or sister tomorrow? That’s so cool!” Yes Lil’ is very enthusiastic about having a younger sibling.
  48. 53. Lee’s more excited about dancing with Momma Jo or getting Oktoc to play catch with him, or getting Uncle Bonus or his mom to read to him, or chasing Lil’ around the house. Yes this kid gets around a lot.
  49. 54. And on the last day of fall, the family welcomes their second child into the family. “ Alright someone else to be friends with!” I swear this kid just has to roll popularity.
  50. 55. “ Again, Mystery? It wasn’t bad enough you did this last generation? You had to do it this generation too?” I didn’t mean to accidently unpause the game again and not see what the gender of your new grandchild is Jo, honest. P.K. could be a girl’s name. Right?
  51. 56. Yes I do suck that much. I really don’t know if P.K is a boy or a girl. Guess we’ll have to see next chapter huh? So Mississippi had to move out of the house since I don’t want to kill anyone and no one is near close to dying. The house is full and we still need one more baby. So join me next time to see how many more times I can screw up before this challenge is over!