The Munster Legacy: Generation 3.7


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Time Is Passing By

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The Munster Legacy: Generation 3.7

  1. 1. The Munster Legacy – Generation 3.7 – Time is Passing By Hello, all, and welcome back to the Legacy where beards are not only allowed, but encouraged, and a romance sim will have 4 kids, on purpose, just to spite you. Pictured here is not in fact, the generation 3 heir Liam. This is his son, Leo. I am 100% certain it is him. Moving on.
  2. 2. Liam Munster sat on the floor, not bothered by the various candy wrappers, toys, and spilled milk surrounding him at every corner. He was used to it by this point of his life.
  3. 3. What he was not used to was how stubborn his youngest child was being in regards to talking. Lucy has practically started talking on her own. Vivian had been easy to get to say what he'd wanted. He hadn't gotten to Leo yet, but he was sure he wouldn't make those faces. “ Come on, Abby. Just say daddy.” He couldn't imagine where she'd gotten that scowl from.
  4. 4. Or maybe he could. “ You're still on that? They'll talk when they're ready. She's probably tired, put her to bed.”
  5. 5. “ I think I just figured out where this one gets her cranky streak from. Speaking of our kids, where did the older two scamper off to?”
  6. 6. “ Lucy took Vivian over to her friend's house.” The sound of incomprehensible babbling from across the hall signal that they now had two waking toddlers, so Liam barely had time to argue. “ Again? She's spending an awful lot of time at that kid's place.”
  7. 7. “ There's my only little dude. At least I don't have to worry about you chasing around girls for awhile now, do I?”
  8. 8. Over across the road, a gathering of sorts was happening between relatives and friends of smaller stature. “ Bang bang, Thomas, I got you!” Thomas grinned in a way that could only be described as creepy before answering, “You did land the shot, but I'm wearing a reflective vest, so the bullet bounced off back to you, piercing several of your internal organs.” Vivian just stared. Thomas was the weirdest person she knew.
  9. 9. Back inside, the children all sat around the table, famished from playtime and eager to catch up with George. “ I do hope you'll all enjoy the sandwiches I have made for you. I believe I scraped all the little green bits off the bread...” Not fond of getting on Mrs. Haggerty's bad side, they kept quiet.
  10. 10. Lucy stared at the shady looking sandwich, wondering if she should even try eating it. She was sure that meat was way darker than the meat at her house. Her dad always told her to be nice at a guests house, though. “ I can't wait to eat this, it looks.. great.”
  11. 11. Vivian was younger and less learned in the ways of manners, but she tried. “ Georgie, these sandwiches taste interesting. ”
  12. 12. It was Thomas that finally broke the deafening silence that fell a second later. “ These taste like dog butt.”
  13. 13. “ How would you even know what a dog butt would taste like? I did not know you ate these types of things around here.”
  14. 14. “ Ignore Thomas. He's crazy. Hey, Lucy, what time is it?” “It's 6 o.. crap. We have to get to Aunt Marylin's house. It's our cousin's birthday.” Lucy shuffled her feet around. She didn't want to go yet.
  15. 15. “ Sorry, Georgie. I gotta go, this is really important to my Aunt and Uncle. See you at school?” “ I suppose so.”
  16. 16. The first thing Liam noticed when he got to Marylin's home was how tired she looked. It had to be relieving to her to finally be done taking care of such a cranky toddler, and now she was going to be having another. “ There you are. Getting pretty big, huh?” “ No kidding, bro. I keep worrying teenagers are going to come into my field at night and tip me over.”
  17. 17. “ You should see Jackie, too. She's almost as far along as me, and I don't blame her for not making it over. I barely want to leave my house either. This kid better show up soon.” “ You know I can barely even keep track of who's pregnant in this hood anymore. Chelley is about to pop again and I could be mistaken, but I think Cupcake is on her third as well.”
  18. 18. “ Aunty Marylin, when is Uncle Ronan coming down?” Vivian was barely audible over the voices of the two louder, larger Munsters. “ We never see him because he's always asleep when we're awake.”
  19. 19. “ Here I am, children.” A still groggy Ronan came down the stairs, a bit taken aback by his surroundings. He had been married and had a new child of his own for years now, but he still had trouble getting used to having so many people around of all ages, none of them even afraid of him.
  20. 20. It wasn't even a big deal to them. Uncle Ronan was a vampire, he was a funny color and was awake at night and slept during the day. The only thing they had to worry about is that they were never supposed to ever drink the funny red stuff in his fridge.
  21. 21. Vivian said a few greetings to her family and then ran into the still empty kitchen for some peace and quiet. It's not like she didn't talk ever but they were all so much louder than her. She could hear them talking from here, and wanted to join in, but what was the point? The only one that would listen to her was Grandpa.
  22. 22. Marylin was so happy to finally see her first born grow up. It had been hard raising him as a toddler but it was worth it to see him grow up.
  23. 23. Plus, a kid that can get around on his own means a kid that knows how to amuse himself better. “ Pretty lights.” “No, honey, you blow them out.” “Okay.”
  24. 24. “ Where you going, mommy?” “ I'm not going anywhere, honey, it's time to grow up.”
  25. 25. And that is exactly what he did. “ Huh. That was kind of weird.” Bigger and more aware of his surroundings, Vincent suddenly realized how many people there were that he didn't know well here.
  26. 26. After a quick change of clothes, he sat himself down in the living room where his cousins had congregated. “So, what exactly do you guys do for fun?”
  27. 27. “ Lucy goes to her friend George's house. Grandpa told me they're in love and are going to get married.” “ Who is George and why are you getting married?” Vincent didn't know why anyone would want to get married so young or even at all.
  28. 28. “ Oh, she means Georgie. I told you, we're NOT getting married. He's my friend and you came with me to his house too.” Vincent could feel his eyes trying to droop shut on him. Were girls always this yappy?
  29. 29. Vincent shook it off. Mom said now that he was big he was supposed to be nicer. “Hey, aren't you guys supposed to have a brother? Mom said there were two more of you.”
  30. 30. “ You mean Leo and Abby? They're really cute, especially Leo. He looks just like daddy and everyone thinks it's funny. We're all really happy he's here though because mom and dad needed a boy for a really long time. I don't get it but Grandpa said his Dad was really weird and they like respecting his wishes. Either way, they're too small so we left them with a nanny for a few hours.” Vincent shrugged, “I'm a boy. What's the big deal about Leo being a boy?”
  31. 31. Lucy answered, “Like we said. Grandpa Barty says Great Grandpa was a good guy but he was really weird. He didn't think girls were any worse or better than guys, or the other way around. He just really liked beards and thought that anyone who inherited should be able to grow a beard. I guess if you want to get technical a really manly girl could inherit but we're not, so Leo is the only one who can grow a beard. Either way, I don't care. I get to have more fun not being the heir. I get to move out and do whatever I want with my life.”
  32. 32. “ This conversation is getting boring. Dad, can we play yet?” “I told you children, I've got the high score! You can all play when I am finished.”
  33. 33. That night wore on late. Marylin and Vincent had long gone to bed by the time Ronan managed to shoo the last of the adults out of the house. Which was why she was so annoyed when she jerked awake at 2 in the morning. “ Really now? I've only been asleep 4 hour.. ow. Ow.”
  34. 34. “ Why did I do this again, this always freaking hurts!” Marylin vaguely heard Ronan's footsteps as he ran in the room but she barely registered it over the pain. This was the last time, for sure.
  35. 35. “ Don't worry at all, I'm here” Marylin could only inwardly laugh. Him being in this room was what had lead to this in the first place, of course he was here.
  36. 36. And why he was here. Marylin stared up at the little red-headed boy, completely in love with him already. Green eyes. Mom's genes just kept popping up everywhere. It never surprised her that Liam had nothing but green eyed children, but she had never expected it in her own.
  37. 37. This one was different from Vincent. A lot different. Vincent had always reminded her of Ronan even when he was too small for them to know the difference. This baby was darker like her, and she could swear he was even a cracking a smile.
  38. 38. Speaking of, Vincent had certainly heard the noise from his room and had come bursting in. “ You had the baby without me!” She laughed, “It wasn't that big of a deal, just a lot of yelling. Come here and meet your little brother. I'm going to call him Basil.”
  39. 39. “ What do you think of that?” Marylin handed the newborn off to his father. “I think it is a very nice name.”
  40. 40. She wasn't the only person in the town giving birth, though. It was barely a day later when Jackie went into labor with her first baby. She had to be honest, she'd not gotten the big deal for the most part. Once she got past a few bouts of nausea, she'd barely noticed she was pregnant a lot of the time. This, however, hurt like hell, and she didn't know if her husband was going to be home from work in time to see the birth. “ Son of a..”
  41. 41. Chris almost knocked the door down running in from his carpool. He didn't even have time to tell Jackie about the promotion he'd gotten, this was far more important. “ I got home, I'm here, you can have the baby now!”
  42. 42. “ Yes, because I was going to wait on you.” She had no idea how she kept her sense of humor in this situation. “Alright, so I phrased that wrong, but the important thing is I made it!”
  43. 43. “ Chris, you can open your eyes now. She's here.” She had a daughter. She was a mommy.
  44. 44. Staring back at her was the perfect little mix of her and Chris, with her hair and his blue eyes. She had been pregnant for all that time, but now that her daughter was here, she was completely drawing a blank on what to call her. “ I.. what.. what do I name you?”
  45. 45. “ Joan, I think you feel like a Joan.”
  46. 46. The next few days weren't easy. For all the time she had spent reading books upon books during her teenage years, half of the time she didn't remember how to pick up a baby without hurting it. Not to mention the dozens of wasted disposable diapers they couldn't figure out how to correctly apply before they decided to switch to cloth for their own sanity.
  47. 47. It would get easier though, she knew it. I mean, you couldn't be confused at how to raise a child forever, could you?
  48. 48. She'd learn quickly that when they were toddler, it did not get much easier at all. Of course it was worse when there was two of them. “ Leo, where you goin'?” “I'm tired.”
  49. 49. This was tiring. Hadn't he just scrubbed this entire area yesterday? He had figured Butter lived in his own filth but this was ridiculous. The bowl was clean, so now he had to just clean out the bed, which should be pretty easy.
  50. 50. This place was as comfy as any to sleep. Leo had seen Butter sleep in it a lot and it always made him happy, so he would be happy if he slept in it too.
  51. 51. Liam almost had to double take to make sure he wasn't seeing things when he turned around. How had the kid managed to crawl into a dog bed and start dozing off that quickly? Really, nothing should surprise him any more, but they still managed to do it.
  52. 52. “ You can sleep there, but I'm warning you, the dog has fleas and if you get them I'm going to have to cut your hair off.” “ Huh? No, I like hair.”
  53. 53. “ Come on, kiddo, let's get you to your own bed. Hey, have you seen your sister?” He barely even register the sound of the munching coming from the freshly restocked dog bowl.
  54. 54. With one child in bed, it was time for the other. “ Dog food is for people, honey.” “I'm a dog now!”
  55. 55. Saturday at the house was a good day. The sun was shining as summer started to overtake the town, and a gathering of sorts had been arranged by all the parents of Chocolate Falls. So why Vivian chose to spend the beginning of it cooped up in the computer room was a mystery to everyone, including herself. The sudden sound of a wire shorting out was the only thing that brought her out of it.
  56. 56. “ There you are! I was thinking I'd have to drag you out of there soon, you do remember your cousins are all coming over, don't you?” Vivian nodded at her grandpa, “I was just waiting, that is.. well, the computer broke so I came out. I don't know what I did, it just kind of fizzled and died.”
  57. 57. “ Oh, phh.”, Barty waved his hand at thin air, “You didn't break anything. That thing was about to die anyway, we've had it for years. I can't even count the number of viruses your dad has gotten on it or how many instant meals he's poured all over the keyboard. We went through computers like nobody's business when he was your age.” Viv nodded, “So what you're saying is dad broke the computer?”
  58. 58. Barty thought for a minute and then answered, “Yes. That is exactly what I was saying. Your father broke the computer and therefore we should both buy a new, bigger, better shinier computer and never let him use it ever, okay?” His granddaughter laughed, “Alright, grandpa. I'm gonna go outside now.”
  59. 59. Not an hour later, Vivian was in awe. She hadn't ever realized there were this many children in her family. They'd come one by one, each dropped off by cousins of Liam who had kept in touch all these years. There were even more of them that were still young like Leo and couldn't come, like Thomas's little sister Eleanor, and even some that had just been born like their little sister Martha.
  60. 60. She only knew this because Thomas along with Vincent had been one of the first dropped off, their parents both eager for everyone to have fun, and he was always eager to tell them about everything that had happened at his home. “ Your house is so gigantic, it always weird me out. Ours has two stories but my grandpa says if my mom and dad don't stop all that racket it's going to explode from all the babies.”
  61. 61. “ They don't have as many as your dad. My grandpa thinks your dad is crazy to have so many kids. That's what he told me so I figured I'd should tell you. Eleanor is the same age as Leo and Abby and dad says when she gets bigger, I'm supposed to bring her over here with me. I told him I don't want to because she's boring and she bores me.”
  62. 62. “ It's going to be a long time before Martha can come with, though. She's really small and pretty boring right now too. Mom doesn't think she's boring though, because she's so happy that a baby finally looked like her. I've been reading a lot of books about that stuff, genetics, things like that. The books say that there are dominant and recessive genes, and the dominant ones show up more. I guess dad must have the dominant ones in our family and the alien ones mom has are recessive.”
  63. 63. Vivian scratched her head. Thomas went on forever when they let him and she really just wanted to have fun. Thankfully Lucy was always willing to say something, “That's interesting, Thomas. Now can we please just be kids for the next 5 hours?”
  64. 64. They were everywhere, in every corner of the lawn. It didn't matter what part of the family they were from, friendships were being made. “ So Conrad, I couldn't help noticing.. you're green.” “ Yeah, Clarence. I'm part alien like Thomas is. I think I have more though. Mom and Mamma said that the guy that had me didn't want an alien baby, so they decided they'd be my parents instead.” (Fudge + Michelle > Scot (adoption) and Ericka Munster > Connie and Whitney Munster > Conrad Munster (adoption) ) (Fudge + Michelle > Sinjin (adoption) and Ramin Munster > Claire (adoption) and Sabastian Munster > Clarence Munster)
  65. 65. “ Tag, you're it!” Maurice slammed his hand down on Bagel. “ Woah, you hit way too hard. My mom says you're supposed to not hit hard when you play tag, because somebody could get..”
  66. 66. “ Hey, you can't run already! That's cheating, I wasn't finished talking! I'll kick you in the head!” Bagel took off after his second cousin as fast as his legs would take him. (Fudge + Michelle > Tabitha and Ti-Ning McGaw > Cupcake and Charlie Lieve > Bagel Lieve (Fudge + Michelle > Carolina and Waylon Curtin > Alfred and Breanna Curtin > Maurice Curtin
  67. 67. Vincent hadn't wanted to get into the conversation up until this point, not having much experience talking to kids that weren't his two closest cousins. He was the youngest of the bunch here and it was weird. He had to try though. His mom told him making friends was important, so he walked up to the most interesting looking of his cousins. “What the heck is wrong with your skin?”
  68. 68. Conrad looked insulted, was it something he had said? “There's nothing WRONG with it. It's just green because I'm part alien. Isn't your dad grey and mostly dead?” He had a point, his dad was mostly dead. Not really truly dead but he didn't need to eat or breathe or do things most alive people did. But he still didn't need to get so angry. Maybe he should just go inside.
  69. 69. This house was a lot bigger than his. They had added on when his little brother was born but there was way more room to run around here. It was quiet in here. Everyone was outside and the adults had gone into the kitchen. If it hadn't been so quiet he might not have heard the rustling around in a room nearby.
  70. 70. A door flung open behind him making a loud thump. So he wasn't alone in here. “ It's you, huh? We finally meet, oh great and mighty one.”
  71. 71. “ Hi! I'm Leo. Who's you?” The boy flapped a small arm in a childish attempt to wave at his older cousin.
  72. 72. “ I'm Vincent, I'm your cousin. Your dad and my mom are brother and sister.” Leo blinked up at him processing all the information in his young brain, “Cousin? So friend?”
  73. 73. “ I guess we have to be friends, then. Look, I have to go back outside. You go play with a xylophone or something, we'll talk later.” The other boy grinned back up at him, “Alright. Bye bye!”
  74. 74. By the afternoon, many of the boys had followed Vincent's lead, migrating inside, except for Bagel and Maurice, who were still chasing one another on the furthest corners of the lawn. “ So, Conrad, I'm beginning to notice. I think Vincent may be trucking nuts.”
  75. 75. “ Thomas, I'm green, your mom is green, you read at 9 th grade level, and we have cousins named after pastries. I don't think he's the only crazy one.”
  76. 76. By the time 4 in the afternoon had rolled around, the only children that hadn't migrated inside were the eldest of the group, who were content to spend their last summer as children outside. “I still don't understand why you had so much trouble on that test on electricity, Georgie. Didn't your mom or dad help you figure it out?” He shrugged, “My parents did not grow up in a place with electricity like we did. They do not understand it and mother regularly bangs numbers on the telephone just to see who will answer.”
  77. 77. That kind of place sounded horrible. “ Didn't you get bored without any games or television? You had books at least, right?”
  78. 78. “ We did have books. There is more to do here, but I still enjoyed living there. It's where I was born. I cannot wait to visit there next week for my birthday.”
  79. 79. “ .. You're going away next week? That's when my birthday is though, don't you remember?”
  80. 80. Georgie looked embarrassed, “I knew that. It slipped my mind.”
  81. 81. Lucy stumbled to find anything to say to make this less awkward, “Oh. It's fine, I guess. I have tons of family that are going to be there anyway since I'm the oldest. They all get excited when I have a birthday and then tell me they feel old.” Well now she just sounded stupid.
  82. 82. “ Everyone else is inside. I guess their parents are probably going to come soon. Yours?” “I have to walk. We live just across the road anyway, and the last time mother tried to drive a car, we ended up having to patch the side of the house.”
  83. 83. When the time came, Lucy scribbled her name the last piece of homework she'd been given before school let out for summer even faster than normal. She wondered if it got any harder when you were a teenager. Man, she hoped so. Division was too easy at this point, and she'd just about got the hang of fractions.
  84. 84. “ Grandma, there you are. How are you dong today?” Tosha grabbed her oldest grandchild's arms and took her in a dance. “Pretty spry, actually! I couldn't mope around on a triple birthday, could I?”
  85. 85. “ I'm good too. I've been thinking about being a teenager, a lot. Dad said when you get older, you have to start thinking about what you're going to do with your life, and I'm not sure I really know yet.”
  86. 86. “ Well, It's not as hard as you'd think. You probably already know deep down. I always knew I wanted to have kids, and be a mom. Your dad loved charming everyone around him even when he was your age, no matter how bad he was it. Some people are just destined to go a certain way.”
  87. 87. “ You're a smart girl. You'll figure it out.” “ I am pretty smart, aren't I?”
  88. 88. In a house this big, you barely ever got a birthday to yourself. Liam was frantically running about the house, tying up lose ends before his final toddlers got too big. “ Come on, Abby. Sing, please?”” The little girl looked the side before looking back up and letting out an excited “No.” Her favorite word.
  89. 89. “ It's fun! If you do it, you'll like it. Crap. This isn't working.” He let out a shrug. “ Crap.” Abby made a face a lot like the ones her mother made on a daily basis. “ No, no, don't say that word, say the other ones.”
  90. 90. He'd get her to listen before tonight one way or another. After all, she took after her mother, and he'd gotten her.
  91. 91. Lucy shoved the drawer closed. She was ready. Maybe when she was taller she would be able to see what was in the top drawer and find a different colored shirt.
  92. 92. She had been thinking about it since Grandma had talked to her, and she was pretty sure what she was going to do now. Did dad make this cake? She didn't need that many candles.
  93. 93. There were so many people here to see her grow up. Was it really that important? Her and the twins weren't getting that much bigger. Maybe it was because she was the oldest, or because Leo was the boy. Who knew why the all found it so interesting. Adults are weird.
  94. 94. After Jasmine carefully removed several of the extra candles off the cake so they wouldn't set off the fire alarm, it was time to make a wish. What should she wish for? She didn't want to waste it on something stupid. She wanted something that would last a long time.
  95. 95. It was hard to make a decent wish when Grandpa was making so much noise. “Come on, Lucy! I'm not getting younger!”
  96. 96. Lucy had decided. She just wanted to be happy. That was a smart wish.
  97. 97. Blowing out all the candles in one go wasn't even hard anymore.
  98. 98. Becoming a teenager couldn't change everything that much, could it?
  99. 99. Like it was nothing at all, Lucy Munster grew up into a beautiful young Knowledge sim, with a lifetime want of becoming a Space Pirate.
  100. 100. Sitting down with her cake, she made the mistake of engaging her great aunt in conversation. “ That's such a pretty dress, Lucy, I wish they made it for people my age.” “ Thanks, Tabitha. It's not really me, but I guess it's okay for now. I bet you could find something pink for someone your age.”
  101. 101. Liam rocked back and forth on his feet nervously, trying to pay attention to the child in his hands and not the strangely grown up teenager chattering behind him. He would deal with this mess later, but for now it was time to grow up his last two little babies.
  102. 102. “ Don't touch the candles, Abby, those are hot.” “But they're pretty!” Jasmine was glad she wasn't going to have to stop toddlers from burning themselves anymore, but she had to admit.. she was going to miss this.
  103. 103. Jasmine smiled, “Hey, Liam, mine has the head start again. You might want to hurry up.”
  104. 104. “ Yeah, hold your horses. Take as much time as you want, Leo.” “I wanna go now!”
  105. 105. “ Well then, go ahead. We all gotta grow up sometime.”
  106. 106. This felt funny. Abby didn't remember it feeling that funny on her last birthday. Wait, had she ever had one before? She couldn't remember.
  107. 107. She certainly had now. “ Oh, awesome, I'm a dragon!” Liam shook his head from across the room, “Find her something better to wear, will you Tosha?”
  108. 108. He only hoped his son could fair slightly better.
  109. 109. Much better, but it would still have to go. “ Aw, how come I don't get to be a dragon?” Liam frowned from where he was watching. Was he sure he'd watched Jasmine birth this kid and not popped him out himself? Whatever. It had been a long night, and they all needed some new clothes and some sleep.
  110. 110. Not long after....
  111. 111. Georgie was woken up suddenly by the racket at his bedroom window. Was that pesky family of birds back? He'd only been home for a few hours and he already wasn't getting a good night's sleep. It wasn't like his parents didn't do a good job at waking him up already.
  112. 112. No, she wouldn't have, not at this hour.. .
  113. 113. Yes. Yes she absolutely would have. “ Georgie. Geeeorggie.” Lucy picked another small rock and launched it at his window. “I see you up there. Get down here.”
  114. 114. How did she even know they were back already? The taxi had only pulled them back in 2 hours ago, albeit his parents had exited quite loudly. He didn't know how they'd managed to get into an argument about cab fare, but they had.
  115. 115. “ Hey there, stranger!” Lucy seemed blissfully unaware of the fact that it was 2 at night and her voice was echoing twice as loudly due to the dead silence of the street around them.
  116. 116. “ How did you know I was home?” He did feel rather good to see his friend again.
  117. 117. She just shrugged, “I couldn't sleep and I heard your mom and dad when the taxi drove by. I just had to wait for my mom and dad to fall asleep so I could sneak out.”
  118. 118. “ I hope they don't wake up and realize you've left. I can see the look on your father's face in my head. Speaking of, I hope you didn't wake mine up as well.”
  119. 119. “ Phh. They're probably still alseep. If they were both up, I think we'd hear them.” Georgie couldn't help but laugh. His parents were rather loud.
  120. 120. “ So how was your birthday? I kinda missed you at mine.” “ It was good. My aunts and uncle are as lively as ever...” Georgie thought back to his visit and tried not to shudder. Lively was an understatement. “ I see your birthday went well.”
  121. 121. “ What do you mean by that?” “I mean you look happy. Or nice. You have nice clothes.” Nice save. “ Whatever you say, Georgie. Let's go sit down and talk.”
  122. 122. “ I think I'd like that a lot.” Georgie had an odd feeling his life was about to change, a lot.
  123. 123. And I hate to leave you so abruptly, but that's all the time we have for this chapter! I'm sorry I've slowed down so much in the past year. I have a lot of.. things going on, that I can't ramble on about here, but I'm hoping 2011 is going to be better for simming for me. I miss my Munsters, and I miss hearing from you all about them. Leo will see you around!